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Three West Point Grads to be Honored for Antiwar Activity
Friday, 20 October 2006 10:01

ATLANTICFP Netherlands – In a tribute to honor and country, the Peace Action of Central New York will present Peacemaker Awards to Dr. William Cross, James Ryan, and Joseph Wojcik, the three founders of West Point Graduates Against the War on Veterans Day weekend in Syracuse.

These anti-Iraq war advocates will be honored at the annual Peace Awards Dinner in Syracuse on November 12, 2006 where Dr. Cross will deliver the keynote address, entitled “Loyalty to Whom?”


The three founders launched the grassroots organization, West Point Graduates Against The War, in the spring of 2006 to convert the disgrace of governmental misinformation and evasions about the assault on Iraq into a force to redeem the honor of the United States.


The organization’s mission is to encourage, empower, and support all graduates of U.S. service academies to speak out against the policies of the current administration. These policies have disastrously undermined and damaged the reputation of the United States and its military throughout the world. To this end, the organization has recently called for the impeachment of George W. Bush for his deceitful and illegal actions that insult the founding principles of America and have so endangered the interests of the American public, its military, the Iraqi people, and the world.

 Membership is open to all alumni of the United States Military Academy, and widows, widowers, parents, and children of deceased graduates. Enrollment has grown steadily and includes retired and active duty graduates.

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