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Nuclear Exchange: Scooter Goes Free, World Gets Screwed
Tuesday, 03 July 2007 08:14

by Chris Floyd

President Bush Commutes Libby's Sentence (WP)

Scooter Libby kept the code of omerta; now he gets his payoff. He'll be a well-paid martyr of the militarist Right for the rest of his days. Bush and Cheney will be in the clear for this particular act of treason on their part. And the spread of nuclear weapons around the world will continue, with America's counterproliferation operations shredded by Scooter and Cheney for Bush's political gain.

And on the very day that Scooter gets his prize for torpedoing Valerie Plame's undercover operation, the NYT reports that Pakistan's A.Q. Khan, proliferator for profit, is now "virtually a free man," with most of the restrictions placed on him for peddling nuclear death having been lifted by Bush's close friend and ally, the dictator Pervez Musharraf.

But hey, what's more important: the vastly increased prospect of mass death in any number of future hot spots all over the world -- or the fact that L'il Scooter won't have to spend any time showering with Negroes and other riff-raff in prison? The President's answer is clear.

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