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Please, Sir, May I Have Another? Surrender Monkeys on Parade
Friday, 07 September 2007 10:14

There is really nothing to say about this that we haven't said a hundred times before, except perhaps this small observation:

Why say the Democrats are newly willing to "compromise" on Iraq? When exactly have they not been willing, even eager, to support — and extend — the war of aggression in Iraq?

As for the substance of the story, it's not worth the slightest attention. Who on God's earth could possibly care about the mental dribblings of such wet rags as Carl Levin and Harry Reid, as they discuss their "strategy" for further capitulation?  We've said it before here, many times, but we'll say it again because it remains the truth — the only description for these poltroons is that given by the Emperor Tiberius to a similar bunch of toadies in the Roman Senate: "Men fit to be slaves."

But hey, let's not be completely grim. We have made some progress since those ancient days of endless war on the imperial frontiers — our Senate has women fit to be slaves, too!

Meanwhile, for more on another reason why the Democrats continually cave in on issues of vital national interest — besides the fact that they are wet rags fit to be slaves, that is — see this fascinating and erudite piece by Jon Schwarz:

Democrats And The Iron Law Of Institutions

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a guest said:

A warning to Hillary supporters
A warning to Hillary supporters

By: Jesse Hemingway

I need some help here; is thought control by the Democrats political correct while any other is fascist? I was listening to the Ring of Fire radio show yesterday 9/8/07 Robert F. Kennedy, Mike Papantino, and John Morgan exposed Hillary in Hillary Clintons own words "my mind is liberal and my heart is conservative" what does that mean?

That tells me volumes about Hillary Clinton I knew she was a poser but to be that fraudulent about your convictions. She is the front runner in big corporation financial contributions and that is it; the commercial media is spinning Hillary like the rest of the propaganda such as WMD’s and the rest of the lies over the last 6 years. Rupert Murdock has more access to this fraud then we the people. Yet the Democratic Party has such a big tent until you start shining a little light on the chosen goddess. Right now, I just heard Bill Kristol as I am writing this refer to Hillary Clinton as the next President.

In the words of Dick Cheney to Vermont Senator Patrick Leahy I say the same to Hillary Supporters go F$KKK your selves.
September 09, 2007 | url
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