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You Boobs - News For Real
Monday, 30 July 2007 22:20
by Stephen P. Pizzo

Casual Comments Division

Republican candidates are terrified at the prospect of having to answer questions from the very people they wish to govern. They have become accustomed to phony "debates" they control, debates moderated by the usual suspects -- milquetoast media journalist-performers employed by MSM.

Rudolph Giuliani and Mitt Romney said they are "concerned" that the questions posed in such an open forum as YouTube, tend to be "beneath the dignity," of a presidential-level debate.

(So, let me get this straight; they want to lead us, they just don't want to have to "lower" themselves to our level. I get it.)

Conservatives have already created safe (fact-free) havens in cyberspace for themselves by creating alternative sources such as Conservapedia.com and their own Conservative version of YouTube.

Maybe they should just switch the GOP YouTube debate to one of their Ministry of Mediocrity-approved cyber venues. Where they these GOP delicate, hot-house flower-candidates can get the kind of "respectful" -- boot-licking -- questions that are in cadence with their scripted, mind-numbing, information-free, guaranteed-not-to-offend, talking points.

Anyway, watch now while the RNC tries to strong-arm CNN into toning down the kinds of questions you are allowed to ask these thin-skinned little bastards. You might want to warn CNN that if they cave in and let GOP candidates shape their YouTube debate that we will NOT be amused. Oh, and that we know how to use YouTube to make CNN wish they hadn't.

Will the GOP YouTube Debate Be Postponed?
(From: Washington Post 7/30)

The GOP version of the CNN/YouTube debate is still scheduled for Sept. 17, but may be moved to a later date.

CNN spokeswoman Mara Gassman says CNN's Washington bureau chief and debate executive producer David Bohrman is talking with the Republican presidential campaigns about scheduling issues.

Gassman could not say more beyond issuing a statement from Bohrman: "We're working with the campaigns to resolve any scheduling issues."

Some news Web sites stated this weekend that the debate is being moved to a later date, and Ron Paul's blog says it's being moved to December.

The possible postponement follows an announcement from Mitt Romney this past week that he planned to skip the debate. The former Massachusetts governor told C-SPAN on Friday that he would not attend the debate because the Democratic version did not show proper respect to the presidential selection process. Romney was particulary concerned that one of the user-submitted questions (on the environment) came from a snowman. But now Romney is in discussions with CNN about attending. Rudy Giuliani has expressed similar concerns, and has suggested he may also snub the debate.

Regardless of what the candidates say, the Republican Party of Florida still backs the debate. "This debate is an unprecedented opportunity for people in Florida and across the nation to ask the Republican presidential candidates where they stand on the issues," state party chairman Jim Greer said Friday. "It is also evidence of Florida's growing and prominent role in the 2008 presidential election cycle, and we are excited to partner with the campaigns, CNN, and YouTube to bring the Republican presidential candidates to viewers across America."

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