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Are We Crazy?
Sunday, 08 August 2010 18:15

by Timothy V. Gatto

I have a friend who is a conservative. He watches FOX News and is a very old school type of fellow. He really doesn’t understand me politically, believing that because I despise FOX and the rabid right, that I must be a Democrat. Since he is staying at my house for the week, we are together most of our waking hours and as hard as we try, the subject of politics always rears its ugly head.

I believe that I have finally convinced him that I am no Democrat and hold the Democrats in the same light as I hold the Republicans. My friend likens the two political parties like this; The Republicans come right out and tell you they are going to screw you, but the Democrats act all warm and fuzzy and tell you that they are your friends and end up screwing you worse than the Republicans. Maybe he’s right, maybe not. However, there is some grain of truth in what he says. Obama is a perfect example of his Democratic vision. This is a man that promised great changes and gave us nothing.

War seems to be this country’s greatest export. The only export that we sell above all other nations is in arms, we are the world’s largest purveyors of instruments of death. We spend over half of our discretionary spending on our military. This year, after all of the supplemental funding for the war in Afghanistan, this nation will have spent over a trillion dollars.

When I ask my friend why we spend ourselves into debt at the height of a recession that put more Americans out of work since the Great Depression, I get the answer that if we leave Afghanistan, al Qaeda will walk into the country and use it as a base to launch terrorist attacks. WTF? Why does al Qaeda expressly need Afghanistan to launch attacks on the United States?  Couldn’t they do their planning in Belgium or Luxembourg?  How about Pakistan? From the information gleaned from Wikileaks, it seems like the leaders of the security forces there would be only too happy to help them launch an attack on the U.S.

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Left is right and right is left. We want war with Iran, another country in “The Axis of Evil”. Why Iran? What is it that threatens us? Are we just slaves to Israel, a country that over the years has turned into a nation that resembles Nazi Germany more that it reflects the beliefs of most Americans? Most of our politicians are millionaires and if they are not, by the time they leave they usually are.

Why are we threatening Latin America? What have they done to us? If they want socialism, so what, it seems that capitalism hasn’t worked out very well for them. Are we going to invade Venezuela? Why? What have they done to us?

This threatening of nations in Latin America is all done for the corporate interests that REALLY run our government. Know that and you can see clearly why we do the things we do. “Government of the People”? That ended a long time ago. We are a government ruled by multi-national corporations that could care less about the American people. It’s really time to wake up and smell the corruption.

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