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The Internet Is The Voice Of The People: SAVE NET NEUTRALITY!!
Thursday, 14 June 2007 10:41
by Linda Milazzo

Yesterday Senator John Kerry joined the effort to save Net Neutrality by delivering a letter to FCC Chairman, Kevin Martin, in which Kerry stated:

"Nearly 60% of the country does not subscribe to broadband service — in large measure because it is either unavailable or unaffordable... For years, we have heard that a third technology would emerge to compete head-to-head with DSL and cable modem. It has not yet materialized, and today Americans pay as much as 10 times more than broadband consumers in Asia and Europe. Worse still, competition has been insufficient to drive the innovation that brings faster speeds, next generation application and a richer, diverse and multifaceted Internet."

There is no time to waste. We must ACT NOW if we want to protect Net Neutrality. Tell your story to the FCC about why Net Neutrality must be saved. We must act by June 15th!! Go to SavetheInternet.com and make your voice heard.

I did. Here's my story:

Each day this nation divides further between the “haves” and “have-nots.” The “haves,” those with wealth, can purchase public forums. They can “buy a voice” on television, radio, in newspapers and magazines to spread their message and impose their influence over the “have-nots.”

The “have-nots,” absent purchase power, cannot buy expensive media time to counter the “have’s” political, religious and social spin. Thus Democracy is thwarted and information is unbalanced and skewed.

At this most critical time in America, when its Democracy is coming unhinged, The Internet has been an equal source of information for ALL. It is the ONE place in America where equality reigns supreme. And as the digital divide continues to close, The Internet becomes a greater equalizer daily.

Net Neutrality is essential to free speech, equal opportunity and economic innovation in America. Since the FCC removed this basic protection in 2005, the top executives of phone and cable companies have stated their intention to become the Internet’s gatekeepers and to discriminate against Web sites that don’t pay their added tolls.

The FCC must ensure that broadband providers do not block, interfere with or discriminate against any lawful Internet traffic based on its ownership, source or destination. The FCC must ensure that access to information from any source remains equally accessible to ALL, regardless of personal wealth and power.

SAVE NET NEUTRALITY! Equalize the public square. Permit the free-flow of information to educate and communicate. Save our nation from advancing the power of the few and silencing the many.

Go to SaveTheInternet.com if you haven't done so already. And be sure to spread the word.

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