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Monday, 02 July 2007 08:51
by Peter Chamberlin

The anti-war movement has made itself heard. When key Republican Senators and top generals admit that time is nearly up for Bush in Iraq, you know that everyone who is involved in prolonging the farce is thinking about covering their own behinds. According to Sen. Voinovich, if Bush wants to avoid being forced by the people into making a "precipitous withdrawal" then he must begin a "responsible military disengagement." Gen. Petraeus himself worries that the political clock in Washington will run out before the "Baghdad clock" really gets ticking.

The worse the war gets, the more people come over to us, from the dark side. (And all of us know by now just how nasty the worst of those on the dark side can be, when confronted with truth). In the political struggle we are in to fight militarism, it is realism that determines who is the real patriot and who is guilty of supporting treason. It is treason that is the real issue here, isn't it? At least that is what they are accusing us of. If the national leadership is undermining the Constitution and starting illegal wars in direct opposition to the will of the American people, then are those not treasonous acts that should be opposed by every patriot? Shouldn't "Operation Northwoods" have been considered an act of treason by this same standard?

The power of the anti-war movement today, as in all times, is found in the motivation of the patriots in the movement. When the McCarthyites call us traitors and fifth columnists, for speaking out against the failing "war on terror," we know the truth. We know why we have volunteered for this abuse. We know that we have all shared a common thought that makes us take this stand, in saying NO MORE WAR! When we opened our eyes to the things that our government had been doing in our name, we knew that we couldn't let them do that to our country. We couldn't let them do that to us. If you are still proud to be an American (after all the wrongful killing that has been done and is yet to be done) and if you love this Republic and all the good things that have been entrusted to us, then you must oppose these illegal wars. All patriots have a duty to posterity to oppose the destruction of our Constitution and the unprovoked nuclear war, for which it is being destroyed.

The bi-partisan effort to enable this new genocidal war is proof that, despite all the rhetorical empty unkept promises that the "new Democrats" have made, they have no intention of either ending the Iraq war, or in stopping the new war with Iran. The greatly-hyped "withdrawal" was a publicity stunt; they never intended for us to leave. There is only one political party in America, the war party, the party of the empire-builders. Speaker Pelosi and front-runner Hillary have clearly demonstrated the validity of this charge. All Democratic candidates for president have embraced the Republican/Israeli lobby position, that "all options are on the table," for forcing Iran to accept Bush's demands. All Republican candidates (except for Ron Paul) have expressed the concept of an unprovoked military assault (read: nuclear first strike) against Iran, to enforce the will of the neocon "master race."

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The war party is deeply entrenched in all the seats of power. Logic would dictate that our solution might be the formation of an antiwar party, if the afore-mentioned war clocks were not rapidly ticking-down to the zero hour. Organization of such an effort would take years and millions of dollars in nonexistent funding. What we need is an "antiwar," a non-violent struggle to negate the drive to war, by destroying the credibility of the lies that the war party feeds on. Our aim must be to make the American people remember the historical truths behind the war on terrorism and to speak with one voice, to create an awareness of the monstrous natures of the closet fascists who force these unwanted wars upon us, against our wills. We must temporarily put aside all the other protests and struggles that keep us apart, until this impending national catastrophe is averted.

Exposing the secret (forgotten) CIA history of creating and supporting the global network of radical Islamists (terrorists), while tying it to the Bush resurgence of these failed policies in its covert war against Iran, should be much easier now that the agency has recently released its own secret history ( Crown Jewels ) of illegal acts committed before 1973. Showing what they are capable of in their own words, and comparing it to a revival of those same tactics today, will reveal just how much "terrorism" is really retaliation for our own attacks, consequences of secret war policies run amok. If we can raise awareness about what has been done, then we can begin to build a consensus about the war reconstruction that must be done (after the wars stop) to attempt to make things right.

Discussion of de-classified military documents, like "Operation Northwoods," will reveal the "rogue" element within our military leadership, who have openly planned the murder of American servicemen and other citizens, in order serve as provocation for destroying Cuba. The fact that some of the scenarios in Northwoods mirror the 911 plots described by conspiracy theorists gives added credence to charges that "rogue" elements within the military and secret services worked with, or used al Qaeda terrorists on September 11.

This will rip open the curtain of silence and denial that the other perpetuators of 911 still hide behind, making more people susceptible to hearing the ugly truth of treason.

We fight the rush to make war against Iran, by pursuing this line of reasoning further, to tie it all together in the ongoing covert war against Iran (that ABC News and Seymour Hersh) reported for every blind/deaf American to witness). We follow that trail of evidence to efforts by Cheney's minions in Pakistan, Lebanon, Gaza, Iran, and even in Iraq, to ignite the small wars that are intended to lead us into a regional religious civil war, serving as provocation to attack Iran.

In all of this, we have to draw attention to the efforts of the Israeli lobby to cause this conflagration. Protests and boycotts against Israeli dominance of America's foreign policy apparatus must be organized across the country, in order to demonstrate to Israel the high price it will pay if it launches this war on its own, forcing us to finish it for them.

The danger with such protests is that they will probably provide the government with the justification that it is waiting for to initiate the detention programs and martial law that lie waiting in the wings. Even if strict order is maintained at these peace rallies, there will always be anarchists or agent provocateurs who can be counted on to provide the spark. Up until now, the administration has allowed the antiwar movement to continue, relatively unhindered, because our agitation has somewhat served their purposes — to make the Iranians very frightened. (Hyping threats and manufacturing fear is something the Bush team is very adept at.) The theory is that the greater the protests, the more likely it is that Iran's leaders will believe that an attack is imminent. American protests serve administration interests, no matter whether that intent is to frighten Ahmadinejad into submitting to our demands, or to prod him into reacting violently; either way, the peace movement is being used to agitate for war.

If a genuine grass roots "antiwar" is ignited, then we will be walking a tightrope over an abyss. If we become more of a threat to the master planners than Iran is a nuisance to them, then our own freedom will be in jeopardy . But then, if you think about it, we are all already in that heightened state of danger for having taken the stand against untrammeled power that brought us to this point in the first place.

There are two possible outcomes on this road we travel at our own risk — Bush wins, or we win. If Bush pulls off this coup, he will become dictator for life and there will be no elections next year, nuclear devastation will be visited upon large portions of the Middle East and the world economy will be in shambles. If we stop this war, then we will have a chance to elect an actual patriot in 2008, Ron Paul. There are no other candidates who can be described as selfless patriots, in either party.
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a guest said:

Ron Paul? Great idea, throw your vote away.
July 02, 2007
Votes: +0

a guest said:

Ron Paul is the only choice...
Unless you want more of the same power-mongering corporate servitude that has infested the White House for decades. I'd rather not vote than vote for any of the other clowns running. A vote for them is one that is thrown away to the status quo.
July 02, 2007
Votes: +0

a guest said:

If you vote for a US president because you think the person will win and that person does win the election, you automatically get a free kitchen appliance in the mail. Usually, it is small, like a toaster, but at least you win something. If you vote for somebody you want for president, and that person does not win, you will not win a toaster. You will be throwing your vote away. The only way to get a toaster is to guess who is going to win and to vote for that person.
July 02, 2007
Votes: +0

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