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Lies from the Corporate Political Parties
Sunday, 12 October 2008 02:12
by Timothy V. Gatto

The thing about me is that I don’t care much for labels. I know what works and what doesn’t, and that has only come with age and experience, and by having been in many countries throughout the world. I don’t have an MBA or a PHD, but I manage to understand what’s happening. I have a few friends who are economists and they have filled me in on the blank spots. Right now, my friends are telling me that this country is much worse off than the media would like you to believe.

The current national debt is 10 Trillion dollars. We have outsourced much of our industries, we no longer make steel and Detroit is on the ropes and the airlines are failing. Meanwhile, while all of this is happening, the largest financial institutions are losing value and you could realistically say that they re in free-fall. It doesn’t take a MBA to figure out that this country can’t keep the status quo if the paychecks of ordinary workers have the McDonald’s golden arches as a watermark. We’re not going to see huge amounts of capital infused by Wal-Mart workers. The truth is that this nation doesn’t make much of anything to sell on the world market; about the only thing this country makes anymore is war.  

Then we have the two Presidential candidates that have spent almost a billion dollars between them to garner a job that only pays $400,000.00. The impetus isn’t the salary however; it’s the power of being the Chief Executive of The United States of America. It seems that the winner of this contest will end up being the leader of cash register operators, burger flippers, labor pool workers and department store clerks. Those aren’t bad jobs and if you happen to have one of those jobs, consider yourself lucky, there are hundreds of thousands out there that have no jobs.

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This, according to the sainted Barack Obama and the “maverick” John McCain, isn’t the thing that they worry about. They worry about whether Israel is “safe” even though they have the nuclear capacity to decimate every city in the Middle-East. Sometimes when I listen to them I wonder if they are running for office here or in Israel. The other thing that I wonder about is this tangent they go on about Russia. Russia is fast becoming the “threat” we must face, eclipsing Iran. This country, as in all fascist regimes, must have an “external enemy” to rally the people. The way things are going in this country economically, a bigger threat than Iran must be found, and unfortunately for the Russians, it’s them. A war with Russia would certainly get everyone involved. It would make people forget the ten trillion dollar deficit we currently hold, and it would get other countries that might become Russian targets to forget our debt too. The military industrial complex would experience a renaissance. We may also experience mutually assured destruction.

If this war comes to pass, the draft, rationing and the outright theft of Iraqi oil would surely come become reality. The people would be united around their government and there would be no more dissent. This is how worldwide political schemes work. The point is that right now, we are involved in a war in Iraq and another in Afghanistan that hardly registers on American’s radars.The only ones that feel the pain and loss of war are the families and friends of the soldiers that are fighting there, and of course the Iraqi’s and Afghans. Some people believe that Barack Obama and Joe Biden will stop these insane wars for resources. Well here is an excerpt from Scott Ritter’s article from Truthdig today about Senator Joe Biden:

“That Joe Biden is an architect of the war in Iraq is without question. His hearings and the manner in which he shaped the conduct of those hearings (prohibiting, for instance, the appearance of witnesses such as myself and Dennis Halliday and Hans von Sponek, both senior U.N. diplomats who directed U.N. humanitarian operations inside Iraq) were geared for facilitating a vote in the Senate authorizing President George W. Bush to use military force against Iraq—a declaration of war, so to speak. Only Biden can answer questions concerning his conduct at this critical juncture in our nation’s history. But the fact that Barack Obama would select as his running mate a man so heavily involved in bringing about the war in Iraq, at a time when Obama claims to be in opposition to that very same war, speaks volumes about the lack of judgment and, frankly speaking, character of the senator from Illinois who aspires to be commander in chief.”

So there we have that. Ritter has no bone to chew; he was an inspector looking for weapons on mass destruction in Iraq, seems like he came home and found a human WMD in Joe Biden.

Still it’s not just Biden that is beating the war drums. It’s Obama too. Since when do we put nukes “on the table” in order to negotiate with a nation that has an inherent right to process uranium under the non-proliferation treaty of which Iraq is a signatory of? Why should we threaten Iran when Israel has between 200-600 nuclear warheads? On the other hand, how can we justify putting nuclear tipped missiles in Poland and encouraging Ukraine to become a NATO member? We were lied to about Georgia. The Russians didn’t initiate that war and everyone that isn’t subject to the US media for its information knows it. Both the Democrats and the Republicans are planning for more war. The truth is that you really can’t believe anything these politicians say! Let me repeat that: you really can’t believe anything these politicians say! I can prove it with two words.

“Clean Coal”, both candidates jumped on the bandwagon hawking “clean coal”. Allow me to use a phrase from John McCain, “My friends there is no such thing as clean coal”. If McCain had said that he would have been correct, clean coal is a myth. There is no technology today to use clean coal. The scientists have theories, but no practical ways to reduce coal emissions. There is not one “clean coal” plant in existence on the planet. Another thing they the out for public consumption is nuclear energy. The facts are that no nuclear plant has been built with private funds. They are so costly to build and to operate that they must all be expensively subsidized by the government.

The real conundrum we have here is that none of the candidates we have running for the Presidency are worth a damn. If the people would demand that barriers enacted to stop third parties that have been put up by the corporate Republican and Democratic parties, we could see more candidates with ballot access. The Commission for Presidential Debates is run by two people, the former chairs of the Democratic and Republican parties. They stopped using the League of Women Voters after they demanded Ross Perot take part in the debates. You see, the system is rigged. Make no mistake about it. The truth is that it doesn’t matter in the least whether we have a Democrat or a Republican sitting in the Oval Office, we will all lose. This election is all about smoke and mirrors. You could always vote for Nader or McKinney, that’s what I’m going to do. I spent over 20 years in the Army and I know a bad deal when I come across one, and believe me, McCain and Obama are both bad deals. The one good thing is that I won’t have to live knowing I voted against my own judgment. Oh, and one more thing, that bailout? You just bailed out the wealthiest families in America, and by the way, Rep. Brad Sherman (D-Ca) was told that if the bailout failed to pass, there would be martial law. No conundrum here.

timgatto@hotmail.com                            http://liberalpro.blogspot.com
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