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American Mob: Bush's Guns, Goons and GHOULiani In The Wings
Tuesday, 09 October 2007 03:05
by Linda Milazzo
Life was easy for George W. Bush. Fortunately so. As an unspectacular man, his only gift was his privilege. Without it, he would never have risen to the top. He's no John Edwards, who rose from poverty to a successful law career, and on to the US Senate. He's no Obama, who taught Constitutional Law, and went on to the US Senate. Absent his privilege, life would have been much different for incurious, obsessive, less-than-average George W. Bush.

Aside from his incurious nature, compulsions and recklessness, what's most sad about Bush is his lack of compassion. He's loyal - but just to his famiglie (families) - his blood family, and the non-blood enablers around him. He's simplistic, self-righteous and rigid. Even in matters of life and death, he lacks an inner-compassionate guide. He's a mobster. A sociopath. He lies, cheats and uses any means to achieve his goals - dismissive of the cost. (How to judge a sociopath)

As Governor, Bush holds the all time record for executions. In six years, 152 men and women died on his command. As Texas executioner, he was prolific. As America's executioner, he's genocidal. Since becoming president, hundreds of thousands have died on his command. Like any 'capo' (mob head), he merely orders the killing. Consistent with his lifetime, others do it for him. He didn't depress the syringes in Texas. He doesn't depress the triggers in Afghanistan and Iraq. Like 'capi' of old (mob heads), he just calls the shots. He's the 'capo di tutti capi' (the boss of all bosses) of America's mob - the Bush American government.

Unlike the other mob, the Bush mob fears no reprisal. With compliant Legislators and a compliant Court, he controls the laws of the nation. He commands HIS armies like a capo of old. They serve HIS purpose and HIS purpose alone. HIS generals do HIS bidding. They fight for HIM. They speak for HIM. Their salutes are akin to a kiss on HIS hand when dismissed to do HIS bidding.

On the homefront, capo Bush feigns protection and makes his people pay. They pay with their taxes that he uses at will. They pay with their freedoms that he controls at will. HIS FBI is data mining those who have opposed him. Patriots are persecuted more vehemently every day. This week, CODEPINK's Medea Benjamin and former Diplomat Ann Wright were forbidden to enter Canada for the audacity of challenging Bush. HIS mob rule extends far beyond our borders. It imperils the entire world.

Beyond the FBI, CIA and uniformed military who believe they are acting as government, America's capo employs specialists who "know" they are really the mob. They are mercenaries and assassins, organized by 'caporegimi' (crew captains) like Erik Prince of Blackwater USA. They do the "special" jobs. Until this week, they operated entirely sans retribution. But miraculously, the typically compliant Congress voted to oversee their activities, much to the chagrin of capo Bush and consigliere Cheney. Erik Prince, after all, is a member of their 'famiglia.'

On the lowest end of capo Bush's famiglia are the 'picciotti' - the little men. The little foot soldiers of low skill and minor importance. For capo Bush, 'picciotti' are groups like The Gathering of Eagles and Rolling Thunder - fanatical war-hawks who support HIS every cause. Time-warped Vietnam vets seeking vengeance against a nation that disrespected them years ago. What they fail to understand is that current society has righted that wrong. What negativity was dealt them then, is now gratitude for their service. Unfortunately, they are intellectually impenetrable and incapable of accepting this fact.

Like our military serving today, those who served in Vietnam were victims of government gone awry. Rather than directing their anger toward those who made the policy that abused them, the 'picciotti' Eagles direct their virulence toward those who advocated FOR the military then, and who advocate FOR the military now. Their rhetoric is hateful. Rather than helping those trying to pull our troops from harm, they fight violently to keep our troops in danger's way. Rather than accepting the olive branch of respect the peace movement offers, they play lowly 'picciotti' instead. Though not directly on the government's payroll, they hold 501(c)(4) status, financed by supporters of capo Bush.

Here is the youtube link to 'picciotte' Eagles Director of Operations, Chris Hill's 9/15/07 hate-rant at his little 'picciotti' rally. Hear him admit to harassing CODEPINK:

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While the war on Iraq slogs on, the more polarized America's pro-peace and pro-war factions have become. As the pro-peace numbers grow, the pro-war-ers get ever more desperate. The 'picciotti,' like Gathering of Eagles, are succumbing to the frustration. At the September 15th pro-peace march, they were outnumbered (as usual) one-hundred to one. In an act of unconscionable cowardice, they viciously attacked GoldStar father, Carlos Arredondo. They grabbed the photo of Carlos' son Alex, a Marine who was killed in Iraq, and tore the photo to shreds. When Carlos attempted to retrieve it, the 'picciotti' Eagles beat him to a pulp.

This deviant violence perpetrated on Carlos brands them forever as hideous and sadistic. Carlos Arredondo has dedicated his life to perpetuating the memory of his son through gentility and grace. As some may recall, the day Carlos was informed that Alex was killed, Carlos set himself on fire. Carlos' journey back has been long and painful. His salvation is fueled by his dream of peace - yet his life could have been ended by those who propagate a violent and vicious world. They are the chirping 'picciotti.' Carlos is the EAGLE THAT SOARS. http://www.thenation.com/doc/20060508/richards

As the reign of George W. Bush draws to a tragic end, I believe Giuliani is Bush's desired replacement. They are the most alike. Giuliani - or GHOULiani as I prefer to say - has a mobster mentality. He has a capo brain. I know his type quite well. He wasn't a mayor, he was a Don. He's obsessed with power, and decidedly more dangerous than Bush. While some may call him the 9/11 candidate, he is more accurately the tyrannical candidate. While some may say he quashed organized crime in New York, he more accurately used his own crime mentality to subvert an organization that stood in his way. An organization he knew very well.

To put it mildly, Rudolph Giuliani is Michael Corleone in Freddo's body. He's suited for the Baddabing - not for the West Wing. With a Giuliani presidency, the heavy hand of America would bash in the heads of the world. 'Picciotti' would be everywhere. 'Caporegimi' would be everywhere. Bernie Keriks would be everywhere. Every general would kiss his hand. Every Legislator would live in fear. Americans would relinquish their freedoms, and dictatorship would prevail.

Down with the 'picciotti.' Down with the 'caporegimi.' Down with the 'consigliere.' Down with the 'capo di tutti capi.' Restore our democracy. It's time to end mob rule!
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