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Congratulations Barak, congratulations Americans
Wednesday, 05 November 2008 14:55
by Gilad Atzmon

Once again America has proven that it can bring a change about.

In fact, I would not count on Obama himself to bring a real change, as we all remember, the newly elected President was very quick to appease AIPAC once nominated as the Democratic party candidate.

It was actually the American people who are the real winners here, they are the ones who voted for a change.

The oppressed voted against the lethal devastating combination of greed led by the ‘Wolfowitz doctrine’ and Greenspan economy, a combination that brought death to 2 million Iraqis and the biggest financial disaster on record.

The American people said NO to the most Zionised administration ever. They said NO to Zionist Wars, they said NO to Greenspan’s economy, they said NO to foreign interests shaping their lives. Whether Americans are aware of the depth of their country’s involvement with Zionist interests is a big question. Clearly, they are very unhappy with the way things turned out to be, they rushed to the polls en masse to oust the Republicans that betrayed them for too long.

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Apparently we can claim that there is democracy in the United States of America. However, one question is left open, what about the alleged ’only democracy in the Middle East’? Would the same thing be able to happen in Israel?

What would it take for a Palestinian to be voted in to lead the ‘Jews Only State’?

I would not hold my breath, in apartheid Israel, millions of Palestinians are surrounded by barbed wire. They are not entitled to shape their fate.

For Israel to become a democracy of its people, it has to drop its racial orientation. It has to stop being a Jewish state.

I do not have a doubt that this will happen eventually, yet, I do not see the Israelis giving away their supremacy peacefully.

Israel must be defeated and it will be defeated. It is just a question of time.

The lesson of last night is pretty obvious.

It only takes the right man at the right time to bring the hope for a change and a better future.


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