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Pax Americana: Is this What We Really Want?
Sunday, 11 January 2009 09:59
by Timothy V. Gatto

We Americans hold a certain number of rights to be unassailable. These are The Bill of Rights which encompasses Freedom of the Press and the Freedom to Dissent. From my vantage point in South Carolina, I see that both of these rights have been discarded by the Federal Government and the media. This is the media that is supposed to report on the news honestly and without bias. In collusion with the Federal Government, hand in hand, they have managed to distort reality in a way that benefits the government, its allies and their objectives.

Let me start this by exposing a few truths that the Mainstream Media, which with the support of the Federal Government, has lied to you about. One of the first major lies was that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. Iraq in fact DID have weapons of mass destruction, but not the kind that the government was insisting they had. The WMD’s that Iraq had were the chemical munitions sold by Donald Rumsfeld to Saddam Hussein in 1985 through a private corporation. These weapons were blown up in place during the invasion at a place called Kamisiyah ammunition depot (an ammo dump in Iraq). There the Army found chemical munitions in boxes stenciled with US and other nation’s names on the boxed. The U.S clearly knew about these chemical weapons because the in fact sold them to Iraq! These weapons were blown up in place even though a battalion of American soldiers were encamped around the site. Many soldiers suffered adverse effects. The reason for this was so the media could not take pictures of the crates clearly marked U.S.

Another lie that the mainstream media has fostered is that the elections held this November were free and unfettered. The facts are that the Democratic Campaign Committee along with certain media outlets made sure that a number of Democrats were not allowed to participate in the debates. Here I’m talking about Rep. Dennis Kucinich and Sen. Mike Gravel. The Presidential Debate Commission was made up of former DNC and RNC chairman that insisted third party candidates not be present at the debate. They took over this job after The League of Women Voters let Ross Perot participate in the debates. This was surely a low point for not only the Democrats, but also a low spot for the media.

Now we are watching the carnage in the Gaza Strip. There is not one major media outlet that doesn’t downplay the death of innocent Palestinians while hyping the few Israeli casualties that Hamas rockets have caused. In reality, there have been over 700 deaths of men women and children in the Gaza Strip directly attributable to the Israeli war machine. Hamas has been accused by the American media of breaking the six-month ceasefire. This is an outright lie as Israel has been blockading Gaza and striking it with their helicopter gunships since the ceasefire started.

Enough is enough. We Americans are almost powerless in this matter; however we do have some recourse when it comes to coverage by the American media. We can demand accurate, truthful coverage free of bias. If the major networks and media continue to spread lies and propaganda against the Palestinian people we can take them to court for not telling the American people the truth about the news and while we’re at it, boycott their outlets. If you want to know the true story of what is taking place in Gaza, you can go to a website inside Gaza that is reporting 24/7.

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Please become involved and show the media that we will no longer put up with their slanted corporate news coverage. The fact is that if we allow our news to be altered, we become blind to reality. The fourth estate is a mess and without demanding that they report the truth, it will become just a propaganda arm of the Federal government (if it hasn’t already). The lies of a “liberal press” should fall on deaf ears. I’m a liberal and all I see are right-wing Zionist reports on Gaza. That phrase is nothing but a “talking point” for the right in this country. The media has not been liberal for years. This country has not been liberal for years.

We are quick to use violence whenever and wherever we can. This too must stop. Since when do we need military bases in over 130 nations? I want to quote John F. Kennedy and his take on American military power:

“We do not want a PAX Americana enforced on the world by American weapons of war. Not the peace of the grave or the security of the slave. I am talking about genuine peace, the kind of peace that makes life on earth worth living, the kind that enables men and nations to grow and to hope and to build a better life for their children — not merely peace for Americans but peace for all men and women — not merely peace in our time but peace for all time." John F. Kennedy (1963)

Maybe it’s time that Americans started to worry about America.

Tim Gatto can be emailed here and blogs here.

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