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Bye Bye NATO
Sunday, 22 March 2009 15:26
by Staff

Europe: On the 3rd and 4th of April, NATO will celebrate its 60th anniversary and the preparations for the protest party are already in full swing! Here are the latest updates.

The 2009 NATO summit in Strasbourg and Baden Baden is much more than the average NATO summit. This year the world leaders will be preparing their plans for a new form of global governance. This new governance will be based on increased militarization both between countries and within countries, especially in terms of an increase in border control and a decrease in the separation of powers between police and military. For more information about this new NATO “strategy paper” For the strategy paper itself see here.
Want to know more? Come to Target Café on the 25th of March (de Peper, 301 overtoom, Amsterdam. 8pm/20.00).

Protest Preparations:

Bus: The bus leaves from Amsterdam on the 31st of March and returns on the 5th of April. To reserve your place on the bus or for more information email: natogameover[at]gmail.com. Buses will also be leaving on Friday the 3rd of April. See here. or email: stopdenavo[at]hotmail.com
All buses cost 50 euros return. If you can’t afford the bus, but would like to go, let us know. Email: natogameover[at]gmail.com

Camp (1-5 April): The location of the camp/housing/alternative village site is now known. There will be one large camp instead of several small camps close to Strasbourg, in Strasbourg-Neudorf (La Ganzau).

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Actions: There are five full days of exciting actions planned!:

1 April (Wednesday): day one of actions starts with a bang with actions against the “new security architecture”. Might also be some actions in solidarity with the UK activists who will be protesting the G20 and the financial crisis with a “financial fool’s day” action.

2 April (Thursday): Solidarity actions with the mobilization against the G20 in London. Financial crisis actions.

3 April (Friday): Big day of direct action and civil disobedience in Baden Baden. Both large scale blockades and small autonomous actions are planned for this day to welcome the world leaders to Baden Baden and to help them find their way around the city, especially to the Kurhaus where the Gala evening will begin with a delicious dinner and afterwards to the Opera for a special performance. The world leaders have a very tight programme this evening, so it is essential that all activists help them keep to schedule as best they can. Want to take part in these actions? Email: block-baden-baden[at]riseup.net and check out the website.

Today is also the start of the counter-conference in Strasbourg.

4 April (Saturday): Official start of the NATO summit in Strasbourg. Morning: blockades, direct action and civil disobedience (early!) and afternoon large demonstration (1pm/13.00).
Also the action to disrupt the photoshoot between Merkel and Sarkozy on the footbridge (see below).

5 April (Sunday): Solidarity actions with possible arrestees. Also for activists that have been in prison since the 60s.
Last day counter-conference in Strasbourg.

Before the Strasbourg camp, there will be a convergence centre in Freiburg (25-31 March). This space will host trainings, discussions, medics, legal, indymedia, etc.

There will also be trainings in civil disobedience at the Strasbourg camp. This so that everyone who wants to can get involved in the actions. For more info see here and a here fun film.

Preparations for Repression of Protest:

At this time only some of the ‘security’ plans are known. What we know is that the city centre of Strasbourg will be closed to everyone who does not have a special access pass. All outdoor markets, schools, kindergartens, historical monuments and many sports complexes will be closed on the 4 April. Also the tram and metro stops that are inside the red zone will be shut down. The train between Strasbourg and Germany will not run from between Friday afternoon and Saturday morning (3-4 April). Two red zones are already defined: the area around the Palais de Musique et Congress and the area around the Palais Rohan. There will probably be more red zones, but the exact location of these has not been announced.

In Kehl, between Friday evening and Saturday morning the 700 residents of the area near the foot bridge “La Passerelle” will not be able to leave their homes without prior consent from the police and only with police escort. On Saturday morning at 8.30, the footbridge “La Passerelle” will be the site of a photo-op between Sarkozy and Merkel. It has been speculated that it may be the most expensive fotoshoot ever due to the security measures taken.

Baden Baden: At 17.30 on Friday 3 April Merkel will receive all of the world leaders in the Kurhaus in Baden Baden. The whole city centre will be a red zone from 3 – 4 April.

There are already more than 25,000 police prepared for during the week of actions. Roland Reis, the mayor of Strasbourg, said that the security measures went well beyond his expectations. For more information see here.  Or come to the Target Café on 25 March at 8pm/20.00 (de Peper, 301 overtoom, Amsterdam).

More info:
International Coordinating Committee (ICC): http://www.no-to-nato.org/
Block-NATO: http://block-nato.org/index_en.htm
Resistance des Deux Rives: http://natogipfel2009.blogsport.de
Vredesactie, België: http://www.vredesactie.be
Dissent! network France: http://www.dissent.fr
Gipfelsoli: http://gipfelsoli.org/Home/Strasbourg_Kehl_2009
De Internationale Socialisten: http://stopdenavo.blogspot.com/
International Mailinglist: https://lists.riseup.net/www/info/nato2009

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