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Chris Floyd



Chris Floyd is the Editor and co-founder of Atlantic Free Press. He is an American journalist now based in Great Britain and the UK correspondent for Truthout.org. For 10 years, he wrote the weekly Global Eye political column for The Moscow Times and St. Petersburg Times. His writings also appear in The Nation, Columbia Journalism Review, The Baltimore Chronicle, The Bergen Record and elsewhere around the world. His book, Empire Burlesque, is published by Expathos Books.

His report, Into the Dark: The Pentagon Plan to Foment Terrorism, was chosen as one of ProjectCensored's Top 25 Stories of2002/2003. His pieces have been anthologized in Media Democracy in Action: Censored 2004 and his work attracts a wide international audience, particularly in Europe, North America, and Australia. His columns are regularly featured on many other sites on the internet at sites including ICH, Lewrockwell.com, Bradblog, Salon, Counterpunch, Democratic Underground, The Smirking Chimp, Booman Tribune, William Bowles, Political Cortex and many more.

His career began in the hills and valleys of Tennessee and down in the piney swamps of southern Mississippi, covering moonshine raids, shotgun murders, drug-running evangelists, racial conflicts, the economic ravages of the Reagan Administration, and the relentless, turbulent campaign of the Religious Right to gain political power and cultural dominance throughout the "heartland." He returned to his home ground in the late 1990s, where he won awards for his coverage of a deadly hostage shootout and a bloody melee between county officials

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Chris Floyd
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11/07/2010 09:50:30Chris Floyd: Dissatisfied Mind - Flickers of Hope in a Deadly Political Cycle
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08/25/2010 04:08:06The Laureate and the Leaker: Swedish Warrant a Salvo in Team Obama's War on Wikileaks
07/26/2010 21:11:06Leaky Vessels: Wikileaks "Revelations" Will Comfort Warmongers, Confirm Conventional Wisdom
06/30/2010 05:06:20Chris Floyd: Extreme Measures: Arming the Zealotocracy, Serving the Elite
06/28/2010 02:09:56Arming the Zealotocracy, Serving the Elite:Extreme Measures
06/18/2010 04:16:11Mineral Find Means More Blood Money in Afghan War: Trillion-Dollar Bash
06/18/2010 04:12:54Sincerely Yours: Another Legal Triumph for the Obama-Yoo Administration
06/10/2010 05:05:05Chris Floyd: Short Bursts on a Long Road to Nowhere
06/10/2010 04:58:32Medical Experiments, Torture and Continuity in the American Gulag: Echoes of Mengele
06/05/2010 06:01:21Obama's Surge in State Terror - War on the World
06/04/2010 04:16:12Chris Floyd: Lie of the Land: The Dark Heart of a Special Relationship
05/08/2010 17:55:47It's Not Dark Yet, But It's Gettin' There
05/08/2010 17:48:40Cold Irons Bound: All Together on the Road to Ruin
05/02/2010 04:27:23Brief Glimpses of Empire's Reality: The Revenant
04/25/2010 21:01:59Waste Management: Congress Pushes Surge in Ongoing War Against Iran
04/23/2010 05:37:05Drawing Back the Veil on the Death State - Monster's Ball
04/18/2010 17:16:57The Unrepented Genocide: Howling Wind
04/15/2010 05:08:25 The American Way: In Defense of George W. Bush
04/13/2010 03:36:52The Pentagon's Cult of Killing Strikes Again - Engineers of Human Souls
04/11/2010 05:26:56White House Death Warrants Memo to Liberals: The Accomodationists
03/27/2010 05:43:21Dennis Kucinich Buckles - Progressive Front: Well Done, Thou Good and Faithful Servant
02/28/2010 20:38:43Future Shock: A Better World Beyond the Imperium
02/21/2010 21:43:02The Placeman Cometh: New IAEA Chief Stokes Iran War Fever for the Bush-Obama Regime
01/30/2010 16:37:06Blood is His Argument: Tony Blair's Gentle Cuddling at Iraq "Inquiry"
01/15/2010 13:41:23Help Haiti: The Unforgiven Country Cries Out
01/10/2010 11:00:36Mondo Hondo: Obama Goes Traditional in Latin America
12/29/2009 07:55:47Balance of Terror: From Detroit City to Ghazi Khan
12/22/2009 11:11:32Dred Scott Redux: Obama and the Supremes Stand Up for Slavery
12/18/2009 13:26:12Miraculous Organ: Blair, Obama and the Narcissist's Defense
12/04/2009 20:17:22 Savvy to a Fault: Coming to Terms With Imperial Power
12/03/2009 23:33:49Savvy to a Fault: Coming to Terms With Imperial Power
10/01/2009 11:05:13Dry Heaves and Sucker Ploys: The Great New Iran "Crisis"
10/01/2009 10:59:03Obama Fires Diplomat for Urging Fraud Probe in Afghan Vote
09/26/2009 21:50:40Blood on the Tracks: The Continuing Lessons of Terror and Tyranny
09/26/2009 21:23:12Missing Link: Dissent, Delusion and Discontent
09/26/2009 20:35:10Bad Medicine: The Terror War's "Public Option"
09/26/2009 20:21:10Curtain Call: Grim Glimpses of the World's True Workings
09/26/2009 20:15:23Happy Junta Grounds: Militarist Machiavellis Maneuver for More War
09/12/2009 06:16:32Down the Hatch: A Nation's Character Revealed
09/12/2009 04:55:34Healthy Profits: Corporate Money Moves Tell the True Tale of Obama's "Reforms"
09/12/2009 04:27:24The Spider's Egg
08/28/2009 08:59:35Chris Floyd: Wrist-slap and Tickle: Obama Goes Mild on CIA Torture
08/28/2009 08:24:39Bait and Switch: Using Diversity to Disguise Inequality
08/21/2009 06:10:24Give Me No Liberty, Give Me Death: Innocence is No Defense
08/21/2009 05:47:48Iraq's Brutal War on Gays: Another "Extraordinary Achievement" of American Militarism
08/20/2009 03:46:54The Gadarene Gambit: Surging Over the Cliff in Afghanistan
08/17/2009 05:47:21Baby Talk: Mark Steyn Strikes Back for Islamophobia
08/17/2009 05:15:48Panic Attackers: Once More Into the Sink of Fear With Steyn, Amis and the Islamophobes
08/14/2009 05:22:15Tons of Imperial Fun: Hellfire Hillary Pours Oil on Somalia's Fire
08/14/2009 05:13:32Addicted to War: America's Brutal Pipe Dream in Afghanistan
08/07/2009 07:26:06Shackles and Chains: America Leads the World Again
08/07/2009 07:12:07The Real World: Mercenaries, Murder and the American Way
06/27/2009 07:24:25A Brand New Day — Yea, Verily, Morning in America!
06/27/2009 07:24:21It's All Good, Again: 'Uptick' in the American-Made Tides of Violence in Iraq
06/07/2009 19:24:27Death of the Republic, Part CLXVIII
06/07/2009 19:21:44Sex-Haunted Saints and Sinister Clowns: Engendering Anti-Abortion Terror
06/07/2009 19:20:56Speech Therapy: Pretty Words in Cairo Hide Brutal Realities of Power
05/26/2009 20:46:56A Bitter Cup of Joe: Bagman Biden's Bully-Boy Diplomacy
05/21/2009 14:04:30The American Way: In Defense of George W. Bush
05/21/2009 09:37:36Criminal Intent: Obama-Bashing=Mushroom Cloud, Says Prez Fans
05/21/2009 08:49:20Cloud of Unknowing: Ignorance and Arrogance in the Af-Pak 'Surge'
05/21/2009 08:28:36 The American Way: In Defense of George W. Bush
05/08/2009 18:46:17Tales of Yankee Power: Inevitable Atrocities of the Terror War
04/30/2009 18:02:50Hell is Murky: Lady MacBeth and the Evil Beyond Torture
04/30/2009 17:14:40Cry, the Unforgiven Country: Obama's 'Continuity' in Haiti
04/11/2009 07:26:39Hope Abandoned: Obama Protects and Promotes CIA Torture Mavens
04/09/2009 04:38:46Hard Rain Keeps Falling: Talking Peace in Prague, Dropping Bombs in Pakistan
04/09/2009 04:24:01Hero Blues: Liberals Line Up With Militarism
04/04/2009 10:57:18Darkness Renewed: Terror as a Tool of Empire
04/04/2009 10:40:44Beyond Here Lies Nothing: Surging Further Into the Abyss
03/24/2009 18:37:17Bright Shining Lies: American Death Squads and 'Dissident' Self-Delusion
03/22/2009 15:38:17Rotted From the Head: High Crimes and Continuity in the American Imperium
03/22/2009 15:19:06Shell Oil to Planet Earth: Drop Dead by
03/16/2009 11:19:25It's All Good: Media Reports for Duty as Militarists Plan More Wars
03/07/2009 12:11:25Tangled Up in Karl: The Hidden Connections Behind the Rove-Obama Deal
03/04/2009 22:06:54Choosing Atrocity: Israel, America and the Strangling of Gaza
02/28/2009 12:11:10Orwell in Babylon: Obama's War-Continuing "Withdrawal" Plan
02/28/2009 09:35:23Feudal Gestures: Bailout Lords and Their Modern Peons
02/23/2009 16:04:00Child Sacrifice and Gitmo Torture, Progressive Style
02/21/2009 09:24:07General Strangelove: Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Surge
02/13/2009 10:18:32Shock Absorbers: Progressives Stunned by Obama Non-Surprises
02/02/2009 17:25:49Heart of Darkness: The Molten Core of Our Modern Madness
01/31/2009 17:49:03Paris When it Sizzles: The French Say No to Fat-Cat Bailouts
01/29/2009 12:12:34Get Some: Obama's New Hard Line on Afghanistan
01/21/2009 22:52:05The One and Only: Waiting for Word From on High
01/17/2009 17:39:28The End of Hypocrisy: Crime's Gleeful Abandon in Gaza
01/12/2009 16:48:55Visionary Outrage: Piercing the Blue Smoke on the Potomac
01/12/2009 16:42:43Sham, Shock and Awe: False Peace Process Bears Bitter Fruit in Gaza
01/12/2009 10:39:34Moloch's Altar: Child Sacrifice and the War on Terror
01/03/2009 10:49:33A Word on Hatred From the Angry Arab
12/31/2008 06:59:49Voiceless in Gaza: Israeli Carnage and the American Courtiers
12/29/2008 09:08:56Shock, Awe and Lies: The Truth Behind the Israeli Attack on Gaza
12/21/2008 16:24:28American Politics 101
12/20/2008 17:56:00A Correction and an Apology
12/20/2008 17:48:42Abandoned by the World: UN Declares Open Season on Somalia
12/13/2008 20:12:47Rotted From the Head: Senate Lays Bare Bush Torture System — But So What?
12/13/2008 20:04:35Atrocity Unlimited: US Seeks to Turn Somalia into Global Free-Fire Zone
11/23/2008 22:56:00Plus ça change: "Progressive" Leaders Ride War Machine Deeper Into Darkness
11/05/2008 08:02:01The Election of Barack Obama
11/04/2008 08:44:45Failed States: America and Iraq, Rotted by War Crime
11/02/2008 13:05:33Incentivizing Murder: Plan Colombia and the Bitter Fruits of Empire
10/28/2008 06:49:32Surging Into Syria: American Incursion Opens New Front in Quagmire
10/25/2008 14:11:13Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien: Obama's New Advisor Stands By His War Crimes
10/25/2008 11:02:09Mining Misery: Hope and Change Down Under
10/16/2008 04:26:23The God That Failed: The 30-Year Lie of the Market Cult
10/16/2008 03:39:47Not Enough Money in the World: The Real Monster in the Meltdown Closet
09/29/2008 23:50:29The Shadow of the Pitchfork: Elite Panic Attack as Bailout Goes Bust
09/23/2008 15:47:59Creative Destruction: The Solid Core Behind the Financial Crisis
09/23/2008 15:24:01Filter Tips: Distortion and Demonization on the Iran Beat
09/23/2008 15:19:00Leave No Rapacious Twit Behind: Soft Landing for the Elite, Hard Cheese for Everybody Else
08/18/2008 09:33:51Fear, Procurement, Profit: Permanent War and the American Way
08/17/2008 11:55:29Pole Position: More U.S. Troops Sent to Russian Border
08/17/2008 11:52:25The Lawless Roads: Bluster in Georgia, Rank Tyranny at Home
08/17/2008 10:56:47Marching Through Georgia V: U.S. Forces Moving Into Putin's Powderkeg
07/18/2008 11:53:37Duce Bags: Italy Leads Fascist Revanche in Western Democracies
06/27/2008 21:50:47Heat Waves: Burning Off the Fog of the FISA Fiasco
06/21/2008 11:29:11Torturegate: Truth, But No Consequences
06/16/2008 09:32:07Chronicle of a Craze Foretold: A History of Hope and Hype
06/05/2008 10:50:02Degrees of Significance: The Nomination of Barack Obama
06/03/2008 15:47:37Uranium Enrichment: The Bushes, The Saudis and The Bomb
05/23/2008 09:36:54Out-Foxing Fox: Times Totes Water for War Crime Spin
05/19/2008 05:26:33Progressive Vision Failure: The Real Scandal of Bush’s Knesset Speech
05/10/2008 00:59:41Serving the System: Disillusion, Deception and the Obama Campaign
05/10/2008 00:05:35Shoot, Kill, Lie, Repeat: America's New Moral Universe
05/09/2008 23:16:35Fallujah Revisited: Bush, Petraeus Prepare 'Cleansing' of Sadr City
01/30/2008 01:37:32Singing for Suharto: The Lasting Values of the Great and Good
01/30/2008 01:26:14Internal Affairs: Biochemistry and the Body Politic
01/25/2008 13:40:28Bee Season: The Triumph of the Swarm
01/23/2008 14:39:58The New New World Order: A First-Strike NATO Über Alles
01/20/2008 13:06:09Ground Zero: On the Front Lines of a War Crime
01/10/2008 00:56:13The Bomb in the Shadows: Proliferation, Corruption and the Way of the World
01/05/2008 19:55:44There Will Be Blood...But No Justice for Iraq Atrocity
01/03/2008 17:18:26Common Cause: Dems and Reps Unite for Imperial Overkill
12/25/2007 12:38:43Insurgent Son: Jesse James and the Crucible of American Character
12/22/2007 10:06:54Stand and Deliver: Democrats Take a Bow
12/22/2007 10:01:22The Green Stick: A Voice of Clarity and Truth Resurrected
12/16/2007 22:59:05Annals of Liberation: Bush-Induced Distaster in Somalia Grows
12/10/2007 01:21:03Cave Dwellers: More Democratic Deceit on War and Torture
12/07/2007 02:12:42Special Relationship: Global Snatch and Grab is the Law of the Land
12/07/2007 02:06:47More War is Job One: Torturing the Truth on Iran
12/07/2007 01:58:26Fools Rush In: An Expert Dissection of the NIE Report
12/03/2007 22:38:10Dicked Around: Cheney War Pushers Get Slapped By Spy Services
11/30/2007 10:09:50A Change Ain't Gonna Come: Democrats Openly Embrace Aggression and Torture
11/27/2007 10:19:39Annals of Liberation: Killers and Extremists in the Pay of Petraeus
11/27/2007 10:11:13A Little Change: Aussie Election a Harbinger of American 'Reform'?
11/21/2007 21:01:34Scribes of Hate: Culture Vultures and the Terror War - on Martin Amis
11/19/2007 13:49:36Rain of Terror: Storm Warnings of More Tyranny to Come
11/17/2007 16:29:49Special Relationship: Bush Family Friends Flay Rape Victim
11/11/2007 21:14:43Shotgun Wedding: The Saint, the Insurgent and the Surge's "Success"
11/11/2007 20:44:25System of a Down: Powers, Principalities and the Sacred Right to Torture
11/08/2007 17:02:32Mad Cow Nation: America's Willing Surrender
11/08/2007 16:56:03 Collusion Course: Dems Play Impeachment Farce as Republic Burns
11/05/2007 22:55:29Loss Leader: Terror War Dividends From Pakistani Breakdown
11/04/2007 22:21:56More Fresh Hell Served Up on the Terror War's Somalia Front
10/27/2007 11:07:17Dissent or Disgrace: The Only Choice Left for Americans
10/25/2007 15:05:44A Conquered Continent: The True Relationship Between Europe and America
10/25/2007 14:59:46Friends Reunited: Blair and Bush Team Up to Sell New War
10/24/2007 02:59:44Rain of Terror: The Iraqi Air War in Context
10/22/2007 23:07:33Unhappy Birthday: The Democrats' Year of Living Disastrously
10/20/2007 19:03:13Burma on the Potomac: Another Step Deeper Into Tyranny
10/17/2007 21:14:22Final Descent: Arthur Silber's Call to Action
10/13/2007 19:24:28War Without End, Amen: The Sanguinary Vision of Robert Gates
10/13/2007 19:07:38Unguarded Moment: Another Brake on Tyranny Stripped Away
10/10/2007 10:29:38Pipe Dreams: War Profiteers Plow Under the Poor
10/09/2007 10:00:10The Filth Factor: Malkin Stalkin' Children to Defame Der Leader's Critics
10/08/2007 11:18:41Murderous Mummery: Marching Into Nightmare With General Petraeus
10/07/2007 22:57:05Annals of Liberation: Iraqis Cite Another Massacre of Civilians by American Airpower
10/04/2007 19:50:04Plain and Simple: Nothing But Ouster Will Stop Bush-Cheney Torture Regime
10/04/2007 17:14:40Fools Rush In: Over the Cliff With George and Dick
10/03/2007 08:35:43Back From the Hack, and Once More Into the Breach
09/28/2007 23:30:08Lost in the Roar: War Alarms Drowned by Beltway Bloodlust
09/27/2007 16:23:20Ninth Circle: The Widening Gyre of Iraq's Death Spiral
09/25/2007 12:55:49Ducks in a Row: Congress, Media Clamber on Board the War Train to Persia
09/25/2007 12:53:15Ducks in a Row: Congress, Media Clamber on Board the War Train to Persia
09/24/2007 07:07:33Fire Alarm: Feeding the Flames at Traitor's Gate
09/22/2007 12:21:24Captive Audience: Another Bush Thug Move Toward Iran War
09/20/2007 18:16:54Machine Tools: Another Terror War Triumph for the Texas Twerp
09/19/2007 22:36:06Bombs, Babes and Baksheesh: Civilization in Action
09/19/2007 12:43:19Tactical Diversion: The Mukasey Pick and the March to Iran
09/13/2007 18:56:14Borderline Case: Brits Join Bush Push for Iran Provocation
09/11/2007 09:29:08Nuclear Feudalism: Terror War Profits and the Crack-Up of Pakistan
09/11/2007 09:20:02The Imperator Reports:Let the Blood Flow On
09/10/2007 16:24:03Karma Chameleon: The Pimpernelian Shape-Shifting of Osama bin Laden
09/07/2007 10:14:48Please, Sir, May I Have Another? Surrender Monkeys on Parade
09/03/2007 00:07:04Post-Mortem America: Bush's Year of Triumph and the Hard Way Ahead
09/02/2007 01:48:24Bush Tucker: The Fatal Diversions of Would-Be Dissidents
08/30/2007 21:00:07Blood in the Water: Katrina and the Death of the Common Good
08/30/2007 20:54:51Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock: Countdown to Midnight in Persia
08/29/2007 08:13:24From the Lives of the Marionettes: Gonzo Gone But the Grotesquerie Goes On
08/25/2007 00:40:42Bipartisan Paradise: Liberals, Bush Unite in Ethnic Cleansing of Iraq
08/23/2007 03:03:14Trashing the Troops: The Bush-Cheney Way of War
08/20/2007 15:18:37The Time of the Assassins: Bushists Stirring Iraq, Iran Into a Bloody Stew
08/20/2007 15:13:50Goodbye to All That: Silber's Last Word on the War Against Iran
08/20/2007 14:54:26Project Management: Bushists Through the Looking-Glass on Iran Charges
08/16/2007 00:05:17Monsters Among Us: Living in a Torture State
08/15/2007 23:38:13Mob Rule: Gearing up for the Tehran Hit
08/14/2007 21:14:19Tool Time: Rove Goes But the Malevolent Machine Rolls On
08/13/2007 12:53:57Panic Attack: Rove Packs Bags in Big-Time Bushist Bug-Out
08/12/2007 22:29:29No Light, Just Tunnel: The Bipartisan Guarantee of Continuing War in Iraq
08/11/2007 10:35:23Goading Xerxes: A New Tactical Twist in the Coming War on Iran
08/09/2007 23:47:47From Pakistan to the Potomac: The Terror Warriors' Enduring Victory
08/09/2007 23:44:34Masters of Disaster: The Bush Gang Opens the Floodgates Again
08/08/2007 21:53:02False Positive: Bush's Deadly Odor of Mendacity
08/06/2007 22:10:45Danse Macabre: An Apology to Democrats
08/03/2007 21:10:36Everything is Broken: Money Power and the Minneapolis Bridge
08/02/2007 21:35:41Banana Republic: Chertoff, Chiquita and Right-Wing Death Squads
08/02/2007 19:36:53Bomber Obama: My Own Personal Terror War
07/31/2007 13:19:08Nightmare on Main Street: More on Bush's Anti-Dissent Order
07/31/2007 13:15:01Good News is No News: Profitable Ignorance of Extremist Recantations
07/20/2007 17:07:02The Legal Pervert's Parade: Executive Privilege Über Alles
07/18/2007 13:00:01No More Mister Nice Guy: Newsweek's Kremlin Fairy Tale
07/13/2007 18:18:07Out, Vile Jelly: The Blinding of America
07/13/2007 11:39:26Down in the Flood: The Senate's Blank Check for War on Iran
07/11/2007 21:00:18Saving Al Qaeda: Collective Punishment and Curious Policy in the "Surge"
07/10/2007 22:55:29"They Have Destroyed Everything": Terms of Debate on Iraq
07/03/2007 08:32:01Nuclear Exchange: Scooter Goes Free, World Gets Screwed
07/03/2007 08:14:33Nuclear Exchange: Scooter Goes Free, World Gets Screwed
07/02/2007 09:12:18Liberate With Extreme Prejudice: Another Civilian Slaughter in Afghanistan
06/27/2007 13:35:03Bringing Africa Together: The Unsung Triumph of George W. Bush
06/27/2007 13:22:11Alabama Getaway: Bush-Rove Legal Perversion Goes South
06/25/2007 12:45:17Chaos Come Again: Crackdown and Crack-Up in Somalia
06/25/2007 12:23:25Send in the Clowns: Congress Writes More Blank Checks for Bush Crime
06/23/2007 21:55:11Some Thoughts on A Tragic Legacy
06/22/2007 17:31:42Slap Doesn't Stick: Corrupted Congress Will Help Bush Escape Court Ruling
06/20/2007 11:35:12Alliance With Atrocity: Bush's Terror War Partners in Ethiopia
06/20/2007 11:24:50Alliance With Extremism: Bush's Terror War Partners in Pakistan
06/14/2007 20:25:00Another Bomb in Beirut: Roll Out the Media Boilerplate
06/13/2007 12:27:02'Kill Anyone Still Alive': American Special Ops in Somalia
06/12/2007 09:29:53Sic Semper Tyrannis: A Slap in the Face of the Crawford Caligula
06/10/2007 14:54:37Seasons in Hell: Voices From the American Gulag
06/10/2007 14:52:04Everything They Say About Promoting Democracy Is, And Always Has Been, A Damnable Lie
06/08/2007 14:24:04G8 - President Bush Taken Ill with a Stomach Ailment
06/07/2007 20:39:44Brothers in Arms: Bandar Bush Took a Billion in Bribes to Push UK Weapons Deal
06/05/2007 10:58:58Gulagian's Island: The Deadly Farce of Bush's Gitmo Tribunals
06/05/2007 10:55:48Holy Terror: Extremist Clerics Justify Killing Non-Combatants
06/05/2007 10:52:46The Sleep of Reason: Christopher Hitchens Takes a Roll in the Hay
05/30/2007 11:26:07Five Gears in Reverse: The Cold War and Modern Moral Cowardice
05/29/2007 22:21:04General Strike: Another Officer Denounces Military Aggression
05/29/2007 22:18:33The Mirror Crack'd: Into the Lebanese Labyrinth with the Angry Arab
05/24/2007 13:31:29It's Alright, Ma, They're Only Bleeding: Dems Sell Out, Slaughter Goes On
05/22/2007 23:17:06Guardian at the Gates: Surging Toward War With Iran
05/22/2007 23:14:26The Powerful Odor of Mendacity: From Wiretaps to War
05/21/2007 20:47:34Father of Lies: The Pope's Genocidal Revisionism
05/18/2007 15:09:54Hallelujah Trail: Terror War "Regime Change" Comes to the Holy Land
05/18/2007 14:56:49Friends Reunited: Back to Bipartisan Business on the Slaughter in Iraq
05/16/2007 09:05:55See No Evil: Somalia Sinks Into the Pit as the World Looks Away
05/16/2007 08:57:14Jesus Called; Jerry Answered: A Prayer for Brother Falwell
05/15/2007 12:01:39War Without End, Amen: Democrat Leaders Limber Up for Double-Cross
05/12/2007 08:43:57Parting Shot: Blair Jails Two to Shield "Madman" Bush
05/10/2007 17:30:41Bush Partners Cut Off Woman's Head; President Signals Approval of Extremist Act
05/09/2007 13:04:17Progress Report: Redefining Forward Motion in Iraq
05/08/2007 12:36:41Black Hawk Rising: CIA Warlords Take Control in Mogadishu
05/04/2007 18:35:40The "No Mercy" Doctrine Strikes Again in Afghanistan
05/04/2007 18:31:34Surging Into Slaughter: The Bipartisan Death Grip on Iraq
05/02/2007 12:11:52Fear Factor: Press Plays 9/11 Card to Justify Somalia Slaughter
05/01/2007 09:17:55"No Mercy": Annals of the Afghan Liberation
04/26/2007 21:02:14Reality Check: Genuine Journalism Exposes Somali Horrors
04/25/2007 15:42:18The Lies of the Times: NYT Pushes Bush Line on Somalia
04/23/2007 23:44:57Ghetto Blaster: Bush Accelerates Concrete Cage Plan for Baghdad
04/23/2007 15:04:19Where the Dead Rot in the Streets: Bush's Terror War in Somalia Rages On
04/21/2007 11:13:16In the Ghetto: Bush Begins Forced Ethnic Partition of Baghdad
04/12/2007 16:39:58Green Zone Down: Bomb Hits Parliament As Bush Moves to Make Baghdad a Prison
04/12/2007 15:45:52Kilgore Trout Has Left the Building: Kurt Vonnegut Dead
04/10/2007 15:32:38Children in Chains: This is the New America
04/03/2007 08:35:32Things That Go Bump in the Night: The President and His Perverts
03/28/2007 22:36:10Intelligent Design: Consciousness and Culpability in the Mind of George Bush
03/27/2007 14:47:50Once Were Soldiers: More Bush Abuse for Cannon Fodder
03/27/2007 14:44:27Blood and Irony: No-Flying the Unfriendly Skies of Iraq
03/23/2007 17:53:22Getting Away With It: Rendition and Regime Change in Somalia
03/23/2007 17:44:14Blues for Allah: More Blood in the Wake of the "War on Terror"
03/20/2007 11:55:31Hubris and Obscenity:Imperial Ambitions on Naked Display
03/17/2007 16:43:43Doomsday Book: Bush Literary Lunch Foretells Horrors Ahead
03/13/2007 11:15:33Sucker Punch: The Heart of Darkness in the Libby Case
03/12/2007 11:37:51Down By Law: Vulture Funds Feeding on the Dispossessed
03/09/2007 22:51:03The Poison Kitchen: Mark Steyn's Racist Stew
03/09/2007 08:50:19Dems Get Tough: No More Nuts From the Mullahs
03/05/2007 20:30:33A Tale of Two Houses: How the Clintons and Bushes Took us to Hell
02/28/2007 23:24:27The Anguish of the Overlords: Bush Brother Stands Up for Saudi Royals
02/28/2007 23:09:39Supporting the Troops: "Shut Up and Suffer"
02/27/2007 14:15:08V-I Day is Close at Hand: New Oil Law Approved in Bushist Baghdad
02/27/2007 13:23:41Brothers in Arms Again: Bush Faction Arming Al Qaeda to Thwart Iran
02/23/2007 19:51:37The Goat Song of Tony Blair: Presaging the End of the Iraq Misadventure
02/22/2007 18:04:00Exquisite Corpus: Judges Junk Great Writ for Bush's Gulag
02/22/2007 16:44:37Bearing False Witness: A New Tool for Authoritarians
02/20/2007 23:22:41Annals of Liberation: Riverbend on the Rape of Sabrine al-Janabi
02/20/2007 23:18:38Annals of Liberation: Bush Surge Accelerates Assault on Iraq Academics
02/19/2007 12:13:08A Man in Full: Bush's Sexual Fantasies About Bin Laden
02/19/2007 12:08:44Untamed Atrocity: "Creative Destruction" at Work in Baghdad
02/13/2007 18:30:54Ulster on the Euphrates: The Anglo-American Dirty War in Iraq
02/13/2007 11:12:13 George and Mahmoud: Folie à Deux in the Persian Gulf
02/11/2007 17:35:05Storming Heaven: The Rise of Pseudo-Christian FascismStorming Heaven: The Rise of Pseudo-Christian Fascism
02/11/2007 11:11:48Catapulting the Propaganda at the New York Times
02/07/2007 16:28:10Ersatz Apocalypto: Slaughter and Spin in the Battle for Najaf
02/03/2007 20:40:53Bush Backers Offer Bribes to Undercut Global Warming Report
01/30/2007 17:18:22Shooting Party: Big Bangs in Little Bushworld
01/29/2007 09:28:41Untruth and Consequences: The Reality Behind Iran War Rhetoric
01/28/2007 23:02:17Friendly Fire? Another Look at Brazen Raid in Iraq
01/26/2007 18:27:11Death and Dishonor: Bush's New Assassination Order
01/24/2007 12:01:48Blogging a Dead Horse; or The Ballad of Luther Baldwin
01/19/2007 08:38:32Burnt Offering: 3,000 Sacrifices to Greed and Folly
01/18/2007 14:51:56Court Circular: Richard Cohen and the Apologists of Power
01/16/2007 08:01:21Iran and Reality: A Flickering Light on the Edge of Disaster
01/14/2007 11:06:50Get Your War On: Bush Plays Casus Belli Card Against Iran
01/13/2007 09:23:19Marching to Persia: First Blows Struck in Bush's War on Iran
01/10/2007 23:39:14Mondo Apocalypto: Somalis Sacrificed for Bush's Speech
01/10/2007 23:33:27Blood Meridian: Bush's High Crimes of Torture and War
01/09/2007 20:09:21US Attacks Somalia, Taking Sides With Former Enemy Warlords
01/09/2007 00:04:26Claiming the Prize: Bush Surge Aimed at Securing Iraqi Oil
01/04/2007 21:00:49Thug Bones in Bushland and Babylon
01/01/2007 20:29:29CYA for the USA: The Coverup of Complicity Continues
12/31/2006 14:26:03Hang Times: A Whitewash of White House Complicity
12/31/2006 13:56:08 Illegal Procedure: The Quick and the Dead
12/31/2006 13:50:40Rope Trick: Burying America's Collusion With Saddam
12/27/2006 11:12:40The Enduring Legacy of Gerald R. Ford
12/25/2006 20:04:04Escalation and Expansion: Bush's "Great Leap Forward" Into Hell
12/23/2006 03:14:23Last Bad Deal Gone Down: War Profits Trump the Rule of Law
12/22/2006 01:05:01A Chronicle of Escalation Foretold: The Red Crescent Assault
12/20/2006 06:39:40Let It Come Down: Forcing the Constitutional Crisis of Liberty
12/18/2006 08:41:43Annals of the Damned Human Race: Liberating Afghans, Body and Soul
12/16/2006 17:28:18Tears of Rage, Tears of Grief: Mass Death Returns to Ishaqi
12/13/2006 06:30:38Presidential Tyranny Untamed by Election Defeat
12/12/2006 04:59:49America's Shame: Brought Low By a Gang of Cretins
12/07/2006 12:59:11Meese of Arabia and the Baker Group's Grab for Black Gold
12/06/2006 14:29:15Voices Carry: Metaphysics as a Guide to Murder
12/04/2006 05:41:18 Pale Fire and London Fog: Illuminating Outliers in the Death of Alexander Litvinenko
12/01/2006 08:41:45Pale Fire and London Fog: Illuminating Outliers in the Death of Alexander Litvinenko
11/29/2006 17:17:00Hideous Kinky: The Genocidal Fury of Thomas Friedman
11/27/2006 19:00:32"Our War Against Canada": Alex Cox and the Long March of American Militarism
11/27/2006 06:51:55Women and Children First: The Lessons of Iraq
11/23/2006 09:24:53Giving Thanks in the Shadow of the Terror War
11/21/2006 02:45:56 Who Killed RFK? New BBC Documentary Points to CIA
11/20/2006 05:16:24Snow Blind: American-Backed Murder in Colombia
11/17/2006 14:26:38Family Feud: Little Bush Hits Back at Daddy
11/17/2006 14:13:14Freshman Class War: New Senator Sends Message on Economic Injustice
11/16/2006 11:35:40 Bush's "New" Iraq Strategy Revealed: More Troops, More War
11/16/2006 09:22:59Sympathetic Labour Pains: Tony Blair's Post-Election Panic Attack
11/15/2006 01:44:09No Exit: The Baker Commission and the Trap of Reality
11/10/2006 13:07:46A Beacon of Hope and Unity in the Middle East
11/09/2006 10:31:11The Deeper Reality Behind Rumsfeld's Resignation
11/08/2006 17:33:10Election 2006: Been Down So Long It Looks Like Up To Me
11/07/2006 11:14:19Armagideon Time: Bush's Nuclear Folly and the National Security Lie
11/07/2006 11:11:09Sandinista! How Will Bush Make Nicaragua Pay for its Disobedience?
11/06/2006 04:28:48Behind Bush's Nuclear Gift to Terrorism
11/06/2006 04:23:20Paper Trail:Turning the Corner With a Timely Verdict
11/03/2006 16:34:11Endgame: The Lights Are Going Out All Over Baghdad
11/01/2006 06:22:45Postcards of the Hanging: Race and Sex in Tennessee
10/31/2006 16:10:13The "War for Oil" Comes Home
10/27/2006 13:41:29Catapulting the Propaganda with the Washington Post
10/26/2006 08:44:46Long Black Veil: Tony Blair's Deadly Game of Muslim-Bashing
10/25/2006 10:02:07Blood and Gravy II: The Jackal's Feast Goes On
10/24/2006 05:06:29Brutality and Reality: The American-Israeli Arrangement
10/18/2006 11:05:51Sentimental Education: Academia Signs Up for Tracking Down Dissent
10/17/2006 08:41:29Why Bush Smiles: Victory is at Hand in Iraq
10/12/2006 08:09:54Text Sex and Context: Foleygate in Perspective
10/11/2006 08:20:18Coming to America: The Disappeared
10/10/2006 16:05:53Red October: Killing the Truth in Moscow
10/10/2006 12:07:42Swing Blades: Don Rumsfeld Bats Both Ways
10/02/2006 04:47:43War in Heaven: Woodward's Book and the Establishment Insurgency
09/30/2006 01:49:41Thunder on the Mountain: The Murderers of Democracy
09/21/2006 11:09:31Immaculate Conception: A Squirt in the White House


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