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Today's Focus: Anatomy of Modern Lies and the Merchants of Death
Thursday, 11 June 2009 04:04
by Zahir Ebrahim

Today's Focus: Anatomy of Modern Lies and Senseless Warfare – Educate Yourself
The Merchants of Death and their Errand Boys and Girls

Is Anyone Minding the Store at the Federal Reserve? May 06, 2009

Core Of Corruption: In The Shadows (1 of 5 Films) CoreOfCorruption.com - 2:27:39  - Apr 1, 2009 Elinoff Entertainment

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THE EMPIRE OF 'THE CITY' (World Superstate) part 1.avi - 2:23:30  - Jun 13, 2007

And the Pakistani 'Negroes' dutifully playing their master's tune

Resurgence of the Taliban in Pakistan Hamid MirCommonwealth Club

Zadari Osama Bin Laden was an Operator for the United States

Bhutto Confirms that Osama Bin Laden is Dead

A Conversation with Benazir Bhutto (Video), Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), August 15, 2007, Full-Length

ZERO : An Investigation Into 9/11 - PART 8 of 10, Interview with Giulietto Chiesa, Journalist - Member of the European Parliament, disclosing the fictional CSIS Imagery presented to the Commission of the European Parliament for Security and Defense, in the summer of 2005, of Mr. Osama Bin Laden claiming the fictional destruction of NATO HQ in Brussels!

'“In the summer of 2005, the commission of the European parliament for security and defense, of which I am a member, was invited to a special screening created by the Washington Center for Strategic [and International] Studies”

(Slide: CSIS Debating 21st Century Nuclear Issues, Edited by Owen C. W. Price and Jenifer Mackby, subtitled Black-Dawn: Scenario-Based Exercise, dated: May 3 2004)

“We were asked to watch a film which depicted what would happen in Europe, if Brussels was hit by a nuclear bomb.”

“Fifty thousand deaths, hundred thousand injured. The reactions of various European governments.”

Suddenly, footage of Osama Bin Laden claiming responsibility for a nuclear attack on NATO headquarters comes on screen.”

“All members of the parliament, myself included, were rendered speechless.”

American experts from the Center for Strategic Studies, were on hand to explain the action on the screen.”

“Then a parliamentarian finally said: Today we were shown a convincing demonstration of how Osama Bin Laden's image can be completely manipulated. All the Osama's we have seen over the years, may never have existed. Just as a nuclear attack on NATO Headquarters in Brussels has never taken place.”'

Un-surprisingly, Dr. Zbigniew Brzezinski, the man behind President Obama, the architect of 'the Grand Chessboard' and the Executive Director of the Trilateral Commission, the one who gave to the “USSR its Vietnam War” by manufacturing Osama Bin Laden, is also the Counselor and Trustee of CSIS ( cached here ).

The real unhidden agenda behind all this perpetual war-mongering is actually rather banal, as outlined in the “Report From Iron Mountain: On the Possibility and Desirability of Peace” published in 1967. Its seedlings were discovered in the 1908-09 minute books of the Carnegie Endowment for Peace in 1953-54 by the indefatigable Congressional Investigator Norman Dodd for the Reece Committee investigating the suspected subversion by tax-exempt foundations. The same principles of conquest are operational today except that ecclesiastical controls of the oligarchy of the yore have been substituted with sophisticated mind control by the oligarchy of modernity.

All of which leads us to the Anatomy of Modern Lies – the Hegelian Dialectics of Deception – the Technique of Infamy being employed by both the masters and their Negro slaves:

Invent not one, but two (or more) opposing lies, and keep the unsuspecting people busy debating which of them is true. (The 'Technique of Infamy', exposition attributed to Ezra Pound)

From the clash of opposites, a greater whole is germinated (The Hegelian Dialectics)

When the opposites don't exist or don't clash naturally, it is fabricated and the clash engineered, entirely stage-managed on both sides to piece-meal synthesize the desired hidden agendaraising a new phoenix from the ashes left behind by the controlled clash of the opposites (The Hegelian Dialectics of Deception applied to Statecraft, familiar to most as fake-competition to reel in customers, or fake-managed-fights as in WWF wrestling)

The public relations of the stage-management of this manufactured conflict on a global scale to make it appear genuine and inevitable like World War I, World War II, World War III, and now World War IV – all unnatural and synthesized orchestrations leaving behind only wreckages of civilizations, and thus the opportunity of systematically and incrementally upbuilding the desired one – falls to the Mighty Wurlitzer. Its job is to keep people's attention distracted on the deadly puppetshows and dazzling imagery in the left-field while the even more monstrous agendas are accomplished in the right-field. All one has to do to catch sight of the real game, is to slightly turn one's head! A blunder which Benazir Bhutto made of not looking 'tous-azimuth' when she was fully capable of such a modest movement (see The Nation, May 18, 2009).

A gentle turning of the head like this courageous Young Turk is attempting to do – but inevitably also being held back by the same invisible-power to only acutely naming “the shadows of the images”:

Obama Makes Terrible Decision - Will Not Release Torture Pics TheYoungTurksMay 13, 2009

That modest head-turning, 'tous azimuth', is the sole purpose of Project Humanbeingsfirst. The reality of President Obama's real game being played out in the right-field is here. The reality of Pakistan's democracy in the right-field, which Mr. Hamid Mir of Geo TV forgot to narrate in his otherwise exuberant descriptions of “Ali Baba” in the left-field before his spellbound American audience at the Commonwealth Club of California, is here. The best short summary of understanding the overarching hidden agenda for which all the 'Hegelian Dialectics of Deception' have been fabricated, is this Response to Financial Times Gideon Rachman's 'And now for a world government'.


What is not already obvious here” – except of course to the glorified 'goatherders' of modernity repeatedly being made either a fool or co-opted to service the globalists' agenda? Yes with fancy degrees, 'English speaking', high-IQ, and all! So if plebeians can't think – are they any better than goats being herded on a preserve? Except for the handful of vegans among us, does anyone ever feel remorse when slaughtering a sheep or goat as a utility? Those unable to think are no more than goats before the ruling-elite, to be entirely managed as a utility by their hand-picked goatherders. A trained sheepdog is all it takes to herd millions to their pre-ordained destiny. Today, that sheepdog is merely black in its exterior color – but has the same white teeth.

After years of activism and education since 911, initially having taken up the two-humble feet in protest marches before the invasion of Iraq in 2003, and upon its failure to stop the war, the supposedly mighty pen in 'Prisoners of the Cave' against the amoral butchers of modernity who perceive themselves as being 'beyond good and evil', Project Humanbeingsfirst is ending its silly mission. For, attempting to warn the goats of the butchers' intent was eminently an idiotic idea to begin with. The last straw has been Pakistan. It's own people, its military, its rulers, cheerleading their own destruction against a superbly orchestrated phantom menace which apparently requires extraordinary thinking-skills to comprehend. A talent we the goats of humanity evidently haven't been endowed with in our DNA-makeup to the right measure as compared to the Overlords who rule upon us. If there is a creator of the Cro-Magnon plebeians, that architect is surely a most cruel inventor, that its 'best of creation' only turned out to be mindless goats and mercenary goatherders focused mainly on chewing their processed feeds, and entirely fashioned to serve their 'ubermensch' masters. These inhuman overlords connivingly endeavor to OWN them both in every NWO since time immemorial. And indeed, apparently, always succeed. Perhaps the god's favored ones are a different species.
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