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Happy Birthday America 1776-2008
Sunday, 13 July 2008 13:27
by Zahir Ebrahim

So What's Right About America – a reminder to all the War–Mongering, “United We Stand”, Flag–Waving, Silently Spectating, old and new immigrant peoples of America rejoicing in the ruination of their nation today – why do “they come to America”?

My favorite imperialist neo-con author – if it is possible to have one – Dinesh D'Souza, wrote a fabulous narrative in April 2002, in the aftermath of 911, to remind all of America's detractors “What's So Great About America” in order to sell the shocked world America's barbaric defense of its greatness from the “evil doers”. In the Preface to my famously un-published April 2003 narrative “Prisoners of the Cave – Deception Point 911 And Its Greatest Democratic Enablers”, I wrote:

“In this book unfortunately, I cannot dwell on the wonderful things about America as the more pressing task of preventing them from being lost through subjugation and domination of the rest of the less fortunate peoples on the planet, is at hand. See the eloquent expression of what many immigrants fleeing from the tyrannies of their own constricting societies in the poorer nations have generally found in America, in the book “What's so Great About America” by the eloquent Indian immigrant, Dinesh D'souza. Little further needs to be added about that topic here.”

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In that Preface, I had carefully explained why ordinary peoples from the developing nations generally come to America when they might even have been crying “death to America” in their own countries. I had also separated the “inside” vs. “outside” experiences of America, and explained this bipolar personality of the superpower in terms of the human conditions that accompanied each “state” wherein, most people enjoying the “inside” experiences remained ignorant of the “outside” experiences, but not vice versa. Indeed, it's a “land of opportunity” within its borders for many, especially for those who are able to unquestioningly play within its often un-stated “boundary-conditions” as good citizens of empire dutifully pursuing their “American Dreams”. But it's also a multifaceted hydra of oppression and neo-colonialism outside of its borders for the rest of humanity living in the natural resources laden developing nations. Such grotesque reality-spaces at the far frontiers and beyond, characteristically suffer from obfuscation and neglect in the domestic discourses of any predatory empire. For, it is indeed veritably true that “Hegemony is as old as mankind”, and the art of selective story-telling and spin doctoring by its masters of discourse is among its best practices of conquest:

'America appears quite different from the “inside”, than from the “outside”. Her behavior towards her own domestic population (before the emergence of the police state atmosphere), is different from her exploitative and plunderous behavior towards the denizens outside her shores, especially those in the third world where America creates mixed emotions: anger at her exploitation of them, and desire for the freedoms and promise of the “good life” that it offers those able to reach its shores. This has generally also been true in history: most empires have always remained tyrannical outside their outer frontiers where “barbarians” were known to reside, while freedoms, culture, and the “good life” flourished in their inner sanctums of power. High walls and military guards at the periphery would protect the dominions and harvest the “barbarians” of their wealth and resources because these were the “lesser” people, probably not even human beings. It was taken for granted that it was okay to rape, pillage, and plunder them to support the good life within the empire. And it appears that at the dawn of the twenty-first century, with the march of civilizations towards liberation, progress, sophistication, and a global “shrinking village”, the modern empires still do not seem to have evolved any sense of justice and fair play towards those at the perpetual outer periphery, the borders where empires, nations, and civilizations meet, necessitating even higher walls, more border patrols, and self-serving doctrines of “clash of civilizations”.' (Preface Prisoners of the Cave)

“Prisoners of the Cave” in 2003 was the counterpoint to the mindless drivel and artful propaganda that was being used to sell the imperial conquest of Iraq disguised as the “War on Terrorism”. Dinesh D'Souza's book was quite a part of this criminal selling job too. But Dinesh had also accurately captured the best practices of the “inside” experiences in America from a high-achieving immigrant's perspective, and nothing needed to be added to it. Such pronouncements for the “land of opportunity” are routinely beaten to death in the mainstream discourse anyway, as if all peoples on the planet did not already know it. Tell us something that people don't know.

Well, in 2008, on this auspicious occasion of the Fourth of July, much further still needs to be added to What's so right about America from an ordinary Muslim's perspective, one whose own civilizations at the far frontiers of empire have been bearing the brunt of “imperial mobilization”. Dinesh D'Souza's narrative of the “land of opportunity” still needs to be extended further in a bit deeper perspective for the benefit of all those who are now aptly captured in the title of this salutation on this 4th of July.

The rest of the American peoples who magically escape the description in this title – a tiny minority – my humble greeting to them was penned yesterday, challenging the best among them to rise to a new level of efficacy. One that is at least a bit greater than zero towards all their own tall claims and poetic words. The expectations are indeed astronomically high of these latter peoples. And they surely need no reminding of What's so right about America – for they know it well already, and because of which they dare to stick their neck out to safeguard it! They however, surprisingly, needed reminding of What's so very wrong with America due to which their efforts continue to remain on the treadmill. Their failure to even recognize that they fail, let alone that their effective impact in their own proclamations is zero, is unfortunately their biggest and most fatal failing. A bizarre reversal of perspectives from what one might expect.

So what's indeed so darn right about America that the flag waving “United We Stand” peoples don't seem to perceive despite their genuine love of their nation as they continue saluting her into the rubble of history? They see her economy going broke, her housing going under, her social services terminating, her civic infrastructure falling into dangerous disrepair harnessing only a “D” grade from her own civil engineers who now assert that they might further downgrade it to a “D-”, and her dead finally coming home to roost – all in the pursuit of a “war on terror” against the tortuous abstraction of “Islamism” that they little understand except for what is told them by their own masters of discourse?

Even if one takes all the “doctrinal motivation” at face value and a legitimate raison d'être for waging endless wars upon the entire solar system's “evil doers”:

Usama Bin Laden has escaped to Mars and was recently spotted militantly drinking up all the planet's new found water in the name of “radical Islam” called “Islamism”, and thus both must be stopped; we must “vanquish Islamism and help Muslims develop an alternative form of Islam.”, what is that intangible quality of America which still brings many to its shores, that is surely being sacrificed at the altar of this epic battle between “good and evil”?
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Dr. Joi Cherian said:

American story is over.
America is crawling.Being pushed by the momentum of the past. The story is over. Thanks to Neocons.
July 15, 2008
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