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A Miscarriage of Birth; a Miscarriage of Justice
Saturday, 17 May 2008 00:31
by William A. Cook
“Bring no more vain oblations; incense is an abomination unto me: the new moons and Sabbaths, the calling of assemblies, I cannot away with; it is iniquity, even the solemn meeting. Your new moons and your appointed feasts my soul hateth. They are a trouble to me; I am weary to bear them; and when ye spread forth your hands I will hide mine eyes from you. Yea! When ye make many prayers, I will not hear. YOUR HANDS ARE FULL OF BLOOD; cease to do evil, learn to do well; seek judgment; relieve the oppressed; judge for the fatherless; plead for the widow.” (Isaiah 1:13-17)

A nation cannot be born in torture and terror and be born whole; it is a deformity of humankind, an abomination that must be cleansed through repentance and reconciliation if it is to join the civilized world. Israel, like the United States before it, will be haunted by its past as the living literature that enshrines it captures the hypocrisy of its public statements even as the truth is unearthed beneath the parks, towns and cities that hide the memories of those it devastated to build a mock nation. The world will see eventually how the public relations and tourism firms gloss the reality of its aborted birth, the tearing of the womb that erupted from the blood of the defeated that were powerless against the terrorist forces that defied the British authorities and the United Nations, a nation conceived in terror and executed in blood as its founders Weizmann and Ben- Gurion promised: “If further action was taken against them (by the British Mandate Government) … to destroy Zionism, then there would be a ‘blood bath’. Nothing could prevent it. … Nobody would be safe in Palestine.” (July 12, 1946, Rhodes Archive Documents). “If need be, we shall take the country by force. If Palestine proves too small — her frontiers will have to be extended” (Ben Gurion, Appendix LVc).

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Thus began the rape of Palestine as the Jewish force entered Deir Yassin, thrusting its power into the defenseless victim, legs wrapped around the town like pinchers, exploding its passion in fires that engulfed every house, destroying any resistence with bullets or blades, slashing innocent mothers and children in a merciless massacre that even Jacques de Reynier of the International Red Cross could not believe when he arrived at the scene greeted by one of the butchers who proudly showed him a knife still dripping with blood. From that assault, the veritable hallmark of Jewish savagery in these early months of its gestation, the seed of Cain entered Palestine only to be torn from its womb, a blighted beast that slithered over the hills and valleys of Galilee devouring 418 towns and villages before it quenched its thirst for Arab blood.

What rage, what passion, what desperate hysteria propelled this convulsive ferocity? Ironically enough, blind mass unbridled insanity is the product of the intelligent mind imposed through fear on those under its control. It is designed, calculated and impervious to feeling, the ultimate weapon of mass destruction wrapped in the armor of indifference to all, brothers and sisters alike. It is the Nazi soldier’s obedience to his Fuhrer’s logical program to cleanse the evil from his country. It is the “Hagana Oath” imposed by the Zionist controlled Consultancy that ruled over the Jews in the 1940s and mapped out a series of planned operations, plans A, B, C and Dalet, to cleanse Palestine of its non-Jewish inhabitants:

“I hereby declare that of my own free will and in free recognition I enter the Jewish defense organization of the Land of Israel. I hereby swear to remain loyal all the days of my life to the defense organization, its laws and its tasks as defined in its basic regulations by the High Command. I hereby swear to remain at the disposal of the defense organization all my life, to accept its discipline unconditionally and without limit, and at its call to enlist for active service at any time and in any place, to obey all its orders and to fulfill all its instructions. I hereby swear to devote all my strength, and even to sacrifice my life, to defence and battle for my people and my Homeland, for the freedom of Israel and for the redemption of Zion” (Appendix XVI A, Rhodes Archive Documents).

Consider the import of this oath on the individual: the very conscience is sucked out of the soul; the last free act of the will has been made to the High Command; absolute obedience in belief and behavior has been sworn forever to those who determine the meaning of Zion. Now exists blind mass unbridled insanity governed by the few zealots that have committed their people to genocide of the Palestinians. In that oath resides self-justification for any act defined by the High Command; individual responsibility has been abrogated to a higher authority; guilt ceases to haunt the soul; no retribution follows; no other authority exists, legal or moral, but the redemption of Zion.

Compare the actions now in place in Gaza, the inevitable consequence of the High Command’s indifference to the Palestinians that, in Plan Dalet, “called for their systematic and total expulsion from their homeland” (Ilan Pappe, The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine, 28). Compare the conditions that faced the American slave before the Civil War to that of the Palestinians living in Gaza now. Americans stood around the scaffold as humans were bought and sold, so much property to go to the highest bidder. But from that point on, the owner bore responsibility for his property with the added protection that state or federal law offered. Under the slave system, the owner benefitted if he protected and cared for his property; while freedom did not exist for the slave, his basic needs had to be met most of the time.

Now stand outside the chain link fences adorned with curled barbed wire that surrounds the people of Gaza; watch as the IDF gatekeepers prevent UN shipments of food and medicine from getting to the people incarcerated in this brutal steel cage; smell the waste that swirls into Gaza from Israeli settlements contaminating the earth, flowing in streets, threatening the weak and the children with disease and death; listen to the missiles soar overhead then slam into an apartment building where a mother and her four children are eating breakfast, then listen to the wail of the neighbors as their bodies are carried from the rubble; listen as the Israeli authorities deny any responsibility for the slaughter and the genocide and then compare this newly designed enslavement of people with that America finally recognized as inhumane in 1860.

These people, the Zionists that compel their people to acts of brutality against their neighbor, to savagery no Jew dedicated to Judaism could or would accept unless imprisoned by fear created by the deranged minds of the “High Command,” obey no laws but their own, heed no voice but their own, respect no people but their own, bear no responsibility for their viciousness, suffer no pangs of conscience, offer no mercy, harbor no regrets, yet demand that all respect their nation as comparable to those that live in peace with their neighbors, demand that all accept their laws over those of the International community, demand that none impose the Geneva Conventions or the Universal Declaration of Human Rights upon their behavior, demand that no human rights violations be visited upon Israel, and demand that all nations understand that Israel and its people are the true victims in this world and that alone justifies any acts it takes against any people or any state. Such is the mind of Cain that believes there is no day of judgment, no judge, no retribution and hence no consequence for blind mass unbridled insanity, the reason Isaiah’s cry rings so true today: your hands are full of blood.

Thank God that a new day dawns as the forces of the true Jewish conscience rise against these oppressors of their ancient values and morals that have sustained them through centuries on every continent and in every country on the planet. Now in Britain and in the US, with those who have joined Harold Pinter and those who have joined the J Street lobby, with those already committed to the Jewish Voice for Peace, with the multitude of groups in Israel and in the United States that have not capitulated to the Zionists’ oath of absolute obedience to the slow, calculated genocide of the Palestinians, we find a revulsion against this inhumanity and a promise that justice at last may prevail.
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