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You Might be a Tea Party Member if...
Friday, 15 October 2010 06:13
by Bob Fantina
You might be a Tea Party member if:
  • You think Iraq attacked the U.S. on 9-11.

  • You believe in Manifest Destiny.

  • You don’t know what Manifest Destiny is.

  • You think the world will come to an end if gay marriage is legalized.

  • You think the world is going to come to an end anyway, because the U.S. passed national health care legislation.

  • You think business will regulate itself for the benefit of the working man or woman.

  • You think President Obama is a Kenyan-born socialist.

  • You don’t know the difference between socialism and fascism.

  • You believe there is glory in war.

  • You oppose both abortion and sex education.

  • You oppose family planning initiatives that would prevent abortions, because they support contraception.

  • You are shocked when Bible-thumping politicians are caught in their mistresses’ beds.

  • You are shocked when right-wing preachers are caught in their boyfriends’ beds.

  • You think Sarah Palin is intelligent.

  • You are a member of the NRA.

  • FOX News is your only source of information.

  • You think torturing political prisoners is acceptable for the U.S., but are enraged if the same treatment happens to U.S. soldiers.

  • You think global warning is a fantasy created by Al Gore.

  • You think Dick Cheney is a true patriot.

  • You think George Bush was a great president.

  • You think all Muslims are terrorists.

  • You believe that the four-times married Rush Limbaugh represents family values.

  • You ever offered your doctor a chicken in exchange for medical treatment.

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