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I am in love with Clare
Sunday, 26 April 2009 05:56
by Gilad Atzmon

Heroic ex Cabinet Minister Clare Short was criticised today over the Parliament’s invitation of Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal to address MPs and Peers via a video-link up. Needless to say, Short’s initiative is the right thing at the very right time.

However, Israel’s response must be noted. It is either pathetic or amusing. I let the reader decide.

Israel’s ambassador accused those behind the event of delivering a “slap in the face” to moderate Palestinians “seeking a peaceful solution”. One my note that “slap in the face” is the most the Palestinians can wish for as far as Israelis are concerned. Noticeably, Israel used the most devastating tactics to punish the Palestinians including starvation, WMDs, White Phosphorous and other methods. A “slap in the face”, is no doubt, a move in the right direction.

Israel also accused former Labour Cabinet Minister Ms Short of “undermining the Middle East peace process.” This is not a joke. The Israelis who just a month ago performed a merciless genocidal campaign in Gaza, dare criticise an attempt for an open dialogue as an assault on the “peace process.”

Ambassador Ron Prosor said:

“Hamas's charter states categorically that: 'There is no solution for the Palestinian question except through jihad'.”

I wonder, what is Prosor’s interpretation of the “Israeli solution” because as far as we can see, it is no less than an Old Testament murderous plundering of the Palestinians and their land. It would be interesting to hear what Ambassador Prosor’s interpretation of Jihad is. Because as far as scholarship is concerned (as opposed to Bush’s take on the subject) Jihad is realised as “striving to live a moral and virtuous life, spreading and defending Islam as well as fighting injustice and oppression.” Jihad is indeed a beautiful and peaceful concept, unlike the current barbarian manifestation of Jewish nationalism.

“Clare Short and Lord Alderdice,” said Prosor, “offer no attempt to persuade Hamas to change its policies of missiles and murder. Instead, they attempt to sanitise, legitimise and reward an organisation and ideology that remains committed to violence, bloodshed and the destruction of a sovereign state.”

In psychoanalysis a statement such as this is interpreted as banal projection. Ambassador Prosor is basically projecting on the Hamas everything Israel and Zionism is practically engaged with i.e., violence, bloodshed and the destruction.

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“The British parliament is an icon of the democratic values to which Hamas is violently opposed,” said the amusing Ambassador. Someone should remind the Israeli diplomat that the Hamas was actually democratically elected.

Ambassador Prosor learned from Herzl that arse licking is always a good way to promote Zionist interests. “It is ironic that the mother of all parliaments should play host to a leader who seeks to subjugate his people with a theocratic nightmare based on the oppression, torture and execution of religious and political opponents.”

Once and for all, someone should remind those pathetic Israelis that they are actually the ones who went back to their alleged “biblical promised land” and formed a racist Jewish only state. Not only they are theocratic, they are actually a Fascist theocracy, which is actually a unique concept.

“It seems that for Clare Short and her friends, the murder of Israeli civilians and a willingness to march to Ahmadinejad's tune are the hallmarks of Palestinian ‘resistance’ authenticity.”

I must admit that very much like Clare Short, I interpret Palestinian resistance as a humanist call. As if this is not enough, being a musician with a considerable reputation, I do develop more and more sympathy to Ahmadinejad’s different tunes. Especially his latest speech in Geneva is like music to my ears.

However, after the embarrassing and stupid sheepish behaviour exhibited by British diplomats in Geneva just two days ago, a voice of reason was heard in the Parliament. A spokeswoman for the Commons authorities said the meeting would go ahead as “freedom of speech” issues were involved. Seemingly, Zionist terror didn’t manage to dismantle completely most fundamental Western assets.

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