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MADA condemns Bolbul prevention from travel and the arrest of Sabri
Sunday, 26 April 2009 05:52
by Staff

The security services in Gaza Strip are still preventing Director of the Zoom Press Center Khalid Jamal Bolbul, from travelling to Cairo city since four days, to participate in the professional safety training course, organized by the International Federation of Journalists.

Bolbul said that he went to the Rafah crossing on 19 April to travel to Cairo, the responsible for internal security service at the crossing told him that he was not permitted to travel, and asked him to go to the internal security in Gaza, to solve his problems with them.

He went to their headquarters (Almashtal) the next day, and there they told him that he had no problems, "you may have problems with other security services", so he went to Rafah crossing in the same day, and told them what he was been told in "Almashtal", but the Chairman of the internal security told him that he is still prohibited from travelling.

The Palestinian Preventive Security Service arrested Freelance journalist Mustafa Sabri, in Qalqilya city (West Bank), yesterday (21 April) afternoon.

His wife said that a group of the preventive security came to their house yesterday afternoon and asked for Mustafa, who was outside the house in a nearby field, they accompanied his son to show them the place, but they did not find him there, she called him to return home, and when he returned back they arrested him.

They returned back at about 9 pm, and searched the house thoroughly for two hours, and then they confiscated his computer and left the house.

The Palestinian Center for Development and Media Freedoms (MADA) condemns Bulbul prevention to travel, and the arrest of Sabri. MADA calls for allowing Bolbul to travel, and also demands the release of Sabri.
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