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Editorial – 'The Final Push for World Government'
Tuesday, 07 April 2009 19:05
by Zahir Ebrahim
Dateline Sunday April 05, 2009
Pakistanis, while completely overwhelmed dealing with the despicable suicide bombings across Pakistan, while grieving burying their dead, and while perpetually confused by the ubiquitous shills bleating 'Islamofascism', 'Talibans', 'Al-qaeeda', et. al, might watch this short video:

and perhaps read the Response to Financial Times Gideon Rachman's 'And now for a world government', to finally grasp what the buildup in Afghanistan and those “revolutionary times” rapidly being manufactured in Pakistan are really all about. But a Pakistani saying it perhaps doesn't carry all that much weight with other Pakistanis. Our Negroes rather hear it directly from a 'Ferangi' telling us what ails us. If that's also the case for you, the ordinary plebeian, try this analysis from a patriot in common cause: Darkness Renewed: Terror as a Tool of Empire Written by Chris Floyd.

There is an old tradition among all nations and societies that is “as old as mankind”, certainly as old as “hegemony”. As I recall, it is to hang one's traitors. A new tradition has also been constituted in the modernity du jour to deal with all existential threats to one's nation. That is the glamorously striking protocol quite ceremoniously accorded to 'Enemy Combatants' in bright orange!

Those in Pakistan who are participating in the construction of the New World Order, some by acts of commissions, like our distinguished leaders, politicians, and military; and others by acts of spreading vile propaganda of 'Islamofascism', 'Talibans', 'Al-qaeeda', et. al., through clever omissions and disinformation in their public promulgation and discourses, like our newsmedia, journalists, NGOs, internet-ranters, and academic thinkers alike, well, are they traitors to the Pakistani nation, or are they patriots of the NWO oligarchs?

Do the dead, and soon to be dead, victims in Pakistan care if their murderers are heroes of the New World Order and will surely be awarded for their infernal services by the Queen (or King)?

Seems to me, the path for the peoples of Pakistan, the victims, to deal with our traitors is really very clear. That path of “1776” was only lightly tread by Nawaz Sharif for some ineffectual 'katputli tamasha', and then, apparently, abandoned as an afterthought for some 'higher purpose'.

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