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Oh, Little Town of Bethlehem (Revisited)
Sunday, 23 December 2007 20:26
by William A. Cook
Oh, little town of Bethlehem,
How strange you seem tonight!
Above the dark foreboding sky,
The stars now hide their light,
The streets below dare not show
The everlasting light.
What hopes and fears are mingled here,
In dread, this sacred night?

Oh, Christ was born of Mary
So many years ago,
While mortals sang of peace on earth
On lonely hills below.
But, now, I hear no songs
Proclaim the holy birth;
No praises sing to God the King,
There is no peace on earth!

Beyond the town, the Wall surrounds
The people bound within;
The soldiers cry and curse the sky
To scoff the Joy He’s giv’n.
Upon the Wall, in colors bright,
They paint, “Peace,”to ridicule
The King of Peace, the Son of God,
To mock Him as the fool!

Oh, Holy Child of Bethlehem
Where are your children now?
Why have they fled this holy place
Where Christ was born, this town,
So dear to all, where peace and love
Reside, as Jesus taught,
In friend and foe alike,
The source of Peace above?

Oh, do not ask my little child
If you would know the truth!
For those who built this wall of hate
Know nothing of God’s worth;
They only know the oppressor’s boot,
The savage cry, the raised salute!
No angel voices sing in Bethlehem,
No glad tidings tell,
Yet, my God, I plead with you,
Send us Immanuel!

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