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UN Authorizes Hybrid Peacekeeping Mission for Darfur
Thursday, 02 August 2007 11:43
UN Security Council Resolution Passes Unanimously; Sudan States its Support for Deployment of Hybrid Force

Wednesday, August 1, 2007 (Washington, DC) – The United Nations (UN) Security Council voted unanimously yesterday to authorize a hybrid African Union (AU)-UN peacekeeping force for Darfur. This move comes more than a month after Sudan stated its agreement for this deployment, nearly nine months after a hybrid force was first proposed, and almost three years since the U.S. acknowledged that the crisis in Darfur constitutes genocide.

Today, Africa Action emphasized that Khartoum must be held accountable to its commitments, that the process of deployment must begin immediately, and that the U.S. must demonstrate leadership in working towards a peacekeeping deployment.

Following objections from Khartoum, the text of the initial draft resolution had been watered down, notably to remove reference to new sanctions on Sudan should the peacekeeping force be obstructed. However, the resolution retains language authorizing the force with a Chapter 7 mandate, allowing the peacekeepers to use force to protect civilians.

The UN resolution authorizes a deployment of 26,000, creating the world’s largest peacekeeping mission, and will boost the current AU peacekeeping force of 7,000. Reports indicate that Nigeria, Uganda and Rwanda will be major troop contributors, and significant financial support will be required from the international community. Current UN projections state that the first troops will arrive in October, with the expectation to achieve full strength by the end of 2007.

Nii Akuetteh, Executive Director of Africa Action, said today, “This resolution expresses the commitment of the UN to protecting the people of Darfur. But it remains to be seen whether rigorous action will now be taken to ensure deployment. The U.S. must now play a leadership role in providing adequate funding, in supplying logistical support, and in soliciting international troop contributions and other political support. The people of Darfur cannot continue to be denied protection because of diplomatic obstacles and bureaucratic delays.”

In the aftermath of the resolution, the Sudanese ambassador to the UN Abdalmahmood Abdalhaleem Mohamad said that Khartoum would uphold its obligations. Africa Action warned that the Sudanese government has often stated its commitment to peacekeeping and to a resolution to the violence in Darfur, yet stalled progress during international negotiations.

In recent weeks, reports have increasingly emerged of attacks on humanitarian operations and food convoys, severely hampering the ability of aid workers to deliver life-sustaining support to displaced people. Africa Action stressed that the deployment of a peacekeeping mission is urgently needed to stabilize these conditions and create a secure environment favorable to successful peace negotiations. 
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John Assam said:

Toyota Camry
Hopefully this step of UN should be in the benefit of common people as the commoners are not satisfied with the steps of UN now a days.
John Assam
Toyota Camry
July 20, 2009
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