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Hasbara Author vs Iran’s Bomb by Gilad Atzmon
Thursday, 03 December 2009 06:40
by Gilad Atzmon

Gilad Atzmon (Hebrew: גלעד עצמון‎, born June 9, 1963) is a jazz musician, author and anti-Zionist activist who was born in Israel and currently lives in London.
"Anti-Semite is an empty signifier, no one actually can be an Anti-Semite and this includes me of course. In short, you are either a racist - which I am not - or have an ideological disagreement with Zionism... which I have."
He was born a secular Israeli Jew in Tel Aviv, and trained at the Rubin Academy of Music in Jerusalem. His service in the Israeli military convinced him Israel had become a militarized state controlled by religious extremists. In 1994, Atzmon emigrated from Israel to London, where he studied philosophy. Atzmon is an anti-Zionist who critiques Jewish identity issues and supports the Palestinian Right of Return as well as the establishment of a single state in Israel/Palestine. He is a signatory to the "Palestinians are the Priority Petition" which states “full and unconditional support of the Palestinian people is a condition sine qua non for activists to adopt.
Aaronovitch, who back in 2003 was mobilized by an imaginary threat that was crudely forged by Blair & Co, seems to be shaken again. This time it is the Iranian nuclear threat. “Most experts seem to agree, training the steed is mostly a matter of time.” There is something Aaronovitch is failing to mention. The state that lists him as its ‘Hasbara author’, the state that was recently found complicit in some colossal crimes against humanity, evidently possesses hundreds of nuclear bombs that has kept the entire region in constant red alert for more than four decades. The Jewish state has not signed the non-proliferation treaty and does not let any IAEA inspectors into its nuclear facilities.

Aaronovitch is worried because “there are suggestions from different sources that Iran is indeed researching a weapons capability.” I would ask Aaronovitch, or any other Hasbara operator, to come with an answer to this rather pertinent question: why shouldn’t they?

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Iran is threatened by Israel, America and the West on a daily basis. Unlike Israel, a nation spiritually guided by suicidal biblical and historical narratives such as Samson and Masada (2), Iran's military nuclear project can only be realised as a defensive one. Iran needs its bombs to deter Israel, America and Britain. Iran is not going to launch a nuclear attack against Israel risking the life of millions of Muslims in the region. It has no reason to do so and it won’t. For Iran and every other state in the region, except Israel, nuclear weapons can only be understood as a means of defence and deterrence.

I would even take it further and suggest that if Iraq had the arsenal of WMD Blair and Bush claimed it possessed, British and American high commanders would have thought twice before sending their soldiers into the Iraqi desert.

Aaronovitch may have learned something though. As yet, he is reluctant to encourage our generals to open a new front. He has a ‘peaceful’ solution to offer. He wants to unite the nations to take care of his interests. “There is still one possibility that could rule out both military action and the spectre of the Guard Bomb”, says the dubious Hasbara man. “That one possibility is united in international action to impose targeted sanctions on the Revolutionary Guard and their political backers, and on the nuclear programme. It would mean agreement by the Russians, the Chinese, the Germans, the French, the Americans and us to occupy a single position.” I once read about a well known Muslim leader who blamed the Jews for “ruling the world by proxy”. He was denounced as an anti Semite and as a conspiracist. As if to prove the Muslim leader right, Aaronovitch clearly expects, once again that the leading powers will restrain the ‘enemy of Israel’.

“Otherwise”, says Aaronovitch, “we could find ourselves facing some great terrible future Chilcot inquiry (3) in which we seek to answer how it was that we failed to stop the last, worst Middle East war.” It is almost amusing to read Aaronovitch attempting to reinvent himself as an ‘anti war’ peace campaigner. But actually, I think that the Chilcot inquiry’s authority should be extended so it can investigate how come an Israeli Hasbara author is allowed to promote foreign interests in our midst.

Whether Iran is aiming towards a nuclear military capability is obviously beyond me. However, after reading Aaronovitch, it should. Iran must produce a bomb as soon as possible. Deterring the Jewish state and its allies is the only key to peace in the Middle East. Sadly it is the only language that is understood.


(1)  Hasbara-propaganda (Hebrew). David Aaronovitch is listed on an official Israeli Propaganda site namely the Israeli Hasbara Committee. The site is there to “disseminate the truth about Israel and the Jewish people”.

(2)  Masada is the name for a site of ancient palaces and fortifications in the South District of Israel on top of an isolated rock plateau, on the eastern edge of the Judean Desert overlooking the Dead Sea. After the First Jewish-Roman War a siege of the fortress by troops of the Roman Empire led to the mass suicide of the Sicarii rebels, who preferred death to surrender. Israel made Masada into a symbol of Jewish national revival.

(3)  The British enquiry currently underway on the Iraq war.

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