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The Major Revolutions
Sunday, 23 September 2007 21:16
by Dr. Paul J. Balles

From nomads to farmers to assembly line workers to computer operators — these revolutions sketch the history of mankind at work.

They were major revolutions. Political and military revolutions have been miniscule by comparison. Although the American, French, Russian and Chinese revolutions changed governments, they didn’t change the nature of men and women. The big revolutions did.

The significant revolutions started with the one that transformed man from a nomadic hunter to a settled farmer. In The Hunting Hypothesis, Robert Ardrey wrote,: 
“Man is man, and not a chimpanzee, because for millions upon millions of evolving years we killed for a living.”
Between 5,000 and 10,000 years ago, a number of revolutionaries took us from killing in the wild to domesticating animals behind our fences and with our new crops to feed the goats, sheep and cattle we had become used to eating when we were nomads.

Should anyone doubt, then, the rationale — conscious or otherwise — behind the settling of a modern nomadic people in a place where their tribe’s earlier wanderers came and went as hunters?

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Thus, according to Jewish writer Ami Isseroff:
The kibbutz collective settlements were started as a practical method of settling Jewish laborers on the land and overcoming the preferences of plantation owners for Arab labor. … The kibbutz movement was to become the backbone of Labor Zionism in Palestine, and eventually provided political and military leadership.
The second major revolution moved people from the farms to the industries of the cities. Echoes of the industrial revolution followed in the Palestinian territory now occupied by Zionists. Sons of Ashkenazi Jews migrated to Israel, bringing the skills of the Industrial Revolution that had developed in Europe.

Edward Abbey pinpointed the essential danger of the industrial revolution:
"The industrial way of life leads to the industrial way of death. From Shiloh to Dachau, from Antietam to Stalingrad, from Hiroshima to Vietnam and Afghanistan, the great specialty of industry and technology has been the mass production of human corpses."
The Zionists quickly learned how to use the products and tools of the industrial revolution to arm themselves and to use the message of Dachau to attract the funds they needed to develop the 5th strongest military might on the planet, including a stockpile of more than 200 nuclear weapons of mass destruction.

The rest of the world sleeps apathetically or engages in its own brand of death dealing, or it swims in the sea of computers created by the third major revolution. The computers, programmed and ready for the call of their masters, await the signal for Armageddon to begin.

Dr Elias Akleh has written:

The present American administration is an extremist theocratic apocalyptic neoconservative Christian-Zionist war mongering law-breaking power hungry administration with a bragging “war president” adopting the doctrines of “pre-emptive” strikes and perpetual war against “global terror”. This war will take place far away from the American home-land, and will generate large profits for the American military corporations.

“Shock and awe” campaigns are children of the computer revolution. The missiles and bombs are guided by computers. Attack planes and defense systems run on computers. Millions of Iranians are no more than images on the computer screens of the Israeli Defense Force and the US Pentagon.

The leaders of the world, who play with humanity like destructive children at war games, get up from their computers, count their own dead, and rub their tired eyes as they fall into comfortable beds, none the wiser, none the better off, yet feeling smug.
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