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Atlantic Free Press Submissions
Written by Richard Kastelein   
Sunday, 29 October 2006 16:24

Are you a creative interested in contributing to Atlantic Free Press? We are always on the lookout for established, emerging, and new progressive writers and artists. 


No, we can't pay - this is an Open Source Web 2.0 media project... but can offer some other perks such as real estate on the site to publicise your books/websites.  And our work appears in Google News as well as Lexis Nexis via Newstex.com.

If you would like to contribute please paste your submission or a short pitch as well as a brief bio into the body of an e-mail and send it to editor@atlanticfreepress.com.

If you would like to send material for review (books, video, art etc) please submit to our offices in the Netherlands at:
V.O.F. Expathos
Palmslag 65b

We ca

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Tommye Rodrigues said:

Perhaps THIS they will hear!!!!



I Demand, by signing this Petition, that my U.S. representatives and senator(s) who voted for the war in Iraq each serve as a noncommissioned officer in a front line infantry division for 30 days on a rotation basis whereby when one member of the House or Senate completes his 30-day tour, another member shall begin a 10-day Basic Training Session to be followed immediately by his 30-day tour in Iraq - until all members of both the House and the Senate have served their 30 days in combat.

If after one complete rotation of all members of both the House and Senate the war is still in progress, this schedule will repeat and repeat, ad infinitum, until the war ends.

This opportunity for our U.S. Representatives and Senators to serve their country, to risk their lives fighting in Iraq as they have asked others Americans, many of them not yet 21 years old, to risk their lives fighting in Iraq should make our Congressmen and Senators proud! They will be richer for knowing first hand what the privileged rarely have the opportunity to know: how it feels to kill men, women, and children whom they have labeled our enemies and how it feels to know that these so-labeled enemies are trying to kill them!

This time they spend fighting a war they have voted for and supported by their and our taxes, to the point of bankrupting our country, should be regarded by them as a privilege from which they will not be excused under any circumstances short of a stroke or heart attack or other seriously critical health condition which can be independently verified by examination by a physician of the people’s choosing. A schedule of 30-day rotations of tours in Iraq is to be prepared so that the business of the House and Senate will not be interrupted.

Our leaders shall be given 10 days of basic training in the use of weaponry that they will be using in Iraq, which ten days will immediately precede their 30-day tours of duty in Iraq.

By signing this Petition you, an American citizen 17 years of age or older, are communicating that this rule shall, upon the collection of 1,000,000 signatures, become a law which shall govern all present and future wars (or any hostilities which require that our soldiers use weapons) in which our U.S. Representatives and Senators involve our country.

This Petition will be presented to all members of the House and Senate upon the collection of the 1,000,000 signatures and scheduling of the 30-day tours of duty in Iraq for all members of the House and Senate who voted for the war shall immediately commence at that time.

Failure by any member of the House or Senate to abide by this demand on behalf of the American citizenry shall result in the loss of the elective office held by the guilty party.

Any guilty party shall thus, upon refusal to serve in Iraq, immediately retire from his or her position in the House/Senate upon the collection of 25,000 signatures on a separate Petition signed by 25,000 constituents of their state, 17 years of age or older, irrespective of petitioners’ political party.
February 10, 2008
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mesfin said:

I would like to say ...
Hi I would like to say thank U,I will participate later. For the time being I have one thing thank u.keep in touch
February 23, 2008
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geral sosbee said:


I continue to report evidence of the violent and criminal mindset of cops; in this report the corrupt cops themselves provide the evidence.

About a month ago I invaded the police forum for the purpose of investigating the mentality of the police, federal agents, etc., who post their ideas on the board. My main goal in doing so is to better understand the violent and decadent character of those cops (i.e., all commissioned officers nationwide, at every level, armed and licensed to kill) in whom the people entrust their most valued possessions, their lives and their freedoms. My work was well conceived and I posted the representative writings of the thugs in blue in the report dated and entitled as follows at this site:

An Introduction To Social Pathology Of Police And Federal Agents.
9 Apr 2008 @ 15:44

Shortly after I began my study of the criminal mind of the cops, several of the retardates on the POLICE board began to verbally attack me. This is to be expected; however, three items from the cops on the board are an unexpected treasure trove of data on the mental illness of the cops in the Brotherhood. The following three entries are taken from the above referenced article and the three statements were originally posted by the cop members at:

"I was just bored enough to actually read some of the stuff from his link in his first post. It is a quote from the article/info item he posted. I got to that part and got hung up on what kind of benefits you might get in the psychopath kill squad...you know: differentials, full-time or adhoc, are you essential personnel, get holidays off, what hours, on call pay, ect..."

"where did you see that? did he write that? if that's the case then I think he would've been taken care of a long time ago, before he could blow the whistle on the fbi's sinister operation."

"Originally Posted by KapsFB View Post
A village somewhere HAS to be missing an idiot.
Actually, after seeing some recent posts on here.....there are a few villages missing their idiots.....including where this nutty dude came from....

Note that the first cop references my reports of secret codes in the cop community which authorize the murder of suspects by psychopathic cops AND FBI AGENTS. Then, “IAmJeff” chimes in and suggests that Sosbee should have bee “taken care of” (killed) long ago BY the fbi. Finally, the foolish Bearcat adds his take on village idiots.

As of today the entry by IAmJeff and possibly the other two have been removed by Internal Affairs (“IA”, or other cop official) due to the criminal nature or intent apparent in the material (Note that I use the expression ”IA” to capture the identity of the administrator of the cop forum). The cops’ suggestion that the fbi should have killed Sosbee long ago is a good example of the police (and fbi/cia) mindset. Thus, my work in presenting the data is a complete success. Note also that when IA removed the evidence of criminal intent, the damage was already done: I had already recorded the vile entries (quoted above) and I had already lured the ignorant and cowardly cops into my sting operation. The IA's removal of the suspect posts constitutes evidence of a cover up of the very conduct I seek to expose,i.e., 1) Cops verbally assaulting me ,and 2) Cops suggesting that the fbi should kill me for reporting their secret “killing” codes.

I would like to thank the IA officer (possibly a federal agent) for providing me with the evidence that I needed to indict the law enforcement community by using their own words which reflect their murderous predispositions; and I am also grateful to the three cops who posted their insane ideas as quoted above. If IA had not removed the quotes I would have less evidence to use against them in the world court of public opinion.To see the posts of some of the cops , go to the links shown below:
Finally, note that from my personal experiences with cops I find the following traits to be universally accurate (save a few exceptions) and applicable to cops:low intelligence, liars, cowards, traitors, falsifiers of police reports,often violent and childish in nature, dangerous to encounter and generally not helpful when a victim needs assistance, etc.
May 08, 2008
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msmith20 said:

drug abuse
This is a comprehensive addiction portal focusing on topics of alcohol and drug abuse. http://www.alcoholaddiction.org
May 13, 2008
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