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A Completely Incoherent Rant
Saturday, 17 March 2007 13:29
by Stephen P. Pizzo

I am in quite a state, as you will see. Sometimes writing about the kind of stuff I focus on is damn near impossible. I mean, when events themselves become more cynical than anything I can concoct, why bother.

It's been that kind of month. No matter where I look I find reality has out-cynicaled me. And it's not just the usual suspects on the right running amok, either.

For example, this Tuesday Hillary Clinton was asked if she agreed with Joint Chief of Staff, Gen. Peter Pace's, statement that homosexuality was “immoral.”

And how did our little triangulation hag reply? 

“I'll leave that determination to others.”

Oh my. And Hillary, whatya about the genocide in Sudan? You gonna leave that determination to others too?  You can bet she would —  if there was a large enough block of pro-Sudanese voters here she could round up. That woman is beyond contempt.

Hillary Clinton is nothing less than the anti-Christ of the Democratic Party.

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Things have been no better on the right, as we've seen with the scandal at the Bush Justice Dept. It was hardly a revelation that Alberto was never anything more than George W. Bush's obedient legal houseboy. But Gonzales and Karl Rove's ham-handed execution of the US Attorney purge made the Bush/Cheney WMD gambit in Iraq look like a well-oiled scheme.

Then there's the  growing mess in my wallet. Well, actually in all our wallets. The happy talkers on Wall Street are performing the financial-markets version of the movie, “Weekend at Bernies.” Every time the public gets spooked by stocks, and the market dives, the insiders dress the stock market up in a lively Hawaiian shirt, slap on a pair of sunglasses, drag the body out in public and declare that rumors of the market's death have been greatly exaggerated.

So far it's worked. The suckers buy, afraid they are about to miss out on a rising market. The market recovers, once again – a classic dead cat bounce. They even have a name for it — “a sucker rally.” That gives the insiders one more chance to unload their stocks — on who? The suckers of course.

Wonder where the insiders are putting their money? (Here) Hey, they may be evil, greedy, cynical little liars and cheats, but they aren't stupid. They count on you being stupid. You who buy their over-appreciated shares at the top of bull markets. You who pay them fat loan fees on high interest, usurious home loans, credit cards and cash-out refinancing, just so you can live beyond your means. You who so eagerly trade your precious home equity to "invest" in wasting assets – you know, like SUVs, boats, vacations... stuff a smart person would only buy with disposal income. But no, you borrow, from them, then buy their stuff with their borrowed money. In the old days it was  called “the company store.” Today it's just called stupid.

If the shoe fits, wear it. And you deserve all the misery that's heading your way.

Democrats in Congress – arrrggggghhhhaaaaaa! You little bastards. We voted for you last November because you said you were going to end the illegal-immoral-waste-of-money-and-lives war in Iraq. So why haven't you? You can't even rally enough gumption to force a freaking debate in the Senate on the war... a war that is draining nearly $10 billion a month from my wallet... my kid's wallet, my grandkids wallet's and my great-freaking-grandkids wallets.

You guys misled us. So don't be getting on your high-horse on the campaign trail about how Bush mislead us into the war. Because now you're in the same boat with him — you misled us into believing you were going to reverse that outrage. You haven't, and that's an outrage too.  So shut up until you live up to your earlier promises. (Oh, and please spare us the bull about how “hard” it is to get the votes. When you say that you sound just like you-know-who.)

Then all week I had to sit through news footage of George lecturing South Americans on the promise of bio-fuels, as though he were Al Gore's twin brother, or something. Meanwhile we are still trying to find out just what Cheney's Energy Task Force cooked up with energy producers back in 2001 that gave us $3 a gallon gas and sky high home heating bills.

Walter Reed.... there's another wart that bugs the hell out of me. That damn hospital isn't in Omaha Nebraska, it's in down-freaking-town Washington D.C. It's just a few city blocks from Capitol Hill. Just a cheap cab ride from the offices of Republican and Democratic members of Congress who are now pontificating about the outrageous conditions and treatment of our wounded GI's.

I bet that every one of those blow hards has one of those yellow “Support Our Troops” ribbons on their bumper, the bastard hypocrites. How come THEY didn't know? I bet their staffers got plenty of complaints from military families and GI's long before the Washington Post reported on the mess. And I bet all those complaints were ignored. Am I wrong? Okay, then I demand an audit of every member of congress' email for the past two years. I will put my home up as collateral on a bet that we would discover lots of complaints – hundreds of them — about the shameful treatment our wounded troops were getting.

Then there's Halliburton – the company once run by Dick Cheney. First Halliburton makes hundreds of millions of dollars off a war started by it's former CEO, and screws American taxpayers blue in the process. Then, just as congressional subpoenas are about to fly the company skips the US for a safe haven in Dubai. But wait, there's more. At the same time the company removes itself from the line of legal fire, and US taxes, it announced that Halliburton was going to hire an additional 13,000 employees. My, my, but it would appear someone has big plans for the future. I wonder what Halliburton thinks is just down the road that would require that many additional food-servers, base-builders, logistic and supply services for the Pentagon?

See? See the state I'm in? See why I have not been able to put fingers to keyboard for days?

Just yesterday a federal court ruled that a woman dying of cancer has no right to relieve her pain by smoking marijuana. Hello? What are the feds afraid will happen? That the poor woman will ruin her life – or more precisely, what's left of it? With so many really important things going wrong, with so much blood being spilled in Iraq, with the administration working day and night to subvert justice with political sycophantic political appointees – US attorney's wasted our time, our resources, and their moral authority to make sure one woman dying of cancer can't smoke grass. What's wrong with that picture? Am I crazy for thinking they're crazy?

Up until now I've boosted my morale by reminding myself that Bush has “just” two years left in office. But that's not working for me anymore. I honestly don't think we can survive two more years of Bush/Cheney. Not because they are a couple of ultra-conservatives with whom I disagree, but because it's now clear they are as mad as a couple of hatters. And I don't mean that figuratively, either.  I mean OCD, megalomania, paranoid/schizophrenic crazy. It's clear now that those two are capable of damn near anything – especially now that their days in control are numbered. When crazy people learn they're coming for them, they hurry up with whatever it is they are obsessing over at the time.

There is a solution, but it would require mature Democrats and thoughtful Republicans to do something: pull the national parking brake and refuse to let go until January 2009.

They need to bring the whole Bush/Cheney juggernaut to an immediate, screeching halt. They need to cut off financing for the war and begin an orderly withdrawal. They need to insist on congressional authorization for any new military deployments or attacks on anyone, anywhere, anytime. And if they claim we face attack, require  compelling and independently confirmed evidence.

Oh, and just to let those two manics at the top know congress is serious, they should immediately begin impeachment proceedings against Attorney General, Alberto Gonzales. Because there's nothing quite like a fresh blood on the carpet to send the message that this time Congress is serious. Dead serious.

Whew! I needed that rant.
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a guest said:

ranting is good for the soul
Bravo. You touched on so many issues and I found myself saying, "yep" to almost everything except
...Halliburton makes hundreds of millions of dollars off a war started by it's former CEO
I just don't think Cheney, with all his faults, sat around and concocted a war to make himself some money. Shooting soomeone in the face with birdshot, sure, but not this.

Now that I think about it, what "compelling and independently confirmed evidence" are you referring to? What other company could provide this information? Cutting and (orderly) running is probably not the right answer, however I would agree that it is time for the Iraqi people to get off the pot. What we didn't expect 4 years ago was the fermenting violence among the Iraqi's to finally come to fruition when their despotic leader went into hiding. It is hard to unite people when they continually kill other muslims.

I read a lot of anti-war comments, although not in this post, that are along the lines of "We need to get out of Iraq because it is sucking up precious money that could be used to help the homeless, the hungry, illegal immigrants, etc." true that money could be used for that. But I think people are just using it as a talking point for their anti-war stance. Most of those people gave 2 shits about the homeless/hungry until the war started. Not all, but some.

Great commentary (rant) and i will look forward to more.

March 19, 2007 | url
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