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It's the Flu People!
Thursday, 30 April 2009 17:23
by Timothy V. Gatto

Let’s talk about the Swine Flu that has recently emerged in Mexico and is currently threatening a “pandemic” to the planet. There have been dire warnings of it infecting the planet and causing martial law, essential services like electricity and the water supply to cease; all kinds of dire warnings have been circulating, especially on the internet.

Let me remind everyone that we are talking about the flu. It may be a particular nasty strain, but the scientists have said that it responds to Tamiflu, the medicine most doctors recommend. So what’s the big deal? It seems that every other year we see a flu virus that doesn’t respond to the vaccine out that year, so big deal, already. If you are responsible for someone very young or very old, keep them from the public for awhile.

There are more pressing problems than the swine flu virus. There is the question of whether the Bush administration will get away with torture. There is the fact that the Israeli Defense Force used white phosphorus in their recent genocidal foray into Gaza (which our government aided and abetted in). There is the use of depleted uranium sickening veterans and their families along with people that live in Iraq, Afghanistan and the former Yugoslavia.

I don’t want to take the thunder away from people that are telling us “The sky is falling”, but these people, along with the sunspot predictors and the 2012 believers saying it’s the end of the world, really rattle my cage. There are so many problems that we as a nation are facing and this sort of irresponsible rhetoric only detracts from the real problems we must solve. The flu is the flu. Nobody wants to be infected with the flu, but for God’s sake, stop all the horrific scenarios that are being tossed about.

The world is heating up. Coal is being burnt. We are involved in two wars that are built on bulls*it. We attack Pakistan on almost a daily basis with predator missiles. Is it any wonder that people in Pakistan are calling for a new government?

There is a time to raise your voices. Fretting about the swine flu is not one of them. If you get the flu, you get the flu. That’s all there is too it. It’s only a damned flu virus. We may not be able to stop a natural virus from spreading, but we sure can do something about what I have written about today. It’s just the damn flu.

timgatto@hotmail.com www.liberalpro.blogspot.com

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Lisa Nerone said:

Lisa Nerone
"We War Not Against Flesh and Blood"
Get educated before you comment on what this Obama flu REALLY is. Are you aware that it's been created in a lab? Are you aware that the lab is almost certainly in Ft. Detrick? And obviously you're NOT aware that Tamiflu won't work on it, and any doctor who says it will is either misinformed or out right lying. And Tamiflu was banned in Japan for multiple deaths directly related to its administration. So although Bush and his murdering buddies need to be brought to justice for their disgusting behavior, this "damn flu" has extremely significant implications to the entire population of the world, especially after the next phase begins: further contaminations through "government sanctioned vaccines". Do the research. There's now tons of it!
April 30, 2009 | url
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