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Project Humanbeingsfirst Ebook 2009
Saturday, 10 October 2009 06:30

Project Humanbeingsfirst Ebook 2009

Project Humanbeingsfirst Ebook 2009 Edition


Project Humanbeingsfirst Ebook 2009 contains all PHBF published reports and letters between 2007 and 2009 in a hyper-linked browsable PDF. This self-contained Ebook built directly from the website http://print-humanbeingsfirst.blogspot.com on October 08, 2009, will be useful for both offline perusing, as well as for archiving in a single place the detailed analyses of the myriad global crises, global financial collapse, global warming, global pandemics, global war on terror, or by their real name, imperial mobilization and one-world government of the oligarchs, plaguing mankind today.

We are headed for far worse times... What can ordinary plebeian people realistically do about it? Apart from shutting one's eyes and leaving it all to fate, minimally, learn to survive the maelstrom which will likely outlive this generation, by informing oneself of the real agendas.

This Ebook teaches how to interpret tumultuous events that are rapidly putting ordinary people in servitude, without either getting fooled by the Mighty Wurlitzer's all encompassing propaganda machinery, or by one's own myopic worldview and prejudices.

While Project Humanbeingsfirst teaches one to think in self-defense when matters are cloaked in deception and social engineering, it does not dispense advice. As always, one is responsible for one's own decisions.

Zahir Ebrahim

October 2009

Download PDF (20 MB) here, here, or here

Please download and save a local copy. These things might not be available for very long with what's rapidly coming down the pipe. President Obama has already WON the Nobel Peace prize and Says He’s ‘Surprised and Humbled’! (NYT)
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