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Terms of Use
Written by Staff   
Tuesday, 19 September 2006 05:46

V.O.F. Expathos Web Site Agreement


The materials that appear on this website are available free of charge. They are published in the hope that the materials will be useful, entertaining and, possibly, enlightening. You can redistribute verbatim copies of the material on this website without charge; however, you may not change or alter the material.

If you distribute copies of any of the material that appear on this website you must give the recipient all the rights that you have. You many not impose additional restrictions or claim additional rights. You must also show the recipient this notice and license, acknowledge the name of the author of the material and the author’s copyright. It is not your responsibility to force others to comply with these terms or conditions.

You may not use, copy, modify or distribute these materials except as described above, or with the express, written authority of the author of the material. By copying or distributing any of the material appearing on this website you agree to the items and conditions set forth herein.

This license is inspired by the Gnu General Public Licence.


Kudos to http://www.ersarts.com/ 


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