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From Complicity To Contempt - An American Writer And Veteran Speaks Out Against American Lies - Book Review by Steve White
Monday, 21 September 2009 05:11
by Steve White

Tim Gatto is a rising voice in the Liberal Left and is destined to become a major thorn in the side of the Republican Fascist Right Wing. In his first of three books, “From Complicity To Contempt”,  Gatto calls a spade a spade – and then he shows you how to use it to dig the truth out of NeoCon Lies.  

In this collection of articles, written from August 2005, to January 2007, we see the evolution of a man, a man who served his country for nearly 21 years in the United States Army – including the last few years as an Army recruiter. We learn how that recruitment came to trouble him as young people signed up for what would become a seemingly endless series of wars.  And where were the money, and the motivation, for these wars coming from? 

It is here we see the loss of political innocence as Tim Gatto comes to the realization that a – his word – “Corporacracy” runs the country, profits from these wars, and has bought and sold both of the two major Political Parties – robbing the American people of their voice and leading into slaughter a generation of warriors dying for the Corporate bottom line. And speaking of Generations, Gatto wonders, where is ours? Where the Flower Children, where the Hippies and the war protestors of the Vietnam era that defied Nixon and helped bring down the Presidency of Lyndon Johnson? Where are those who valued social justice above all else? 

We have met the enemy, and they are US. The generation that Tim and I share, the generation that took to heart the warnings of the late President Dwight D Eisenhower about the dangers of the “Military Industrial Complex” has sold out to the same Capitalist greed we fought so righteously in the Vietnam era. 

We need to find ourselves. We need to reignite a social revolution in our country, ban corporate contributions to election campaigns and once again teach a lost generation and the NeoCon Right Wing the real wealth of a country is NOT its corporations but its people. They call us the “Grey Panthers”. So be it. It’s time we started to prowl again. And to the Fascist Right, beware. We hunger. We are coming for you. 

“From Complicity To Contempt” runs the course from darkly humorous to deeply disturbing. It is the start of a clarion call to action, and Tim Gatto is leading the charge. 

The book is available from AMAZON.COM and all on line bookstores.   338 pages - Published by Oliver Arts & Open Press


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