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The Balanced Hand of Justice, or the Power of Rich War Criminals - Which Shall Judge War Criminals?
Thursday, 14 August 2008 03:56
by Michael O’McCarthy
Bush and Richard Cheney?
The question is: which of the Presidential candidates, Obama or McCain, will use the hand of balanced justice to send George Bush, Dick Cheney et al to the War Crimes’ bar of justice? Or will they use the same slippery-handed maneuver as employed by Gerald Ford in pardoning war criminal # 1 Richard Milhouse Nixon? And as impeachment becomes more and more the conversation and passion of the day the next question is: when will the press begin to ask both the candidates this question?

Will Obama lend himself to conventional law and order and support their prosecution should they be indicted in the US or before an international war crimes tribunal?

That depends on what he means by "change." Change means change and allowing that kind of corrupt, illegal and unethical politics as inaugural message to our cit izens is not change. It is the age-old politics of the super rich "good ole buddies" club.

But then, how badly will Obama need the members of the new elitist, predatory, managerial class in-dept to=2 0the Bush-Cheney cabal? And what message of the "new" America would this send to a world racked by "terror" when it is clear that the US government under Bush-Cheney committed war crimes – terror, throughout the world and at home?

Then of course what of McCain? He runs as an All-American War Hero for his participation in the US’s war against South East Asia. He certainly asserts his heroic resistance to and systematic victim of torture at the hands of North Vietnamese officials. That he was at times tortured has been documented; that he participated in proscribed behavior for POW’s is also documented.

But he certainly served as a Navy bomber pilot in attacks against the country partitioned by the Geneva Agreements at the 17th parallel in 1954 and called the Democratic Republic of Vietnam. The question is the nature of those 23 reported sorties and it is clear from overwhelming evidence that those bombing missions under Operation Thunder targeted civilians and civilian social institutions.

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As reported in the extensive testimony of Bertrand Russell’s War Crimes Tribunal in 1996 The Tribunal stated that its conclusions were:
    1. Has the Government of the United States committed acts of aggression against Vietn am under the terms of international law? Yes (unanimously).
    2. Has there been, and if so, on what scale, bombardment of purely civilian targets, for example, hospitals, schools, medical establishments, dams, etc? Yes (unanimously). We find the government and armed forces of the United States are guilty of the deliberate, systematic and large-scale bombardment of civilian targets, including civilian populations, dwellings, villages, dams, dikes, medical establishments, leper colonies, schools, churches, pagodas, historical and cultural monuments.
Thus, in the opinion of both the panel and in world opinion within Vietnam and without, the US armed forces engaged in an illegal war and in its prosecution of that war committed war crimes. Not the least of those were bombing sorties (missions)=2 0over North Vietnam in which McCain was an active participant.

Thus, by the verdict of the Tribunal John McCain is a war criminal.

Given that, why would anyone expect this long time Republican Party professional to do anything other than to pardon his fellow Republican Party professionals and co-war criminals?

Now is the time to begin to rally to that question.
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