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Putin's Right - America is Creating Havoc
Sunday, 18 February 2007 16:26
by Ed Kociela

The language of diplomacy is normally as delicate as it is purposeful.

That’s why Russian President Vladimir Putin’s recent strong comments about the United States undermining global stability must not be taken lightly.

He accused the United States of provoking a new nuclear arms race, making the Middle East more unstable because of how it has handled the war in Iraq and undermining international institutions like the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, which he said this country has turned into “a vulgar instrument, ensuring the foreign policy interests of one country.”

It’s called imperialism, it’s something this administration does well and it’s dangerous to the point of possible aggression from a number of sides.

The Red Scare of the Cold War was a vicious time when Us vs. Them took on titanic proportions and we all wondered if our next breath would be our last because of an insane nuclear race that grew to a point where the United States and former Union of Soviet Socialist Republic could blow us all to smithereens several times over.

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The Berlin Wall came down, the U.S.S.R. was dissolved and everything was pretty cool for awhile.

Until this untidy little mess in the Middle East where now everybody wants in on the nuclear act — from Pakistan and India to, we are told, Iran.

And, of course, there’s North Korea, with whom we still have an unsettled beef despite the current public pandering.

There are hundreds of nuclear weapons that have disappeared into the night from the old U.S.S.R. that have been, according to some investigators, bartered on the black market, which is a legit concern.

But, there is also truth in Putin’s words; mean animal-talk truth.

The U.S. is making this world a more unstable place.

It has botched the job in Iraq.

It has tried to use its muscle to turn world opinion against those who do not measure up to our self-serving “standards.”

And, indeed, it is causing the need, in some corners, for development of defensive nuclear weapons because of its insistence on pursuing bunker busters and a missile defense system umbrella that may or may not work.

But, our leaders just don’t get it.

The administration believes might and muscle build the only path to success, that by having one more nuke than the other guy you have the upper hand.

Our representatives believe symbolic resolutions will change things, bring soldiers back from Iraq, turn the mind of the administration, end the senseless bloodshed and violence.

So Putin’s right and, as a result, these guys should all be committed, put away in a place far, far away from Washington, D.C. where they can do no more harm and allow us to rejoin the world community.
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