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Untold Truths
Thursday, 05 June 2008 14:00
by Paul J. Balles PhD.

Few people dig deeply into the evidence of what's actually happening that the Western mainstream media ignores or refuses to cover. Much gets omitted because of media owner biases, and the establishment media dares not present anything that might offend readers, viewers or advertisers.

Increasingly large numbers of computer users now look to alternative sources of news and views. That number hasn't yet reached critical mass, however; and when it does, watch out for the attempts to restrict or censor what's available.

Here are some examples of the kind of honest reflection in some of the internet sources that operate with integrity and openness. For one thing, in the recent brouhaha over Reverend Wright's sermons, few people have stood up boldly for the Reverend. Many people in America hate Wright, not because he was wrong, but because most Americans can't stand self criticism. To them, America is almost never wrong and never to be damned.

Phil Rockstroh has written: ""God Damn, America," I mutter, echoing the good Reverend Wright, as I witness the indifference of the American people to the war crimes committed by our nation's leaders." That's a courageous truth that's hard for Americans to swallow. It's also one that the rest of the world can readily agree with. Rockstroh offers a larger perspective, not found in the mainstream media:

Ask yourself if you'll ever find comments that describe realism like the following, by Dan Lieberman, in the establishment media like the New York Times or the Washington Post:

If Israel intended to allow a viable Palestinian state, would the Israeli government proceed in the continuous construction of West Bank settlements? Would the present Israeli government demand recognition as a Jewish state and then concede to evolve into a multi-ethnic state?

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Practically everyone who follows news and commentary on the Internet is aware that the so-called war in Iraq is fraudulent and was based on what one writer counts as 935 lies. Richard W. Behan is one of the voices of truths that don't appear in The Wall Street Journal or on CNN:

The War on Terror is a fraud and a façade, a mere label concocted and trumpeted by an administration known for its signature dishonesty. The label conceals the Bush Administration’s international crimes of unprovoked military aggression, the armed invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq, two sovereign nations the Administration meant to attack from its first days in office.

Imagine a newspaper, magazine or TV station in the US where you would hear what Ben Tanosborn has written. Fox News would be likely to dub the following truth as the rant of a socialist, clan-bound anti-Semite:

In the United States, if you aspire to occupy an elective office, from the lowest position at the municipal level to the imperial quarters of the White House, you must have been cleared beforehand as a defender of the American faith, and that entails acceptance and devotion to the dogma of a political trinity: Capitalism, Individualism and Israelism.

Mike Whitney's observations on economic perils have more integrity than any of the establishment financial story-tellers. Here is one of his recent exposes:

The US has been gaming the system for decades; sucking up two-thirds of the world's capital to expand its cache of Cadillac Escalades and flat-screen TVs; giving nothing back in return except mortgage-backed junk, cluster bombs, and crummy green paper. Nothing changes; it only gets worse.

These snippets of commenting done by intelligent, responsible truth-seekers on the Internet don't rely on fraudulent reporting and distorted opinions of the controlled news media. Commentators are free to be honest and incorruptible.
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Comments (3)add comment

Dale Mastarone said:

Hey, Doctor Phil, I go along with most of what you say, with a significant exception where you state that "Many people in America hate Wright, not because he was wrong, but because most Americans can't stand self criticism. To them, America is almost never wrong and never to be damned."

When you talk about "many" people in America "hating" the Reverend Wright, are you referring to hundreds, thousands or millions or many millions? Frankly, Doctor Phil, I think what you are trying to accomplish in the "alternative media" of the internet is suck in people that might believe you because you condemn MSM. Nice try, but it didn't work with me, you weren't able to shit me, I got a turd in my back pocket. The "turd" is a dictionary, and it defines "circular reasoning". You state that many people hate Doctor Wright not because he was wrong..." and that is where you really, really screwed up, you let your independent biased feelings flow out like a torrent of hot lava. You are writing that the MSM is prejudiced -- and you are certainly critical of journalists in MSM for misbehavior, and proper journalistic behavior, I believe, is being impartial and only reporting facts. Again, you have a problem with attempting to shit me with subtle circular reasoning by titling your piece as "Untold Truths", implying that what everyone else says about the subject is lying and only you are speaking the truth. I humbly suggest that you figure out a way to be less transparent if you want to reach thinkers on the internet. You state for a fact that Rev. Wright was wrong. Was Rev. Wright wrong with his statement, or is it that because Barack Obama condemned Rev, Wright that suddenly Wright became wrong?

You cite the "War on Terror" as a fraud and facade. Yep, you are correct in my opinion. Why not read "ENERGY VICTORY", subtitled "Winning the War on Terror by Breaking Free of Oil" by Robert Zubrin? Find out where your preferred presidential candidate and your preferred members of Congress fit in regarding whether it is war on terror or a war against the American People keeping them in terror of more terror?

And BTW, I am still looking for someone posting blogs on Atlantic Free Press being critical of Ron Paul's book, "THE REVOLUTION, A Manifesto". Last time I tried it Jayne Lynn Stahl really reamed me,(she musta been off her meds at the time) but she never got around to discussing the book. SEE Comments 3,4, and 5 re http://atlanticfreepress.com/content/view/3826/81/
June 06, 2008
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Steve said:

This is exactly why we have radio and news broadcasts like www.revolutionbroadcasting.com

Live talk radio and news. You want the truth? We report it!

If the MSM won't report the truth we will!
June 06, 2008
Votes: +0

Cyanide Hole said:

Dale Mastarone --
I, too, think Jayne Lynn Stahl is nuts. I can't help myself: I see insanity dripping from her photo and her writing whenever I look at either one.

In Ms. Stahl's favor, however, I note that everyone who posts in places like this is crazy. You and I are crazy. If we weren't, we wouldn't assume that what we think is important enough to burden the rest of the world with what we think. I note, too, that there is a difference between insanity and stupidity. The fact that someone is insane doesn't mean that someone is stupid just as the fact that someone is stupid doesn't mean that someone is insane.

Libertarianism as a philosophy, for example, features any number of beautiful ideas. You can't call someone insane or stupid for being attracted to Libertarianism at first glance. It's too bad, then, that many aspects of Libertarianism won't bear close examination by anyone who is neither insane nor stupid, but it is true nonetheless.

By way of keeping this short, I won't lead you through a rational argument to a proof of what' I've just written. I will give you a clue in the form of a question: Is the individual responsible for everything that happens to him? Can he take personal credit for all that he has or may have? If not, why not? And what does that answer tell us about Libertarianism?

If you reason your way through that morass and come out of it a staunch Libertarian, then I leave it for you to decide whether you are crazy or merely stupid -- but you are surely one or the other and perhaps both. Those today who profess themselves Libertarians, if they woke up tomorrow in a Libertarians' Eden, would very quickly stage an armed revolt. Ron Paul is not your friend or your savior.
June 07, 2008
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