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Memo - To: US Attorney General, Eric Holder - US Dept. of Justice Washington, D.C.
Wednesday, 25 February 2009 19:39
by Stephen P. Pizzo


To: US Attorney General, Eric Holder - US Dept. of Justice Washington, D.C.

From: The Rest of Us Out Here, USA


I heard your speech the other day, you know, the one in which you accused Americans of being “cowards when it comes to discussing race.”

Here's what I have to say about that:

Shut up the "f" up and start prosecuting.

Allow me to elaborate.

I'm not going to argue with your basic premise — that Americans still have trouble talking openly to one another about race and race-related issues. It's a process and, well, we're still progressing.

But cowards? I don't think so. After all, we have a black President of the United States of America sitting in the formerly all-White House. We have a (gorgeous and wickedly smart) black First Lady. Our new ambassador to the United Nations, Susan Rice, is black. And, (you might want to grab a mirror here) we have our first black Attorney General of the United States of America.

That's hardly the work of a nation of racial “cowards.”

The choice of the term “cowards” was so wrong. You might have substituted other very real American traits; independent, difficult, cranky, myopic, provincial, skittish, in denial... any one or combination of which would have fit better than “cowardly.”

That's exactly the kind of race-based whining that landed Jesse Jackson in irrelevancy-land. And if you keep talking like that, you'll be joining him.

Besides, you have far more important jobs on your plate right now than lecturing us on the kinks that persist in our racial relations. If racial justice is what you're looking for, repair your own Civil Rights Division, which the Bush folks gutted then filled with creeps, liars, morons and barely-closeted racists.

That's your job, not giving us lectures on who we hang with, or don't hang with, on weekends.

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But there's even more important work you should be consumed by right now — the work of reestablishing the rule of law in the USA.

Never in the history of the Union has an attorney general taken office with such a wealth of evidence of criminal activity — much emanating from you very own agency — littering the very ground upon which you stand. Pick it up. Get it on the record, and get it under oath.

Then start indicting people, beginning with your predecessor, Alberto "I don't recall" Gonzales, and his covey of sycophant lieutenants.

As the old Norwegian saying goes, “A dead fish starts to stink from the head first.” And we can still smell the stink coming from he Department of Justice. Ought you not tend to that first before you start to stink too?

Once you get your own house in order, then turn your attentions to the mountains of stomach turning, well-documented evidence of high crimes, felonies and war crimes committed by the former occupants of the White House. You know, all those news stories you might have read about exposing the Bush administration's torture of POWs, illegal wiretaps of innocent Americans, kidnapping, and yes, murder.

Out here we assume that, if reporters found out about these crimes then certainly trained law enforcement investigators and those thousands of law school grads you employ, should be able to nail down at least a few high profile Bush administration prosecutions.

Are we wrong about that?

I understand you're new to the job. So if you are having trouble finding the evidence of which I speak, I've collected a hunk of it and posted it here. (http://www.bushproject.com) Feel free to dip in and take what you need. But I don't have subpoena power. You do. So use those powers to fill in any gaps.

Then take these cases before a grand jury of regular Americans and see what happens.

Eric, you have no shortage of things that need immediate attention — critically important things, alleged crimes that 71% of Americans want you to pursue.

Oh, and there's the rest of the world, they're watching too. They're watching you and Barack Obama. They are watching to see if America is still a land of “laws, not men” — or not. They are waiting to find out whether America's stated core values — justice for all, no one is above the law, etc. — are the real deal, or just jingoistic bumper sticker slogans. (Something a growing number of Americans have begun to wonder themselves.)

Your call, Eric.

But almost nowhere is the rest of the world laying awake night wondering whether or nor American's weekend barbeque's have become touchy-feelie, racially focused 12-Step discussion groups.

Thank you for your immediate attention to these matters.

Sincerely, The Rest of Us.
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Desiree Rogers said:

Contact Attorney General Eric Holder Need Intervention In Camden,Arkansas 71701 No Equality here for African Americans
The judicial system works in the favor of wealthy white people.As a 25 yr old woman of color who complaint for a restraining order was buried.I have a young nine yr old child.I went to the judicial system first looking for help.I called the prosecuting attorney office today.The secretay thought their wqas nothing wrong with these white people from Louisiana following me in stores.These white people in the small town have the law workin their favor.I have been harassed since January 2006.When the judicial system fails you.There is no other option.But, I have to protect my daughter and I myself.These white people have no legal right to me or my child.They do not have the right to harass other people asking them about me or telling them not to talk to me.I don't want nothing to do with these hite people.I made that very clear.My daughterand are people of color(African American) I want to contact Eric Holder hoping to maybe have justice served.This is a small town.I am disgusted to live here.Only due to my financial situation can't afford to leave.I would never want to raise my child in a town where their is no equality.Wealthy whites have all the constitutional rights.This is an injustice.
Desiree Rogers
Camden,AR 71701
June 25, 2009 | url
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Mark I Williams said:

Sir, I was arreted in Brooklyn, NY on a New Jersey arrest warrant, upon execution of the warrant,I was subsequently transported (abducted) to Rockland Cty on charges of being a fugitive from justice from: New Jersey. After serving seventeen years six months,on a conviction that lacked the necessary and fundamental due process requirements. The mother of my child died two months after i was released. Several months after that i learned that my daught was born Aug 31 1988 with HIV, of which, was a result of the mothers death at age 36. Sir, my compulsory return to the UK rests solely on a judgment that is null and void. My child is going to die I need your help sir, to return to the US. Please acknowledge. ASAP.
July 08, 2009
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