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Health Care Industry Says "No Government Plan" For All
Wednesday, 08 July 2009 05:44
by Peter Stern

Is it any wonder the industry does not want the government to provide health care for all Americans? We're talking profits here.

But let me ask 3 questions:

Since the health care industry wants government only to provide a "safety net" for those who have no health insurance, what happens to the millions of Americans who have them but can't afford their current plans?

What happens to the insured whose health plans do not pay for all costs — will they just keep on paying?

Does the health care industry really expect and believe that people will keep and continue to afford these plans?

There are too many "holes" in the health plans of our current system. People are expected to pay top dollar for health care plans that do not cover all their costs. Out-of-pocket costs increase every year. In fact, those who do have and pay for health coverage may not be able to afford to them in the near future.

Instead of complaining that government should not create a new health care system that covers everyone, why doesn't the health care industry come up with its own plan to cover everyone, while cutting out-of-pocket expenses and sealing the "holes" in the current system?

The fact is that there are too many people without coverage, which is adding to the increased costs of private health care. Many who have private health care plans are having affordability problems. The number of Americans without health care coverage only will increase if the industry continues to refuse becoming more sensitive and reality-based in developing and implementing resolutions to this issue. If the industry does not opt to resolve the problem, it should just shut-up and let the government do so.

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