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Globalization is indeed leading to a New World Order
Sunday, 17 August 2008 13:25
by Roland Michel Tremblay

This will be my most conspiracy theorist entry ever. I am writing it because it is moving towards the mainstream and is perhaps no longer part of the conspiracy theorists’ domain. Globalization does not benefit anyone but a few rich people and corporations, and whether or not there is an organization such as a New World Order, some sort of new world order is being created at any rate, and we all stand to lose from it. It can only lead to worldwide poverty, famines and wars.

Globalization, second tentative. Second, because I first wrote an entry which has now been deleted, and that hopefully you will never read. As I kept a copy of it, it is possible that one day you will read that fantastic positive entry about globalization that I have written, against my will (after some brainwashing). I went into lots of definitions, and now I realize I cannot provide any definition of what globalization truly is. As you dig further, it becomes blurry.

Why have I deleted it? Because when you read about globalization in an encyclopedia, it sounds ideal, it sounds perfect, it seems like the only way forward. But then, globalization has got nothing to do with McDonalds on every street corner from Moscow to Baghdad, is it? Globalization is not about Hollywood killing many cultures in order to impose the one of some chosen Americans worldwide. Globalization has nothing to do with something becoming global, and then you can reap the profits worldwide for a single idea or product. Globalization does not even have something to do with the corporate world eliminating frontiers and barriers and exploiting cheap labor in order to make huge profits.

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In this day and age, globalization is synonym with New World Order, and we all know what that means, unless you have been living under a rock for the last decade. New World Order means the end of any sort of freedom, right or liberty, it means, in the best conspiracy theory fashion, the end of the world as we know it. You lose your own culture, your own language, your own religion, your own beliefs, your own identity.

Most people still laugh at the idea, I almost do myself, especially after taking such topic as globalization so lightly. I read a few books, and I thought, could it be true, is it possible, or is it just conspiracy theories? But when the new Prime Minister of England, Gordon Brown, makes a first speech after taking power, with no less than 17 mentions of New World Order and Globalization, I have to wonder, who is he really working for? Not the people, that is most certain:

YouTube’s “Gordon Brown New World Order Speech”

Even the BBC states it clearly: “Brown wants a 'new world order'”

It is everywhere in the mass media, Google it. The New Statesman: “Brown's new world order”

And then, I feel so lost, desperate, that even new elections, new Prime Ministers, new Presidents, does not change anything, that they are all on the same war path, they are all about globalization and New World Order, and ultimately, not many of us really understand what this is all about and where it will lead us all.

We can only see the state of the world today, genocides here and there, a Nuclear Third World War around the corner, the greatest stock market crash in history awaiting us at the bank, we are all now Americans and our world leader is the American President. Have I mentioned Bird Flu and terrorists? Dear me, it is the End of the World, as my grandfather would say, after blaming it all on the Communists.

I don’t even know what a communist is, the concept has been eradicated from my education, as I am from one of the new generations, the ignorant one without a purpose in this world. Not the Baby Boomers Generation, not even Generation X, not even the new youngest generation, Generation Kill. I am from a lost generation in between Generation X and Generation Kill, as I said, a lost meaningless generation without an identity. For a while we were called Generation Y (why), it came after X. As I said, an insignificant and utterly powerless generation. That’s me!

Generations have been globalized nowadays, it transcends countries and nationalities and time. We were all listening to the Moody Blues when I was born in 1972, if you can remember, whether we were in England, in America, in Québec or in Italy.

I don’t know more than you, I have a full time job as a civil servant, at the bottom of the corporate hierarchy, I can’t read all the literature on the subject and write clever fully researched articles. But it seems clear, a new world order is being drawn over the horizon, none of us will survive it if the trends continue as they do. Something is going to happen, something huge, I can say that even without being alarmist, all the obvious signs are here. And whenever America crashes, the rest of the world crashes with it. Another sure sign that worldwide globalization is complete.

All I know is that it does not sound like any sort of paradise or utopia, but more constraints, less freedom, less rights and more misery, whilst they continue to reap humanity’s global wealth.

It is almost like an opened invitation for one crazy tyrant to rule the world, because after globalization is complete, the way they want it to be complete, one man decides everything. And that most coveted job will be the one no one will have any power in deciding who gets it. Money and power decide, which means a few men decide, and then, our future is definitely going to be bleak as their personal interests will most likely clash with the masses’ self interests.

You can’t make money if anyone else is making money, the solution is everyone should live in utter poverty, or die if you somehow can make it happen. It seems to have been the prevalent course of action lately in international politics. Perhaps it has always been the case, it would explain why most of the world is living under despotic political regimes instead of peaceful real democracies.

We are no exception, I’m afraid. If what the majority of the people in the country wants does not happen, there is no democracy. What do we want most right now? We want to end Iraq’s war, we want to insure we don’t attack Iran, and we desperately want to impeach George W. Bush and Dick Cheney. If none of this happens, how could you even think that this is a democracy?

Then we need to go back to the drawing board and come up with a better system which will be democratic. I hope a civil war will be unnecessary for this to happen. Perhaps the people we have elected as our representatives will wake up and make it happen for us, before we have to take control of the government ourselves, and replace it entirely.

Globalization is the way by which some humans that you can count on one hand will take over the world and drive it to extinction. Greed and thirst for power as main motivations will make sure of it, as greed and thirst for power know no boundaries. You can quote me on that.

This is difficult to grasp, because most of us don’t know what greed and thirst for power really mean, we barely can conceptualize what having billions of dollars or pounds or Euros at our disposal really means, because most of us would not know what to do with so much money and power. We wouldn’t even know where to start in order to make some good in this world, eliminate poverty and famines, work towards some sort of a beginning of a utopia or golden age for everyone. There are enough resources for everyone in this world, you know.

Any step anyone could take towards doing some good, is ambushed by the greedy and blood thirsty people who are in power. Any New Real World Order would need to eliminate, eradicate from its cogs, anyone who seems too eager to seek power or seems a bit greedy, perhaps already rich and buying an election and the mass media, and then, perhaps only then, the idea of globalization would not seem so offensive.

Even if there was no New World Order organization working against us, globalization benefits only a few die hard capitalists capable of conquering the world’s markets with near infinite financial means. And so, whether there is a New World Order conspiracy or not, makes no difference. Globalization can only be offensive as it can only profit the few over the many. This is essentially all I have to say about globalization.

What is true of humans, is doubly true for anyone in power. We all know humans cannot be trusted and will backstab you at any given opportunity. Because we are all selfish at heart, we all want what’s best for ourselves and our children, and it is doubly true for any politician or religious leader. None of us can be trusted. In these conditions, globalization can only be a bad idea.

At this time we cannot deny that some evil force has been at work in international politics, mostly coming from leaders of the most powerful countries. There is enough evidence to show that there is smoke, and that there is no smoke without fire. It seems also that a change of leader, even if it involves a change of political party, does not seem to change anything.

The course to globalization seems to be the mean to achieve some unknown goals. All we know is that these goals have nothing to do with making everything easier, bringing peace in the world, eliminating poverty or bringing some happiness.

So, if globalization does not appear to be a priority for anyone, what good could come out of it except that you will have a McDonald within a mile of your home, and your TV packed with Hollywood films and television series dubbed in your language? There is no need for globalization for this to come true, so in the end, what is globalization really about, what will it concretely bring you which will make your life easier and happier?

More money? I doubt it, though it might make a few people richer. The chance to move more freely between countries and work wherever you want? That might ultimately be the only advantage of globalization, like any Western European can now move to London and wipe the streets with a broom.

At least they are now in London, never mind that they will experience the most miserable existence there is, despite the fact that most of these immigrants already have a PhD. At least now the streets are getting cleaned, such thing was impossible to conceptualize before the whole of Poland was finally allowed to move to England. One great achievement of globalization, more institutionalized slavery. And yet, most of these slaves are usually not allowed to leave their country, they are exploited in the comfort of their own crooked home.

I don’t know about the European Union, but the American Union between Mexico, the United States and Canada can only mean one thing. The American President taking over all the decisions and resources for the whole of North America, and I suppose this is just a beginning. How can Canada sign such a deal, and it might already have been made, is beyond me. Surrendering our sovereignty to the United States, turns me into an instant separatist, even though it is well known that I have never been keen on Québec separating from the rest of Canada in the first place. I am French-Canadian, living in Britain, just so you can understand where I’m coming from.

In this day and age, as long as you are not American yourself, it is likely that the word America leaves you uneasy. If not, then I guess you are blind and need to read some more. You cannot blame most Americans though, you can’t even blame most of the members of their government, the poor kids are all completely powerless. Because the American government is strangely organized that, in the end, there is but one man deciding the fate of the whole country and the world, and nothing and no one can stop him. Not even democracy, elections or public opinion.

Whatever you vote for, whoever gets elected, has already been decided by others you will never hear anything about. And whoever you elect does not matter, they are all working towards the same goal, they are all working for the same people and corporations, the world of high finance.

I am not convinced Barack Obama is not already one of them. If he wins the elections and becomes President, then we will be certain, wouldn’t we? You could not possibly be in power and work against them, even with the best intentions, moral and ethic that God can provide. Fear has always been the most powerful tool in politics, and fear needs be applied only in a few high places for it to work so perfectly.

Globalization sounded like such a great idea, just like democracy. Just like socialism sounded so great in theory. However, nothing is ever like it seems, and if you read upon the subject even just a little, you will quickly understand that there is no such thing as democracy, freedom, evolution towards a better free world, a happy peaceful world. That no political system or solution will ever work, because other dark people in the shadows are working terribly hard to make sure they remain in power and become richer.

At the first sign of this we should see rebellion. But this is never going to happen, it is unlikely on a global level, because in this day and age, it is clear as day what leaders are doing, what they are working towards, and yet, everyone chooses to be completely blind to it.

There is an expression saying: hidden in plain sight. In this case it is no longer hidden, and yet we choose to do nothing. We believe everything, we are weak over the ones who are not. We are all being manipulated, and one does not need to be a conspiracy theorist to see it. It explains why what was once conspiracy theories, spoken by unknown people, is now moving beyond that, and well known personalities speak openly in such terms.

There comes a point when it can no longer be overlooked or denied. We have reached that point, conspiracies are reaching the mainstream, and everyone is talking about it. Even the mass media, between the lines, if you listen carefully. A sure sign of a dictatorship and tyranny, and some resistance movement forming. We are going to need it.

Let’s just make sure that in the end this is exactly what we will get, a true globalization to make this world a better one, a happier one for everyone, crowned by a real democracy. No political system will ever be what we hope for as long as greed and thirst for power can still get to the top and decide for everyone. Something needs to happen, something revolutionary, and yet, it might not bring anything better for anyone.

There are always ways to go around everything, to still control everything despite all the laws to prevent such deceptions. Democracy and globalization are meaningless concepts if you choose to ignore what is going on behind the scene and how events can be used and abused to the advantage of the few over the masses.

Wake up and be aware of the lies and what is untold, at the very least. The terrorism we are witnessing right now is obviously government sponsored terrorism, or at least there are excellent reasons and evidences to wonder. No sudden change should come out of terrorism, it would be a big mistake. All that we have lost since the first attacks, will need to be regained at some point, let’s just hope it can be done without civil wars.

At this time, globalization sounds like a bad idea, because we cannot be certain why it is really happening and what will be the benefits compared with what we stand to lose. We just have to wonder who profits from globalization, and on an individual level, if we do profit from globalization. And first of all, one needs to clearly answer what is globalization anyway, and I’m afraid we won’t find the answer so easily.

So, I say no to globalization, until such time that we can be certain that everyone can benefit from it, and I mean everyone. We still all have our own distinct national identity and culture, what could possibly be so threatening about this, that we are all being offered this ultimate choice: total assimilation or total annihilation? We should be able to say no to joining this new world order, and we should be able to say no to war. Is this still a choice or none of this can be stopped? Are we that powerless against our leaders?
This article is an excerpt of the book “Destructivism, The Path to Self-Destruction”, written by Roland Michel Tremblay. It is available online for free on his website, it also contains all his previous political articles:


Roland Michel Tremblay can be contacted at this email address: rm@themarginal.com 
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