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Part 2: Media Broadcasts PEOPLE'S PARADE At Rose Parade New Years Day
Thursday, 03 January 2008 10:59
by Linda Milazzo

In my article on New Years Eve, the night before the Pasadena Rose Parade and our White Rose Coalition's (WRC) unauthorized PEOPLE'S PARADE FOR DEMOCRACY, I questioned whether media would step up patriotically to broadcast our message to IMPEACH Bush & Cheney and END THE WAR.

We were well aware that media would already be present in huge numbers, since it capitalizes handsomely on Rose Parade revenues every year. But we also knew, through previous disapointments, the difficulty in getting corporate press to broadcast negative public sentiment toward Bush, Cheney, and War. With our Democracy in decline, an immoral war raging on, criminals and cowards controlling our government, and H.R. 1955 and S. 1959 threatening our First Amendment freedoms, our White Rose Coalition believed it had a duty to begin 2008 with the clarion call to Americans that this is the year to RISE UP.

After weeks of strategizing under the inspired and frenetic leadership of Los Angeles National Impeachment Center (LANIC) Director, Peter Thottam, we ventured forward with our action. With visuals in tow, our group of 350 to 400 patriots from a dozen pro-peace/pro-impeachment organizations, embarked on our mission to usher in 2008 with THE WHOLE WORLD WATCHING. Much to the delight of our 2008 White Rose Coalition, a substantial number of media actually did turn out.

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While the coverage was no where near what we would have liked, it exceeded our expectations. Here's the follow-up report to my article: "Will Media Broadcast THE PEOPLE'S PARADE At The Rose Parade New Year's Day?": Prior to the Rose Parade, in the pre-dawn hours of New Years Day, several media outlets showed up to photograph, video and report on our Coalition. Since the giant replica of the Constitution wasn't scheduled to unfurl until during and after THE PEOPLE'S PARADE, the media was on hand to photograph the "incarcerated" chain gang bobbleheads of Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld and Rice.

Below is the youtube news report from Los Angeles Fox (Channel 11) reporter, Elizabeth Espinoza, uploaded by WRC member, Sharona I. Smith. Ms. Espinoza interviewed WRC head organizer, Peter Thottam. Peter is replete with Dick Cheney mask, and holding an IMPEACHMENT banner, alongside CODEPINK co-founder, Jodie Evans.

Other television broadcasters included KTLA (Los Angeles), KNBC (Los Angeles), and more. Unfortunately, the WRC doesn't have a full accounting of all the coverage yet. The 2008 White Rose Coalition would appreciate hearing from anyone who saw a televised broadcast of the PEOPLE'S PARADE, any visibility actions during the Rose Parade, or the Press Conference at Pasadena City Hall.

Here are some photos I took, along with some by Marcy Winograd, and one sent via an email from votetoimpeach.org: WRC members were excited to see an energized dailykos diary with comments posted by Rose Parade viewers who were unaware of the WRC's planned actions. The kossacks bore witness to our members substantial impeachment presence: Votetoimpeach.org, a key player in the impeachment movement, sent out the following email in response to the WRC's actions:
The impeachment movement starts 2008 off right: "We will not rest. With your help, we will continue this historic struggle. The impeachment movement was out in force the first day of 2008. At yesterday's Rose Bowl parade, impeachment activists and supporters came out in full force with banners, and signs, calling for the immediate removal of Bush and Cheney. This was a great action, and a great way to get the message of impeachment out to a broader audience. Surely, many of yesterday's television viewers and parade participants got their first exposure to this movement. They now know that the people of this country can and will make a difference, and not stand idly by as the Bush administration rips the Constitution to shreds."
Kevin Lynn, a WRC member sent out this message with accompanying photos:
"Wow! It was quite a morning at the Rose Parade and one the Whitehouse will not soon forget. Numerous shots of marching bands and floats streaming by the Norton Simon Museum and being beamed to millions of viewers included a large banner with the word IMPEACHMENT on it. Pre and post parade activities were big hits as well. We got plenty of thumbs up, horns honking and people cheering their support as we marched up Colorado Street on the heels of the Rose Parade. Moreover, the media turned out in force to cover the press conference held at the steps of city hall. Congratulations to the White Rose Coalition, the Impeachment Center and all the other groups and individuals that participated."
Finally, here's a link to an article posted right here on AfterDowningStreet by Barbara Cummings, who joined the White Rose Coalition actions all the way from San Diego. On a personal note, as a member of the White Rose Coalition, I want to express my gratitude to my courageous brothers and sisters who worked tirelessly to pull off what many considered impossible. In particular, my appreciation and admiration to Eva, Tobi, Kyle, David, Lionel, John H., John S., Roberta, Robin, Donna, Jerry, Lillian, Theresa, Maureen, Tiffany, Dede, valiant Marcy Winograd, intrepid Cindy Sheehan, force of nature Tighe Barry and brilliant and inspiring, Jodie Evans (my brother and sister in CODEPINK), and hundreds more of the most dedicated patriots I'm fortunate to know. And to you, Peter Thottam, you're a man on a mission who will never travel alone!
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Comments (2)add comment

teeptwo said:

For atheists only?
Congrats on the turnout and the publicity for the impeachment effort. But what's with the visible signs saying "Jesus Kills" and "God Kills"? Do you want to communicate to the American public that pro-impeachment people are atheists? Are you crazy?

In Iowa the big winners are Huckabee and Obama. Both votes are anti-Bush, anti-Washington Establishment votes. You ought to cultivate that big evangelical vote that went for Huckabee, because they are very close to being ready to impeach, even if they are Republicans. And it is very clear that without Republicans on board, the impeachment movement is going to go nowhere.
January 04, 2008
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LindaMilazzo said:

Those signs weren't part of OUR PEOPLE'S MARCH!
In response to teeptwo: The signs you refer to were NOT part of the White Rose Coalition.

After the Rose Parade ends, any group or individual can enter the street to make their statement. The people/person you are referring to (whom I didn't see) was NOT part of our group - but took the opportunity to use the public streets as OUR group did to get his/her message out.

OUR message was two-fold and specific: IMPEACH BUSH & CHENEY and END THE WAR! Other messages during the Rose Parade - and during the PEOPLE'S PARADE after were NOT part of the White Rose Coalition.
January 04, 2008
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