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Islamofascism - Zionofascism - Judeofascism - Christofascism - Neofascism etc.
Thursday, 05 June 2008 11:36
by Zahir Ebrahim

Why this fanatical preference for waging the 'war on terror' against only 'Islamofascism' today? [An earlier version of this essay appeared here.]

Personally, I think that the fanatics of all 'religions' can be equally fascists.

It would not bother me so much if all such 'fundamentalist' fascist fanatics would be thusly labeled using the English language's choicest words, and equitably hung and then burnt at stake as monumental criminals after a stint in Guantanamo Bay with vicious dogs grabbing at their genitals and entirely reenacting for them the barbarisms that transpired in Abu Garib prison for good measure!

However, as a rather straightforward and ordinary Muslim, I do find it deeply offensive that:
a) only uniquely label our 'pirates' thusly disparaging only Islam unjustly after these 'pirates' have been deftly created/nurtured by the 'emperor' and now have germinated,

b) use them as a convenient excuse for "imperial mobilization" in the pretext of fighting an endless "War on Terror" as otherwise, "democracy is inimical to imperial mobilization", and "that exercise requires a high degree of doctrinal motivation, intellectual commitment", including a “sudden threat or challenge to the public's sense of domestic well-being” and “truly massive and widely perceived direct external threat” such as a "new pearl harbor",

c) profound morons on the planet, mostly the educated ones, and almost all of them living in the West - the supposed 'enlightened civilization' - and including some indigenously well placed 'Native Informants', continue echoing 'a', and conveniently ignore 'b' as the proverbial dancing/trumpeting/shitting monstrous elephant right in the nuptial bed that needs 'a' as much as fish need water!

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So to equalize the 'American Primacy and Its Geostrategic Imperatives" on 'the Grand Chessboard', and as a plebeian computer scientist but well versed in identifying the 'most significant bits' of complex issues - just as the old wise man of antiquity, St. Augustine - let's call a spade a spade, shall we?

Fight Zionofascism (fascism of the Zionists – too well known to need an explanation), and Christofascism (fascism of the Evangelical Christians hell bent on bringing on 'Armageddon'), and Judeofascism (fascism of the Jews hell bent on asserting their 'god's chosen peoples' mantra that puts them beyond the pale of ordinary people's morality), and Neofascism (fascism of the neo-cons to conquer the world regardless of the cost to anyone else), and Atheofascism (fascism of godless atheists who seem to be in the majority among the imperialists du jour who play realpolitik with other peoples' blood), and last but not least, Uberfascism (fascism of all the Nietzscheian supermen in all cultures who think they are better than human beings and can run rough-shod upon ordinary mortals as their 'god-given' primacy imperative), in your own backyards in this holy "War on terror" - the 'highest order bits' upon which the real 'page faults' (in computer science geek-speak) - and the threat of 'Islamofascism' 20,000 miles away will automatically melt away without spending an additional dime as the insignificant and dependent 'lower order bit'.

Indeed, 'Islamofascism' will magically disappear from the international scene just as it was deliberately brought into existence by "God on your side" with people in foreign 'suits and ties' as noted in this open letter to the veritable 'ubermensch' Middle East Scholar Daniel Pipes.

Then we shall be left with the more harmless and normative struggle for Renaissance within cultures and societies - a social struggle normal for every generation in every epoch as human beings attempt to keep up with the 'modernity' of their times and continually attempt to overcome their demons of history and its concomitant cultural baggage - as opposed to the fabricated 'synthetic terror' that is criminally and most audaciously being cultivated for "imperial mobilization" today!

To rationally and efficaciously eradicate the synthetic curse of the 'islamofascists' and the attendant suicide bombers, requires first and foremost, to nullify with extreme and ruthless prejudice, its highest level gardeners, and their deliberate aiders and abettors and exponents in all guises. The weeds, without its deft cultivation and nurturing, will die out in due course. It is a monumental crime against humanity to kill the weed with the most inhuman 'shock and awe' and blithely call the shattering of the tabula rasa of innocent civilians surrounding them 'collateral damage', while leaving not only their mastermind covert-patrons to cultivate more, but the very act of 'shock and awe' in itself being its rather obvious deft cultivator. If someone ever kills my loved ones in a 'shock and awe' as 'collateral damage', they better kill me too, or in my abject insanity, I will surely loose my gift of being a human being first and become the worst criminal – an easy recruit for a gardener! Let me know if there is another human being on this planet who would remain immune from such insanity. In the statistical law of large numbers, one can harvest a thousand a day!

And what of the so called 'misanthropic' statements or doctrines in the Islamic scriptures? Well, let's begin with the far more blatantly misanthropic and tortuous content in the Rabbinical Talmudic literature first as noted by the Jewish 'native informants' themselves, shall we? Followed surely by the Zionist and Christian Zionist doctrinal literature of hate and 'Armageddon', and then of course the neo-cons' blatantly chauvinistic 'American Mein-Kampfs' in duplicate and triplicate editions. Surely the Islamic literature must also not escape full-spectrum scrutiny-in-context either. If there are doctrines in 'Islamic' literature which are misanthropic, as in any influential doctrinal system, let's expunge them, for any god that is selective, racist, particularistic, misanthropic, iniquitous, and preaches hateful doctrines of 'primacy' and 'might makes right', can only be man-made and therefore, can easily be eradicated in the 'civilized' modernity du jour!

Thus we should be able to not only equitably excise all such misanthropic garbage in all fascist doctrines - be they emanating from the minds of White House National Security Council, or from the penmanship of imperial thinkers, or the crooked fingers of mullahs, priests, and rabbis and the assorted self-righteous 'ubermensch' deviants of all stripes - but also charge their authors and exponents, whether alive or dead, and whether self-proclaimed prophets, presidents, emperors, professors, editors, think tankers, journalists, or national security advisers, as the worst monumental criminals to ever poison mankind's thoughts and acts and thus accordingly deposit the living among them into Guantanamo Bay with full military 'enemy-combatant' protocol.

For good measure, we can pass equitable global laws outlawing all misanthropic doctrines, be they practiced by the Jews, Christians, Muslims, Atheists, Neo-cons, Hindus, Europeans, Americans, Free Masons, et. al.

Indeed, to equitably identify, adjudicate, and suitably consign all such forms of hateful doctrinal fascism and their fascist exponents who continually hide behind 'legal cover' of powerful nations, a radical free-thinking dialog algorithm is proposed in "Dialog Among Civilizations: Whytalksfail?".

I suspect most everyone with an ounce of moral imagination would subscribe to such equitable distribution of collateral language and agree for a perpetual 'holy jihad' against all fascism. Even the erstwhile ZioNeoConoFascist literati cabal who possess imagination by the bucketful - moral or not - and love 'perpetual war', will surely join in. Nothing inspiringly new or terribly profound here beyond simple self-evident moral truths and obvious empiricism!

And the only point of rehearsing this ad nauseam by the non-fascists is because the manifest Machiavellian deceit is also rehearsed ad nauseam by the 'ubermensch' fascists and their academic exponents who are almost always beyond the pale of any 'earthly' justice system. To take down and refute one sentence of their lie almost takes 10 paragraphs. And they blithely go on synthesizing new ones - as an infinite number of lies are possible on any topic - all it takes is some Straussian imagination. And to bring to book even a single one of these monumental criminals seems to require the 'victors' justice' and an unconditional surrender in an Apocalyptic World War!

Okay, so having done all that hard intellectual work, i.e., dispelled the myths, unraveled the deceptions, and identified all the terror philosophies in ancient texts and their modern exponents, then what? Who will equitably implement the actual excising of these doctrines from among mankind?

We are merely defenseless civilians, we don't possess vast armies of conquest, or even for our self-defense against the fascists, nor 'WMDs', nor other means of initiating détente through any 'MAD' checks! And nor do we have any resources to reach the mainstream audience in the world's most powerful 'populist democracy' who are indeed the accomplice prime-movers of this 'imperial mobilization' by virtue of their zombie-like 'United We Stand' as 'Good Germans' behavior of continually 'looking from the side', as atrocities upon atrocities upon the ordinary 'lesser' human beings continue to mount while the 'populist democracy' stays veritably busy pursuing its "American Dreams"!

So one mostly ends up preaching to the equally impotent choir - with some cheerleading here and there - and then all of us go home after a day's worth of hard loquacious workout on the treadmill of in-efficacious protests as noted in "History is great fun to rehearse - what does it do for us today?" and in this open challenge of courage thrown to Amnesty International, USA.

What has changed since October 7, 2001 when Afghanistan was bombed into pre-history and today 6 years later? Iraq was still bombed in the interim! And this time around, Iran may be bombed with Nuclear Weapons! And us, the so called 'voice of conscience', are still occupied dispelling and unraveling the lies ad infinitum - while Muslims across the world continue to die in large numbers from ZioCon inspired American and British peoples' own horrendous weapons of mass destruction bought and paid for by the American and British tax payers! It's better to not mention the soldiers of economic conscription also needlessly dying at the behest of their masters wrapped in the false flag of patriotism, for they are, after all, bombing and killing another peoples on their own indigenous land and are thus the aggressors. They do have the choice to say no! I'll be content mentioning only their victims, for those are my peoples as human beings first - regardless of their race and religion and nationality.

As per the Nuremberg War Crimes Trials, all blame for aggression, and for “all the evil that follows”, is laid upon those who initiate the first aggression. Yes even under the euphemistic but well worn mantra of “preemptive self-defense” - an idea deftly exploited by Hitler as he went in search and annexation mission for his 'Lebensraum' that caused the destruction of much of Europe, most of it due to Allied bombing of civilian centers to free the European cities from the clutches of the occupiers! Before you send your precious sons and daughters off to fight the fictional “War on Terror” - do remember these veritable lessons of 'victor's justice' subsequently enshrined into International Law not too long ago!

Thank you.  
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rachka said:

That's right brother
I live in Bulgaria bro, stumbled upon your article and read it all.Let there be more people like you write on these matters because you know... it gets read eventually albeit by accident as in my case.I'm not so eloquent as you and many others though I write here and there sometimes thats why I very much like reading such texts and especially if they are on important issues.Good luck, brother!Down with the NWO!They will fail - it's God's will and ours too!
August 30, 2009
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