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Letter to Editor – Premeditated Radicalization: Why?
Monday, 12 January 2009 15:08
by Zahir Ebrahim

The following is a very astute observation by the editor of dictatorshipwatch and it cannot be glossed over:

"The truth: The warlords in Washington, London and Tel Aviv do not want less radicalization in the Muslim world. They want more. If there is not enough, they will make sure more people get angry. The more Muslims are against their policies and the puppets they impose on the masses, the more the warlords are able to justify the totalitarian, expansionists policies." ( Dictatorshipwatch.com January 11, 2009)

To understand why this observation is so profound, and in fact, penetrates to the heart of the matter, please see this Project Humanbeingsfirst's response to an oped which appeared in the Financial Times in December 2008. It was the first time in recent memory, to this scribe's knowledge, certainly since 911, that a very respected mainstream newspaper which is read by the who's who of the entire world, and not just the financial mainstream, had put it all together to test the waters. Project Humanbeingsfirst was immediately on the tail of this bogeyman:

Response to Financial Times Gideon Rachman's 'And now for a world government' (MUST READ)

And the reason betrayed in that title is the overarching reason for such blatant radicalization – while achieving all the local agendas. Those pushing for world-government, and who have manufactured all the pretexts for it, are also the same peoples who share in the aspiration of Zion – "A Zion that will light up all the world".

To understand the depth of anger and rage that is percolating through the "global zone of percolating violence" among the peoples (if not their ruling-elite who are likely in on the game), and to understand its premeditation, please see Brzezinski's map with that title on page 53 in his baby-step blueprint: "The Grand Chessboard – American Primacy and Its Geostrategic Imperatives". The fact, that it was a baby-step blue-print for the destruction of the United States as a nation-state towards a world-government of its oligarchs, only became apparent a few years ago and not when the book was published in 1996. It was also not apparent when this scribe unraveled it completely in his 2003 book of protest against the Iraq invasion "Prisoners of the Cave". See this self-fulfilling statement, pages 52-53 next to the map, from Zbigniew Brzezinski – the grandmaster behind Obama's rise to power:

"This huge region, torn by volatile hatreds and surrounded by competing powerful neighbors, is likely to be a major battlefield, both for wars among nation-states and, more likely, for protracted ethnic and religious violence."

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Create the pretext for violence, then justify its existence with "doctrinal motivation, intellectual commitment, and patriotic gratification" ( Brzezinski ), go to destructive wars disguised as "self-defense", and elicit the predictable reactions, and then propose the solution which will lead to the the desired overarching outcome. Since by itself, military wars do not lend themselves to the full spectrum global conquest, there is also the Financial collapse for which, global banking is the proposed solution, and the global warming, for which carbon-credits is the proposed solution. To understand why and how it all comes together, please start with the solution that was unabashedly floated by the Financial Times and visit the Monetary Reform Bibliography.

This is an intellectual war for full spectrum dominance, nay conquest, of the planet. It is not just for the control of its resources, but control over all human beings culminating in our systematic elimination for drastic population reduction. Unless the peoples worldwide begin to look at the insanely murderous and genocidal 'katputli tamashas' with the proper forensic lenses that are also rooted in Western intellectualism which seeds these 'tamashas', they cannot counter it effectively. This is neither about Islam nor about Muslims. But about creating all the right conditions for world government, and Islam and Muslims, among others, plainly provide the most galvanizing fodder-pretext.

If that is the case, and it isn't the 'radical Islamists' out to create their antediluvian 'Taliban-Khilafat', then people have to stop being divisive among ourselves, stop being misled by all and sundry circus-clowns who raise the flag of "Islamism", who lump genuine self-defense with "al qaeeda", who lump genuine protest and activism with "terrorism", and start focussing on the common enemy of all humanity.

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