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Neoconservatism - Fascist Zionism
Monday, 20 August 2007 14:41
by Peter Chamberlin

We are about to start a conflict extending from Lebanon to Iran, to eliminate Israel's enemies. Don't we owe it to those who are about to die at our hands to learn whether Israel planned these wars for us? Is the government correct, that Iran is really fomenting these wars, or are they just being blamed for them, because of successful Israeli false flag operations, which were designed to pull the US into destroying all of Israel's threatening neighbors? If the answer is the latter, then how far did Israeli covert efforts go in to forcing us into solving their wars? Would that mean that the Israelis were the invisible element in the 9/11 demolition? Or could it be that there was a dedicated hardcore Zionist-American faction, which undertook the dirty treasonous act on Israel's behalf? Were the neocon plotters, specifically, the "Wolfowitz cabal," responsible for this "false flag" terror attack?

There is a lot of information floating around on the web about Mossad involvement in covert terrorist elements in these hot spots (many of them blamed on associates of Al Qaida). The Mossad has even been linked to death squads in Iraq and in Kurdestan, in apparent efforts to ignite religious civil strife and interstate conflict within Muslim populations. Is Israel behind the "Al Qaida-linked" terrorists who are igniting the Lebanese conflict, or are these really the efforts of the American/Saudi "Welch group?"

We know that Hamas is a creation of Mossad, creating it to one day foment a Palestinian civil war, in order to eliminate prospects of a diplomatic solution to the conflict. Today we see this same policy playing-out in a reversal strategy, where Israel turns against its creation, Hamas, to support the remnants of its former adversary, the PLO. Did this long-term Israeli strategy to ignite intra-Islamic civil wars extend beyond the occupied Palestinian territories?

Reports circulate of Mossad involvement in the training and arming of anti-Shiite warriors in Iraq and Kurdestan, to launch terrorist attacks in Iran. Most of these reports have extended from Seymour Hersh's research in his expose' on American sponsoring of those terrorists in "The Redirection." Was Hersh's expose' of the operation a part of the operation, intended to warn as well as to agitate the American and Iranian people? If there really is an Israeli plot to psychologically manipulate the American government into untenable situations, meant to force war upon us, then are not the American people also targets of this PSY-ops?

Is the ongoing standoff between America and Iran that is taking place over the issue of Iran's nuclear program, really because "the two countries accuse each other of or because of Israeli PSY-ops programs to make them believe that this is true? Is it coincidence that America and Iran are at each other's throats in these countries, even though they share many of the same goals in them? In Iraq, they both support the Maliki government's efforts to stabilize Iraq, but not if Iraqi security means helping their adversary. Or has Israel maneuvered both America and Iran into this fight over the things they agree upon?

The only evidence on Iran's alleged nuclear weapons program comes from the terrorist organization, Mujahadeen-e-Khalq. Mossad is deeply involved with MEK, training them in Iraq, to attack targets inside of Iran. According to former weapons inspector Scott Ritter, the "evidence" on Iran's nuclear program (given by the MEK) actually came from the Mossad, to be passed to the MEK by neocon Michael Ledeen.

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Ledeen is a hardcore Zionist with a long history with Israel. He has been implicated in other incidents of falsifying intelligence to ignite wars (Niger yellow cake forged documents and an associate of Ahmed Chalabi). He was a key player in the Iran/contra incident, and was a student of fascism in Italy, where he acquired his beliefs for his book "Universal Fascism" (fascism with the anti-Semitic components removed). Ledeen's links to Italian fascism extended to his association with the "strategy of tension" and the creative use of terrorism and false flag-type operations (Operation Gladio) to use fear to manipulate public opinion, in order to achieve their fascist dominated world.

Ledeen is the one hardcore Zionist/fascist who appears to link the neocon conspiracy to the secret government rogue network associated with the Iran/contra conspirators. Ledeen's connections with these Italian fascist false flag operations and the Iran/contra secret government group makes him a prime candidate as one of the principle organizers of the 9/11 parallel attack operation. Ledeen, along with Wolfowitz, Feith and Perle, had been named by former Sec. Defense Caspar Weinberger as part of the "X Committee," which was under investigation for allegedly passing top secret intelligence to Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard. Ledeen's Zionist/fascist views had been shaped by George Mosse - "a German Jewish emigré, who had been on good terms with such Nazi leaders as Joseph Goebbels and Herman Goering... who would become Ledeen's teacher at the University of Wisconsin, taught that...Western countries had been suffocated and could only be revived through Fascism or Nazism..."

The Wolfowitz faction of the fascist plot were philosophers, who believed in their noble mission to dominate the world for its own good. Their concept of the strategic "noble lie" became a cornerstone of the Bush neocon political philosophy and the disinformation policies that flowed from it. Wolfowitz and most of the neocons learned from Leo Strauss, who was a German Jew in the early Hitler era and a "protégé and enthusiastic promoter of the ideas of two leading intellectual figures of the Nazi Party: existentialist philosopher...Martin Heidegger; and Nazi jurist Carl Schmitt, who wrote the legal opinion justifying Adolf Hitler's February-March 1933 post-Reichstag Fire dictatorial putsch."

Like Mosse, Strauss was a hardcore believer in a fascist form of Zionism.

Between Ledeen and the Wolfowitz cabal, radical Zionism gave birth to an American form of fascism, which was dedicated completely to the darkest tenets of the global Zionist conspiracy, to dominate the world using every means possible. This group of conspirators were followers of radical Zionist Zeev Jabotinsky and were closely associated with his legacy, the Betar organization . According to Jabotinsky,

"Betar signifies a generation that dedicates its life to the sole idea of a Jewish State, without recognizing any other ideals... Our aim is to make Betar such a world organism which, at a sign from the center, will be able simultaneously to move tens of thousands of hands in the cities of all countries... to make Eretz Yisrael the leading state of the civilized world, a country the customs and laws of which are to be followed by the whole universe."

Jabotinsky's IRON WALL doctrine is the basis for the militant Israeli policies of terrorizing the Palestinians, in order to break their will to resist, teaching them the brutal lesson that resistance against the IDF is futile. Once the Palestinians learn the hopelessness of their situation, he theorized, they would accede to Israeli demands, based on the false hope of not being pushed out of Palestine altogether.

The evidence appears to confirm that on Sept. 11 there were two terror attacks, disguised as one. The Israeli secret services, or the neocon cabal directing the secret CIA rogue group, sandwiched secondary attacks and explosives into al Qaida's operations in New York. The timing of the attacks was coordinated with intel made possible by the neocon network, using knowledge gained from Ali Mohamed connections. The separate attack upon the Pentagon was probably all the work of the parallel operation. The unknown is the extent of the neocon penetration into the Israeli government, or their involvement in the Israeli end of the plot to use the terror attacks to Israeli/neocon advantage. One thing we do know, is that the testimony of the infamous "dancing Israelis" of 9/11 revealed that there were Israelis who knew precisely when the attack was going to take place - "our purpose was to document the event."

Further evidence shows that the Naval Operations Center in the Pentagon, that took a direct hit on 9/11, was the central location of all the material associated with the Jonathan Pollard Israeli spy ring, which had implicated the X Committee suspects. Does this further implicate Israel, or the neocon plotters, or both? Because of the involvement of the Wolfowitz cabal (through the Office of Special Plans disinformation operation) and the Ledeen connection to Ahmed Chalabi and the fabricated Niger yellow cake documents (in addition to Ledeen's implication in the Operation Gladio terror campaign) the complicity of the neocon plotters in fabricating the evidence used to justify the Iraq war can no longer be in doubt. The weight of the circumstantial evidence and the gravity of the crimes that they are accused of, demands further investigation by the Justice Dept.

Further investigations will likely prove that the neocon objective (in addition to their Zionist ambitions) in engineering the Iraq war and the implications of their potential involvement in the attacks that started the war on terrorism, was to create the condition of perpetual war that would justify the destruction of democracy and the creation of the American fascist state. "Mistakes" in the Iraq war were most likely made intentionally, to establish a state of constructive chaos there, regardless of the cost in American and Iraqi lives. This is treason at its worst. Everyone associated with these intentional mistakes must be made to answer in American courts for treason, stemming from the murder of American soldiers.

If Israeli participation in the attacks is proven, then they would be obviously guilty of acts of war against the United States of America.
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a guest said:

The LaRoucheites?!
One of the embedded URL links (see the note on George Mosse, a neo-marxist scholar on National Socialism) is a real howler. as evidence the author relied on this from the LaRoucheites! http://www.larouchepub.com/oth..._iran.html
September 06, 2007
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