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Cindy Sheehan Joins Activists Planning Impeachment/Pro-Peace Protest at New Year's Rose Parade
Friday, 07 December 2007 00:40
Atlantic Free Press Netherlands - Local and national pro-Impeachment and pro-Peace American citizens will stage non-violent protests and demonstrations throughout the Rose Parade in Pasadena, California, on Tuesday, 01/01/08, New Year's Day, with support from Cindy Sheehan and the Camp Casey Peace Institute. The convergence of activists is called the White Rose Coalition, in honor of the resistance movement in Munich in 1942.

It includes members of the Los Angeles National Impeachment Center (LANIC), CODEPINK, Troops Out Now Coalition, World Can't Wait, ANSWER, Progressive Democrats of America, the Green Party, Veterans for Peace, United for Peace and Justice, and others. The groups are calling for impeaching George W. Bush and Dick Cheney for high crimes and misdemeanors, and to end U.S. occupation of Iraq. Rep. Dennis Kucinich [OH] has sponsored two resolutions in Congress to impeach Vice President Dick Cheney: H. Res. 333 and H. Res. 799. He is drafting an extended version relating to President Bush. The patriots gathered on 01/01/08 will be sending a strong pro-Impeachment and pro-Peace message to this Administration in opposition to the continuing occupation of Iraq and the growing pressure by Cheney and others to bomb Iran.

"This administration has shredded Constitutional protections and is now apparently planning another illegal military strike, this time to bomb Iran," says Cynthia Mather, a spokesperson for LANIC. "The consequences of such an assault on global well-being and security would be catastrophic," she said. "Congress is obligated to act before it is too late. But the Democrats are not making any move to stop it, so impeachment is our only recourse."

Numbers of protestors and demonstrators from the various groups could be in the hundreds or in the thousands, said Peter Thottam, Executive Director of LANIC. "We expect this to be a national day of impeachment visibility, with folks joining from all parts of the country. It is hard to gauge how many will show up, but according to the latest MSNBC poll, of 584,000 people asked if they thought Bush had committed impeachable offenses, 89 per cent said yes! There is a tremendous level of anger and frustration out there. I doubt if our politicians in Washington D.C. have any idea just how much."

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Kent Carlander said:

The Reverend (RET)
Congratulations to Cindy Sheehan and the other patriots who are willing to fight to preserve our democracy from the outlaws in Washington who torture detainees and destroy the damning evidence and then lie about why they did it. Impeachment is an official enquiry, which is precisely what is needed now, and just happens to be the best remedy available to us in light of the gravity of the situation. Impeachment is on the table!
December 08, 2007
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