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Hey Media!! Pencils UP For John Edwards!!
Saturday, 29 December 2007 07:03
by Linda Milazzo

Mainstream media's (MSM's) manufactured Presidential campaign, spun by corporate punditz, has been a frustrating slog for John Edwards' supporters. Not because Edwards, himself, is disappointing. Quite the contrary. Edwards' supporters across the nation remain steadfastly loyal to their candidate, and to his unwavering commitment to a pro-PEOPLE/non-CORPORATE America.

It's the corporate media that's the problem. It's the fact that John Edwards is the target of agenda journalism which undermines his popularity and the extent to which his message resonates nationwide.

There are two rationales for MSM's strategy to weaken John Edwards:

One: John Edwards is the avowed enemy of greed-ridden corporations, and promises to end corporate dominance over the lives of Americans.

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: Edwards doesn't cast well in corporate media's electoral theatre. He's unsuitable for their pre-penned Presidential drama, staged in three acts, and performed this past year, this next year, and for years to come in a politically contrived cable & network run.

The theatrical elements of MSM's NON Edwards Presidential "drama" are culturally compelling:

Act One features America's "first ever" minority on minority Presidential primary smack-down. The protagonists - "first ever" viable white female contender, Hillary Clinton, and "first ever" viable black male contender, Barack Obama, duke it out from Iowa to New Hampshire to South Carolina and beyond - until the bruised and battered, albeit historic loser, eventually concedes.

Regardless of which "first ever" prevails in Act One of the Clinton/Obama drama, it's a win-win for corporate media. This is rarefied original theatre, with NO casting opportunity for John Edwards, whose traditional white male candidacy usurps the originality of the best socio-political drama to come along in years.

The instant the "first ever" victor becomes the Democrat's nominee, MSM's Second Act spins into play:

Act Two features the historic matchup of the new "first ever" nominee against the conventional white male nominee of the Republican Party. This plot line serves MSM's selfish corporate interests much more than the conventional white male versus white male plot a John Edwards candidacy would bring.

With the potential so high for extraordinary drama, mainstream media naturally can't allow John Edwards to win.

Despite how strongly Edwards polls against every Republican running, corporate media suppresses the reality of his success. When corporations control the message, they control the campaign. Thankfully Iowa and New Hampshire offer voters an interpersonal experience with the candidates as an alternative to media's concocted view.

In the same way corporate media concocts pop dramas for Britney Spears and Paris Hilton, corporate media concocts political dramas, too. Politics, after all, is infotainment. TMZ equals CNN. Harvey Levin equals Paul Bagala. Ratings trump the national interest, and theatrics trump the truth.

Act Three - the one mainstream media most ambitiously pursues - has been hyped continuously by punditz for the entire past year. For corporate punditz, no political drama could be better than four or eight years starring President Hillary Clinton.

From Big Media's perspective, it doesn't get any better than this.

Mrs. Clinton, one-half of America's most prominent corporate union, is aligned with possibly every corporation in the world through husband Bill's "Clinton Global Initiative" (CGI). Even Rupert Murdoch, Fox's dear leader, is a CGI donor, and a Hillary donor, as well! www.ClintonGlobalInitiative.org

No surprise there!!!

For the beleaguered American people, who have been robbed by corporations for decades, a Hillary Clinton presidency does not "play" very well. The Clintons, who were deemed the Arkansas Hillbillies when they first went to DC, are now the corporate darlings of the Washington elite. It would not benefit America to grant them another Act.

But the scenario that would benefit America is eight years of mature, honest, humane, transparent, insightful, PRESIDENT FOR THE PEOPLE John Edwards.

Were it not for MSM's pre-scripted story line that has punditz pumping Obama & Clinton, those very same punditz would be noting the popularity of John Edwards, and the timeliness and power of his words. They would be discussing Edwards' gravitas and steadfastness, and how he's unflappable in debates and doesn't waver from his message.

Were it not for MSM's pre-scripted story, media punditz would be informing the public of how Edwards doesn't pander, but responds candidly to questions, and admits when he needs to learn more. They would proffer that Edwards would be the President who could resurrect a democracy in decline and right the wrongs of the Presidents he followed.

Those very same punditz would be informing viewers that John Edwards would break the chain of corporate cronyism that has dominated this nation for four consecutive Presidents - from Ronald Reagan to George W. Bush.

And were it not for MSM's pre-scripted story, media punditz would speak of the thoughtfulness of Edwards' policies, and his ability to withstand unspeakable loss and rise back up from it. And they would tell of the way he achieved the American dream, but has never forgotten or forsaken his roots.

If the punditz would tell these truths, they would no longer be referred to as punditz!

A note to mainstream media:

How about dropping the curtain on the Clinton-Obama drama, and setting the stage for John Edwards? THE PEOPLE are done with your theatre of the absurd. If your punditz must do theatre, then make them do it legit!!

Pencils UP for John Edwards!

Author's Note: In writers' jargon, "pencils down" means: STOP WRITING! or DON'T WRITE! "Pencils up" means: WRITE AWAY!
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Tommy said:

Edwards is a servant to capital
I think Edwards' campaign against corporate greed is a lie. Edwards worked for a hedgefund that owned two subprime mortgage companies in 2006, long after anyone who was paying attention knew their was a housing market bubble. Edwards was also a senator when president Clinton had to bail out Long Term Capital Management to prevent the collapse of the financial markets. Edwards could have led the campaign to regulate hedgefunds and tax their managers properly, he could have led the campaign to inform the public about the housing bubble and he could have lent his political capital and celebrity to lead the anti-war movement after losing the vice presidential campaign in 2004. Instead Edwards went to work for a hedgefund. Edwards may have a platform that highlights the need to reign in corporate power and influence, but his behavior indicates he would listen to Citi's Rubin to save the rich at the expense of everyone else. An Edwards' presidency will greatly disappoint progressives, liberals and leftists. In that regard, he is very similar to Clinton and Obama.
December 29, 2007
Votes: +0

Lillian Laskin said:

Progressive Democrat
The question keeps coming up as to why Edwards is either left out entirely or marginalized by the corporate media. Ms Milazzo does an excellent job of explaining this. The Marc Germain show of L.A.'s Air Americ Radio spent time two days in a row recently on this question. It is important that people understand the trepidation of big corporations towards Edwards. Senator Edwards is a populist and ripe to lead a new Progressive Era similar to the one spearheaded by Teddy Roosevelt 100 years ago in reaction to the Robber Barons of The Gilded Age. Corporate America as represented by mainstream media fears he will be another trust buster and champion of the working people, and protector of The Commons. We need a return to respect for our environment, preservation of true competition, diversity and opportunity. John Edwards has been shown in poll after poll to be the one who can best win against any Republican. He appeals to people of the heartland. Having come from poverty, rising to success defending the little guy against big corporations, he represents The American Dream.
December 29, 2007
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jesus reyes said:

I think the term MSM is worse than inaccurate. I have heard Fox News refer to themselves as "Mainstream Media". It implies that all other media including this one is a little suspect.

A more accurate term would be Corporate Media or Commercial Media. I'm sure if you gave it a little thought you could even come up with a better moniker than even these
December 30, 2007
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