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Bush Partners Cut Off Woman's Head; President Signals Approval of Extremist Act
Thursday, 10 May 2007 17:30
by Chris Floyd

What, you've got a problem with that headline? Too much of a stretch, you say, for this story from AP? How so? Are not the Saudi royals very close friends and business partners of the president's immediate family, going back several decades? Was not the long-time Saudi ambassador to the United States, Prince Bandar bin Sultan bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud, not dubbed "Bandar Bush" by none other than the sitting president himself? Does not George W. Bush smooch and hold hands with Saudi royalty when they come to call at his ranch?

 Is not Vice President Dick Cheney – also a close Saudi pal of long standing – on his way to the Saudi kingdom right now, where he will feast and scheme  with the bankrollers of one of the most repressive and retrograde Islamic sects on the planet – this only days after the head of Khadija Bint Ibrahim Moussa was struck off by a sword, in fine Zarqawi style, in a public square? And will we hear a single word from Bush or Cheney about this beheading – the 57th decapitation by Bush's family friends this year – or any other aspect of the draconian religious and political tyranny that smothers Saudi society with its blood and terror?

No, why should we? There's money to be made with the Saudis. There's "domination" to obtain with their help (and their cash). There are terrorist groups to arm, train and exploit to the joint advantage of American and Saudi elites.

  This is the Iron Law of the Bush Imperium: you can do whatever the hell you want – rob, rape, torture, murder, chop off heads, boil prisoners alive, enslave children, strangle your people's every desire for personal and political freedom – as long as you play ball with the Beltway boys and cut them in for a taste.

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st.patrick said:

What would he say?
Hey Saudi Arabia, I know that we put people to death for cold-blooded murder (as this woman was convicted of doing) but we like to hide them away in a prison when we kill them. Please making this a spectator sport!
May 11, 2007
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