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Dissent or Disgrace: The Only Choice Left for Americans
Saturday, 27 October 2007 11:07
by Chris Floyd

My final guest-blog for Glenn Greenwald is now up at Salon.com: Dissent or disgrace. As EB readers might recognize, it's an extrapolation of themes I've sounded here many times before, but I wanted to lay it out before a wider audience while I still had the platform of the Salon gig. Anyway, here's an excerpt:

Every day it becomes clearer that Thoreau's answer is the only basis for a genuinely effective resistance to the accelerating depredations of the Bush-Cheney regime. Disassociation, boycott, filibuster, strike — call it what you will, but the Gandhian tag might be the best: "non-cooperation with evil." The corruption and authoritarian tyranny that the regime has imposed on the nation are evil. The war of aggression it has launched against Iraq is evil. The war of aggression it is fomenting against Iran is evil. If you would not be complicit in evil, then you must not cooperate with it, and you must not acknowledge its power as rightful or legitimate (however powerless you may be to resist its application by brute force)...

Thus impeachment is not a "distraction" from efforts to end the war in Iraq, or stop a new war with Iran, or quell the vast and sickening corruption of the regime. It is their prerequisite. And even if impeachment is "politically impossible in the present circumstances," as Bush enablers like the pusillanimous Nancy Pelosi likes to tell us, it should be shoved to the forefront of national debate nonetheless. Let us have a "constitutional crisis;" let us bring our festering sickness to a boil. Let's lay it all out, and let people declare once and for all where they stand. Are you for the republic, or do you hold with tyranny, torture and mass murder? Let's draw the line at last, and be done with all pretense...

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P. Crosby said:

The only way the majority of people in America are going to seriously sit up and recognise evil in their own backyard is when the pain and suffering is going to hit home. A major economic slow down equilivant to the great deppression or worse is the only chance Americans have of bringing this tyrannical government down.
We are competitors in a society which has driven people away from each other which has had major ramification on the way communities function at the lower or higher ends of society.
People will not see an evil establishment unless their living standards have depleated enough for them to protest.
October 27, 2007
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Kai said:

P. Crosby, I wholeheartedly agree. Only when the uber-rich see a threat to their McMansions, SUV's, and couture spending sprees, will they start to take responsibility for their democratic rights. As long as there is plenty of money and media to distract people from the truth, they will pretend that things are fine-n-dandy. Only when the top 5% experience what it's like to live at the bottom 95% will positive and permanent change come.
October 29, 2007
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