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Digest Financial and State Terrorism: From Bailout October 2008 to March 31, 2009
Saturday, 04 April 2009 08:39
by Zahir Ebrahim

News Analysis in Full Context – A perspective borne of forensic study and an iota of commonsense

Interview of Webster Tarpley on Alex Jones March 30, 2009

Watch pt1 pt2 pt3 pt4 pt5 pt6 pt7

“When your country is reduced to a ravaged wreck and derelict floating aimlessly on the ocean of adventures run by bankers, the United States is now a ship of fools run by derivatives bankers, this is what you gonna get.”
— Webster Tarpley
“This whole thing about Military-Industrial Complex – there is none. It's the Wall Street, banking, derivatives, hedge-fund, zombie-bank complex that's running the United States.”
— Webster Tarpley
“The Queen – Obama is practicing the kow-tow. In other words, he is practicing the hands and the head on the floor in front of the Queen. It's a moment of great humiliation for the United States. He is going to be received by Queen Elizabeth. [Alex Jones:] He is being received on April Fools day, tomorrow, then he goes on to Europe for G20, and it says in Telegraph, he is practicing etiquette and gifts and how to bow to her. The first sitting present to go for an audience!”
— Webster Tarpley

The calculated Machiavellian de-industrialization of America, starting with the first Zbigniew Brzezinski Trilateralists' Administration (Jimmy Carter being the front-man), to the present Zbigniew Brzezinski Trilateralists' Administration (Barack Obama being the new 'Messianic' front-man), is one devilish continuum towards the pre-planned “Thermodynamic Collapse” of America into a third world country where suddenly nothing will work any more! The pernicious treachery was craftily executed in the intervening epoch by all American Presidents, both Republican and Democrats, each of whom dutifully implemented the final-phases of the globalists' agenda seeded as domestic and foreign policy prescriptions by the CFR and many a bankster-funded think-tank along the Potomac and Hudson. The prescription of respectively off-shoring America's industrial base, and perpetuating “America's own dominant position for at least a generation and preferably longer”. Thus together, they have finally succeed in making “an end run around national sovereignty, eroding it piece by piece [to] accomplish much more than the old-fashioned frontal assault”!

And the blood-sucking bankster 'Trilaterals over America' couldn't be happier en-route to their orchestration of one-world government which is now palpably out into the open.

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Only the indoctrinated idiots and fools, dupes and patsies, ideological shills and paid mercenaries, will continue to deny that the triumvirate crises of global financial collapse, global war on terror, and global-warming are not the globalist oligarchs' deliberately manufactured terrorism upon the peoples of the world, including the people of the United States! The mercenaries and shills will all accept its reality only after irreversible fait accompli has been seeded and harvested – but not while anything can be done to effectively reverse the course. The first ones to change their positions ex post facto will be the much lauded but manufactured dissent-space chiefs – on both the 'left' and the 'right'.

The population reduction agenda of NSSM-200 looms large as among the first debasing criminal acts to be undertaken in the 'one-world' government for the culling of humanity based on eugenics and 'useless-eaters'. The mantra for it is already in motion. It is the first time in the history of civilization that the knowledge, the tools, the deployment, and the pretexts, have all finally become available in today's scientific modernity to rigorously and very effectively orchestrate population reduction, thus making up for all the lost years of bemoaning its ineffectiveness by David Rockefeller, Prince Philip, Robert McNamara, and Bertrand Russell.

Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, is especially noteworthy of mention here for his stated passion to be personally involved in the elimination of the species. He is cited as one of the leading figures worldwide who “have taken courageous stands on the population issue and its connection to the environmental problems”, and therefore, his misanthropic zeal ought not be taken lightly: “In the event that I am reincarnated, I would like to return as a deadly virus, in order to contribute something to solve overpopulation.”

So, while the gullible fools – degreed, credentialed, certified, and otherwise – merely live on “happy-happy in hope and voluntary servitude” self-obsessed in their own petty lives believing “god is running the world”, or believing that the “Islamofascists are out to get us” and therefore 'United We Stand' against them, or accept the mantra that “it's the fault of free-market capitalism gone awry” which needs draconian new global governance structures, the omnipotent devil, variously disguised as a peanut farmer, a B-grade actor, a pathetic profligate, a D-grade pilot, a C-grade fool, and an A-grade reincarnated 'Messiah', rapidly orchestrates its black-magic for constructing faits accomplis in deceptively small baby-steps.

Watch the Re-confirmation of 'Change' Fiction for the present reincarnation of the superdevil in Alex Jones' film “The Obama Deception

Splitting the Sky Arrested for Attempting a Citizen's Arrest on George W. Bush

In order to comprehend what's going on – please see the book by the legal scholar Professor Francis Boyle, Protesting Power: War, Resistance, and Law, or read it online here. Francis Boyle observes in the very first chapter titled: “The Right to engage in Civil Resistance to Prevent State Crimes”, items 15-16, pages 9-10:

The judgment of the Nuremberg International Military Tribunal meted out severe punishment in 1946 against individuals who, acting in full compliance of domestic law but in disregard of the limitations of international law, had committed war crimes as defined in its Charter 6 F.R.D 69 (1948). That Charter has been enacted as a law of the United States, 59 Stat. 5144 (1945). See also U.S. War Crimes Act, 18 U.S.C. 2441. By implication, the Nuremberg judgment privileges all citizens of nations engaged in war crimes to act in a measured but effective way to prevent the continuing commissions of those crimes. The same privilege is recognized by means of Article 38 of the Statute of the International Court of Justice, “General Principles of Law Recognized by All Civilized Nations,” which has been adopted as a Treaty by the United States.

In the present day, there has been a breakdown in the Constitutional principle of checks and balances which implements the separation of powers; most notably neither Congress nor courts have been willing to ensure that the Executive Branch act within the law that limits method and means of the threat or use of military force. ... In spite of years in which these Defendants have participated in citizens petitions, letters, referendums, civil cases, requests for criminal prosecution and the recent decisions on these questions with the full participation of the United States before the International Court of Justice, the U.S. Flouts its responsibility to abide by the laws of war, laws to which we are fundamentally bound. Under these circumstances, where redress within traditional channels is refused and ineffective, domestic criminal law coincides with the “Nuremberg privilege” mentioned in the preceding paragraph to afford a justification for seeming violations of criminal laws in an effort to prevent the war crimes outlined above.

Splitting the Sky – 9/11: Follow The Money

Life-long activist, Splitting the Sky appeared at St. Ann's Academy, Victoria, BC, on November 29, 2008. In this impassioned and authoritative speech he meticulously follows the bloody and labyrinthine trail of corruption and money, which leads him to conclude that a cast of top-level financiers and international secret service agencies were behind the events of 9/11.

It is heartening that native American Indian Activist John Boncore, an Iroquois whose “Mohawk name, Dacajeweiah, translated into English means Splitting the Sky”, has quite independently arrived at the same thinking-logic, and the same rational forensic analysis, based on the same observable data-sets and commonsense that is publicly available to anyone, as Project Humanbeingsfirst. Splitting the Sky reported that there are of the order of 150 million web pages doing research on 911 and demanding justice, and that many of them are reaching similar conclusion-space!

This talk is a must-watch, for Splitting the Sky elegantly connects many of the same dots as Project Humanbeingsfirst, but goes deeper into the specific uncovering of the financial players, names their names, identifies their inter-relationships and their corporate linkages with the 38 corporations that profited from the put options on 911 which he also names. He does an awesome job of making the case that financial terrorism and 911 are joined at the hip for the same purposes as already outlined by Project Humanbeingsfirst: the financial oligarchs' orchestration of 'one-world' government. Also see Splitting the Sky's website and autobiography “From Attica to Gustafsen Lake”.

The “Lawful Rebellion...” — John Harris – It's an illusion: January 24, 2009

Link what is happening in the United Kingdom as disclosed by John Harris and others at the Lawful Rebellion Conference, to what is transpiring in the United States.

The United States of America is a Corporation too:

(15) “United States” means—
(A) a Federal corporation;
(B) an agency, department, commission, board, or other entity of the United States; or
(C) an instrumentality of the United States. — U.S. Code collection Definitions

- “The USA Isn’t a Country, It’s a Corporation!” — The Dot Connector magazine

- “Neuro Linguistic Programming is now an epidemic through the newspapers, the media, a very nasty organization called 'Common Purpose', through a lot of other vehicles, courses, and that Neuro Linguistic Programming, reframing of people, is beginning to change how they think, and how they act. So that when you hear a senior police constable saying you can't let officers ride bike because it's dangerous, that police constable believes what he is telling you. So every time your brain starts telling you that's ridiculous, that's crazy, that's madness, I want you to start thinking just may be that person is not normal... Under the surface of this country, there is a very nasty cancer. It's been put in a long time with the corrupt bankers and the politicians, but this cancer is now undermining the way our society functions.” — Brian Gerrish, State of the Nation, “Lawful Rebellion” Conference, 24th January 2009, United Kingdom.

- “There's going to be growing conflict between the classes and if people are unemployed and really hurting, hell, there could be even riots! ... In 1907, when we had a massive banking crisis, when banks were beginning to collapse, there were going to be riots in the streets,” — Zbigniew Brzezinski, MSNBC's Morning Joe, February 18, 2009

Zbigniew Brzezinski is practicing the subliminal art of Orwellian Neuro Linguistic Programming to in fact get mainstreet USA to riot, in order to usher in the Police State USA! For, the prognostications and conditional-analysis made in “Why Bluff Martial Law?”, are indeed coming closer to being realized.

In that conversation on Morning Joe, it is, as if, Brzezinski had never authored his seminal work “Between Two Ages: America's Role in the Technetronic Era”, was never appointed Executive Director of the Trilateral Commission by David Rockefeller, is not a life long member of the Council on Foreign Relations, and none of which seek to manufacture 'one-world' banksters' government, the satanic journey on “The Hard Road To World Order”, whereby, “'house of world order' [is to] be built from the bottom up, rather than from the top down, [to make it] look like a great ‘booming, buzzing confusion’, [in order to force] an end run around national sovereignty, eroding it piece by piece [to] accomplish much more than the old-fashioned frontal assault.” And, it is also as if, the empire's circus clowns at MSNBC's Morning Joe had never ever heard of any of these matters either!

The Comprehensive Annual Financial Report – CAFR – Shocking Revelations by Walter Burien

The fact that United States of America is a for-profit Corporation – a legal fiction orchestrated through judicial fiat – is not only lost to all its ordinary citizens, but also to most of the denizens of the planet. And equally un-remarkably, being a predatory super-corporation in no less measure to being a predatory superpower, the United States government also owns the majority stock in America's publicly traded corporations lending new levels of meaning to Communism. Walter Burien's amazing documentary “CAFR - The Biggest Game in Town”, and his extensive website http://cafr1.com, provide sufficient analytical perspective, as well as a plethora of documentation regarding federal, state, and local governments' Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports issued by those very governmental bodies and their surrogate agencies, to lend enormous conclusive substance to the late Congressional investigator Norman Dodd's disclosures to G. Edward Griffin in the following historic interview (see below).

The one key central point in this astounding CAFR documentary which has shocked me concerning the level of 'fraud by statutory design' built into the United States system, is the following. I do not know if such parallels exist in the other G-7 developed nations, but since the US government is operationally set up as a federal corporation, as are all its various operational subsidiary entities at federal, state, and local levels, and all of which make financial investments and also have expenditure budgets, it commonsensically follows that these governmental corporations also ought to follow the financial accounting principles of regular corporations which are governed by the stringent Securities and Exchange Commission rules and regulations for reporting their financial statements. Whereas, what Walter Burien reveals of the CAFR, this is not the case. What he reveals is not only shocking, but outright institutionalized kleptocracy in plain sight but with a conspiracy of non-disclosure to the public.

And that is the level of intellectual accounting fraud, if exposed to the American public, and if properly understood by them, can actually bring about a second revolution in this country.

For it was indeed, on financial matters alone, and the concomitant strangulation of the public by the Crown through the legalized twain oppression of high taxation and interest-bearing currency leading to public deprivation, which caused 1776 to happen. The same conditions exist in spades today only awaiting some genuinely patriotic and courageous peoples to step up to the plate and lead the charge, which if not taken urgently, will only lead to a confirmation of fait accompli which is today writ large in the absence of any “Patrick Henrys” in the world.

The following is what is narrated in the documentary, and this core point is what you, the reader, must go validate for your ownself in its full context. Note that the key contribution of Walter Burien, is the synthesis of that overarching context and situating the CAFR within it. This synthesis is entirely missing in all discourses in the United States. Why, for instance, did the “arguably most important intellectual alive” never reveal any of this? Did he not know it? Or because, as an intellectual whose self-proclaimed job it is to ferret out lies and deceit (see “Responsibility of Intellectuals” and its “Redux”), if he had, the NYT would most assuredly not have bestowed that fantastic title upon him, and quite likely, he would be just as beleaguered and hounded today (see “Noam Chomsky, closet capitalist”) as any of the handful of genuine truth-tellers like Eustace Mullins who is the oldest living intellectual to first reveal the “Secrets of the Federal Reserve”. Hear Eustace Mullins in this talk in Canada, and hear Walter Burien in this talk in Arizona, and decide who are the un-pretentious and genuinely courageous Galillean-intellectuals in the West, and what one might do to support them and support the mission they selflessly carry on behalf of entire humanity.

The Biggest Game in Town, at 05: 09 minutes:

“I saw that figure, and instantly realized the definition of syndicated organized crime.

Here we had a represented to the public, of the state of New Jersey was bringing in $17 Billion, when in reality, they are bringing in close to $86 Billion. They had a $188 Billion in liquid investment funds. [1989 CAFR for New Jersey]

I also learned the principle of operation that day. Anything that was a cost, and an expense, traditional service side of the budget report - health and welfare, human services, motor vehicles - was left in the budgetary basis, and the public footed 100% of the bill, for a 100% of the services.

Now anything that was a profit center, had the ability of being a profit center, large investment fund that generated tens and hundreds of millions of dollars, totally restricted by statute for no tie or inclusion what so ever with the budgetary basis.

Now this is what I have called the biggest game in town.”

Based on the narrated context, please examine some CAFR reports yourself. A cache may be found at http://cafr1.com/STATES/

Now compare this overarching US governmental ownership of the globalized economy, with the bizarre goals disclosed by congressional investigator Norman Dodd. Titled “The Hidden Agenda of Tax Exempt Foundations for World Government”, it provides a significant missing piece to the puzzle of modern history, which was also substantially noted by W. Cleon Skousen in the opening pages of his incisive commentary to the seminal 1966 book Tragedy and Hope in these portentous words:

“I think the Communist conspiracy is merely a branch of a much bigger conspiracy!”

The above statement was made to this reviewer several years ago by Dr. Bella Dodd, a former member of the National Committee of the U.S. Communist Party.

Perhaps this is an appropriate introduction to a review of Dr. Carroll Quigley's book, Tragedy and Hope.

Dr. Dodd said she first became aware of some mysterious super-leadership right after World War II when the U.S. Communist Party had difficulty getting instructions from Moscow or several vital matters requiring immediate attention. The American Communist hierarchy was told that any time they had an emergency of this kind they should contact any one of three designated persons at Waldorf Towers. Dr. Dodd noted that whenever the Party obtained instructions from any of these three men, Moscow always ratified them.

What puzzled Dr. Dodd was the fact that not one of these three contacts was a Russian. Nor were any of them Communists. In fact, all three were extremely wealthy American capitalists.

Dr. Dodd said, “I would certainly like to find out who is really running things.”

... Why would men in charge of the world's massive financial problems want an exposed Soviet agent such as Harry Dexter White to occupy such a highly important position in the World Bank?

... It was not long after this that the former Chairman of the Federal Reserve Board began advocating economic aid and comfort to Communist China. — The Naked Capitalist, pg. 1-2, 1970.

The 'one-world' government under rapid construction even as we speak, has all the manifest characteristics of communism of the former Soviet Union and Red China, except, that in this case, all the world's wealth is owned by the international banksters at the top of the hierarchical pyramid, the foundational layer of which is the 'uber' Corporation of the sole superpower United States of America. It isn't co-incidental that the name 'Federal Reserve Board' crops up in W. Cleon Skousen's narrative. For it is indeed the visible part of the same pyramid atop of which, resides the ubiquitous guardian-angel's all-seeing unseen eye. Look at the back of a U.S. dollar bill issued by the Federal Reserve System.

You of course don't believe any of this – for surely, how can such a deep conspiracy remain hidden for so long? Well, first of all, empiricism determines reality, not narratives. For some current empirical data which only makes sense through the clear unvarnished lens of world communism under central planning, management, and full spectrum ownership of the international bankster oligarchs, please listen carefully to the following two audio interviews of economist and historian Michael Hudson, March 04, 2009, and economist Michel Chossudovsky, March 11, 2009, speaking to one of my favorite alternate-media anchors, Bonnie Faulkner on Guns and Butter.

See Financial Terrorism January-February 2009 - Financial News Analysis in Context for a detailed analysis by Project Humanbeingsfirst of matters which appear to be fait accompli, barring some unexpected state-level interventions from nations in Asia. For, the masses in all nations have indeed been dramatically neutralized, leaving only state-powers to act in self-defense (if only the arsonists hadn't also already taken over the fire brigades!). Also see David Icke's perspective in “PLEASE DON'T RIOT ... IT'S JUST WHAT 'THEY' WANT”. Russia is craftily being setup for war as the planned agenda of the Obama Administration (see “Mr. Obama – The Post Modern Coup”), and unless the judomaster Mr. Vladimir Putin immediately goes on the counter-offensive as outlined in “Press Release The Only Solution to Avoid Total War May 15, 2008” and “Georgia-Russia: It's a Classic Brzezinski Project!”, the grandmasters and their paymasters have already won.

Please do read “Why Not Be An Ostrich? February 13, 2009” to understand that the agendist-antagonists play chess in other peoples' blood – with many moves lookahead, and many counter-moves, and counter-counter moves, over a long term planning horizon, many decades long, with infinite resources and their own orchestrated legalism at their disposal. The protagonists on the other hand merely react day to day, moment to moment, no look-ahead, no planning, no execution – only tactical reactionary play. With not a penny to their name to effectively bring to bear any efficacy on the matters, they have no ability to mobilize public opinion, their only potent counter to hectoring hegemons. It is not for nothing that many a superlative statesman has timelessly opined: the price of liberty is eternal vigilance. If you stay asleep all your life chasing your “American Dream” (see “Prisoners of the Cave”), you move not a muscle when others are being bombed to smithereens (see “America's Shame!”), you care not when others are being bonded through economic conscription (see “Introducing A Game As Old As Empire”), and finally, when your own house is on fire, you suddenly wake up to frantically look for water to douse it while the arsonists have already taken over all the fire brigades in town. Well, you know the efficacy of that. It is called fait accompli.

For more perspective and prior context, see Financial Terrorism November-December 2008, and the Monetary Reform Bibliography: A self-study guide for uncovering the agendas behind the economics gibberish.

Reach your own conclusions – don't take anything you read here at face value.

Financial Terrorism January-February 2009

G7 sets sights on 'new world economic order', Agence France-Presse, February 14 2009

'ROME (AFP) – The world's richest nations called Saturday for urgent reform of global finance to save the world from the economic devastation that is dragging more and more countries into recession. Italy's Finance Minister called for a "new world economic order" as he wrapped up the crisis meeting of finance leaders from the Group of Seven leading economies over which he presided here. In a joint declaration, the G7 called for "urgent reforms" of the international financial system. ... "A new world economic order might seem rhetorical," he told reporters. "But it is a true goal we should be aiming towards... today right here in Rome we've embarked on a very significant journey, both technical and ethical." ... The global crisis "has highlighted fundamental weaknesses in the international financial system and that urgent reforms are needed," the statement said. US Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner vowed that his country, the biggest economy in the world and the source of much of the financial drama in recent months, would work with other nations for a consensus on reforms. "We need to begin the process of comprehensive reform of our financial system and the international financial system, so the world never again faces a crisis this severe," Geithner said after the talks. Dominique Strauss-Kahn, head of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) — the body coming to the rescue of some crisis-hit countries — said restructuring banks damaged by the credit crunch was the main problem facing governments. ... The document hailed stimulus actions taken by other countries, singling out China which it also praised for its "continued commitment to move to a more flexible exchange rate." '

The New World Order is really pretty much a fait accompli. Being an ostrich doesn't really serve any function. The arsonists have taken over all the fire brigades in town, and in every town and city. The hyperinflation of the dollar is an irreversible done deal. The following Glenn Beck video from FOX News graphically shows the official United States debt, which is the same as the amount of U.S. currency in existence. See it by each decade from 1900 to 2006 here. This isn't even the tip of the iceberg however of what has deliberately been orchestrated by the financial houses in New York. The quadrillion+ dollar (1000 trillion dollars) derivatives paper-debt that nobody can exactly quantify nor fully comprehend – a mirage, a contrived and manufactured financial gibberish paper con-game calculatingly instrumented by the very arsonists who are now clamoring to lead the fire-brigade to save the world – is what is being referred to here: “We need to begin the process of comprehensive reform of our financial system and the international financial system, so the world never again faces a crisis this severe”. And their solution is: “A new world economic order”.

Meanwhile, the arsonists are crashing the dollar in the guise of fighting that lighted fire by the various open-ended deficit spending Bills in trillions, as the new mantra of “stimulus”. This includes payout of billions for overpriced bank bailouts – up to 10 and 20 times the asset value – in the name of shoring up the equity side of the equation since, as the financiers argue, nothing may now be done about the astronomical liability side of the equation incurred by the derivatives bubble. How convenient! See The Bank Swindle in Perspective in order to appreciate the complex looting of the public treasury in legal guise, sanctioned by the mighty United States Congress, and then forced across the world as the only solution to the financial crisis. To acutely comprehend why the “stimulus” is just another mantra, a Rand/CFR joint production like the “WMD in Iraq” and “Al Qaeeda” mantras, see “Mr. Obama's New Deal” and Why won't President Obama's 'Stimulus' work?. As Captain Rhett Butler had shrewdly observed:

Oh, yes! What most people don't seem to realize is that there is just as much money to be made out of the wreckage of a civilization as from the upbuilding of one.” — Gone With The Wind

Soon the arsonists will go back to Congress and lament: 'oops!, the stimulus didn't work; sorry, the dollar is now worthless, we are in the middle of the worst depression known to mankind, there are riots everywhere, food shortages everywhere, global warming is gonna cause floods, Osama bin Laden has unleashed a bio-terror nuclear attack; so we need to create a new economic union, a new full spectrum mutual defense union, and a new world order Constitution for the American continent to protect our peoples and address the global threats'.

That baby-step solution for the collapsed dollar will be the North American Union under a common central bank. It has been under subversive instrumentation as part of the Trilateralists' agenda for as long as the European Union, and will be just as rapidly deployed with an iron fist despite similar popular public opposition, because, “World government could only be kept in being by force”. Understand Glenn Beck's and Bill O'Reilly's mocking-chutzpah and double entendres displayed in this video clip in “Why Not Be An Ostrich”.

And the most fruitful realization of Captain Rhett Butler's swashbuckling truism is yet to come, the profiting “from the upbuilding” of civilization: the new Gold Standard which will be pitched with Congressman Ron Paul's help as the panacea demanded by the peoples. Since all the world's gold bullion supply, and the world's gold mines, are already under monopoly control of the same arsonists, no problem.

In the New Economic World Order, with global central banks – themselves controlled from behind the scenes by the same handful of private family banks owned by the Rothschilds, the Rockefellers – managing the world's merged global monetary system as well as all the world's political governments in a global governance architecture, it won't be a problem returning to the Gold Standard. All the fine gold will have to be purchased from the same private international banksters in order to back the trillions in new common currency issued for transacting the entire world's commerce. How convenient once again!

The new monetary system will be happily made inflation averse amidst cheers from the foolish goyem of the world. The new gold based standard after all, does have to protect the enormous wealth of the private banksters from inflationary-erosion in a largely serf-world of the New World Order, wherein, the only real asset owners are the banks. The new financial empire also has to be stable enough to last a millennium! Can't have inflation eroding away all its loot as it did moms and pops meager assets and life savings in the twentieth century. Why indeed the Gold Standard will now make perfect sense for the banksters and the handful of real wealth owners of the world, was so passionately explained over a hundred years ago by William Jennings Bryan, that it is best refreshed in the goy's mind directly from the horse's mouth. The contorted dialectical brilliance of the devilish banksters is truly unsurpassed!

Interview of Dr. Jerome Corsi with Alex Jones says it all, February 09, 2009

Not much needs to be added to Dr. Jerome Corsi's statements beyond the following critique, and a reference to Project Humanbeingsfirst's exposition on 'carbon-credit' to explain its significance in the greater scheme of things. Dr. Corsi suggests in the above interview that his making the “secrets” about the North American Union public has delayed the inevitable, and Alex Jones agrees with that congratulatory self-pat on the back. I can't stand these vacuous self-adulations. We have a very famous couplet in the Urdu language, loosely translated it means: “to console the [delusional] heart, this thought is very nice”.

We, the handful of conscionable activists who genuinely give a damn enough to put our personal stake in the ground with our name and our public activism, we who risk telling the unvarnished truth on a matter of principle, and who aren't dialectically participant in the Machiavellian orchestration of manufacturing dissent, haven't accomplished a darn thing nor averted a farthing's worth of fait accompli. The conspiracy for one-world government is itself becoming public because it is time for it to “break-surface”, to emerge from the shadows as astutely predicted by David Icke ten years ago that it would when the globalists were good and ready for it. The moon is deliberately playing hide-and-seek in the clouds as the Sun orchestrates its visibility by modulating its own furnace, and the great Shaman in the Andes thinks it is managing the moon's shadow-play in its own battle against the rapacious predator!

In 1966, Professor Carroll Quigley in his book “Tragedy and Hope” had already observed that the globalists were almost ready and their stranglehold on world's affairs was almost complete. So today, their pronouncements are brazenly appearing in all sorts of mainstream newsmedia, and the Financial Times Oped of December 08, 2008 was only among the first. And before that, it wasn't particularly a state-secret either. Please see “The Enduring Capitalist Conspiracy For World Government”. The CFR document by Robert A. Pastor “Building a North American Community” has been publicly available since May of 2005 from the Council on Foreign Relations Press, 175 pages, ISBN 0876093489, $15.00, Task Force Report No. 53. And even that wasn't news, because anyone following the Trilateralists' agenda and having read and analyzed the import of the many words of David Rockefeller, knew it. Please refer to the Monetary Reform Bibliography.

And were the globalists not so confident of the inevitable now being unstoppable, and all the eventualities and contingency planning now legally already in place for any minor ineffectual disturbances here and there, they wouldn't now be so brazenly proclaiming in the mainstream media their long, and hitherto only mildly-undertoned, subversive agenda for one-world government! The agenda which has so surreptitiously been orchestrated in the backdrop of their own manufactured crises. Even its core-principle of operation was accurately explained by G. Edward Griffin in his 1970 documentary film after he had studied W. Cleon Skousen's commentary on Carroll Quigley's book aptly titled “The Naked Capitalist”:

Create conditions so frightful at home and abroad, that the abandonment of personal liberties and national sovereignty, will appear as a reasonable price for a return to domestic tranquility and world peace.... If those who seek world dominion can raise the spectre of an enemy, armed to the teeth with superior atomic weapons on the verge of launching a nuclear holocaust, and also offer world-government as the prevention, then millions of Americans can be programmed to accept the loss of national sovereignty, as our last best hope for peace.”

And the fact that Jerome Corsi published a book on the North American Union in 2007 and Alex Jones suggests that they (superficially) denied its thesis in the mainstream news at the time while the New York Times simultaneously listed it on its Best Seller list, only makes it the moon's shadow play of mocking the 'dumb and dumber'. A simple visit to cfr.org in the past few years would have made any mainstream denial of North American Union straightforwardly manifest to anyone from among the public inclined to do a bit of reading. In fact, Richard N. Gardner had outlined the subversion for ending national sovereignty in CFR's Foreign Affairs way back in April 1974 in his article “The Hard Road To World Order” thusly:

In short, the ‘house of world order’ will have to be built from the bottom up, rather than from the top down. It will look like a great ‘booming, buzzing confusion’ to use William James’ famous description of reality, but an end run around national sovereignty, eroding it piece by piece will accomplish much more than the old-fashioned frontal assault.”

The public relations game in the mainstream media played out for the benefit of the 'dumb goy' has nothing to do with protecting state secrets. Had it really mattered to the 'ubermenschen' that this matter be kept secret – never mind that CFR would no more have published it than PNAC would have published “Rebuilding America's Defenses” in 2000 brazenly letting on about their calculated need for a mobilizing pretext such as a “New Pearl Harbor” a full year before it transpired – both Mr. Jerome Corsi and Mr. Alex Jones would have met the fate of JFK, MLK, RFK. Or minimally, at least that of iconoclast Eustace Mullins.

The latter, a truly revolutionary Socratic detective – and to my mind, the one genuinely deserving of the accolade “most important intellectual alive” without any need to append “arguably” to it – the only living protégé of American poet-philosopher Ezra Pound (whose other three protégés each won a Nobel Prize in Literature), can't even get any of his self-published out of print books re-published because of lack of resources. And here Dr. Jerome Corsi has the grand daddy of all mainstream publishers – Simon and Schuster – excitedly reprint a new edition of his “The Late Great USA: NAFTA, the North American Union, and the Threat of a Coming Merger with Mexico and Canada (Paperback - Feb. 17, 2009)”.

Eustace Mullins was the first one to reveal the Secrets of the Federal Reserve post World War II, and has been hounded by the Federal government in ways that has been denied many a worthy dissenter. But even so, the octogenarian is also still alive. If any of them were such a real threat, they'd surely “sleeps with the fishes” by now or at least had a sensational “Washington suicide”! To really understand why it is not a major concern for the oligarchs of any public revelation of their open-secrets which are only hidden in plainsight anyway, please see the Foreword 2005 of Prisoners of the Cave! Anyone with an iota of interest, and not entirely consumed by the voluntary pursuits of his or her 'American Dream', can uncover any of this information.

And the reason the globalists feel so confident in now loudly proclaiming their proposed solutions of global structures for political and monetary governance, and yes within their own contorted shadow-play of sometimes brazenly mocking, and sometimes testing the water for public readiness, is because the only force that could have possibly caused any consternation to them – the world's peoples collectively caring for what's happening to them – have very effectively been neutralized. Their secret sauce to the recipe, so to speak, lies in such revelations not having any (timely) mass mobilizing impact, and they have already taken astute and systematic care of that in the preceding decades. The first key subversion was to get rid of labor unions – and they got rid of the nation's production base which helped cement those matters. Now it is all off shored to labor slums of economic conscription in dictatorships which rule with an iron fist – no worries about any labor problems. The other core subversion was to transform the two political parties into lobby-group heavy elitist plutocracies representing the same oligarchic interests, whereby, the voting masses are now reduced to picking from a carefully culled sampling of inepts, crooks, and other motley fools who can easily be led by their ignoramus or elongated nose for they at least know which side their bread is buttered. The rare sprinkling of an honest politician being the exception rather than the norm.

And if you think I am making all this up, just witness this candid admission by Congressman Paul KanJorski, D-Penn 11th District, Chair of Capital Markets Subcommittee, of his incompetence and inexpertise in economics and monetary matters while responding to a distraught caller on Washington Journal about the House Economic Stimulus Proposal:

And where were the organized mass demonstrations and shut-down strikes in either October 2008, or now in February 2009? Precisely!

Still not convinced that it is okay today to let the mainstream public know what is already not such a big-secret because in reality, the public is entirely neutralized, and at best, they will only riot out of desperation when the food runs out and that works well to serve the oligarchs' own purposes of more pretexts of a police-state to keep the law and order? Take a look at the official US debt by decade between 1900 and 2006 in the 2006 book by Van K. Tharp (Pg. 158, Figure 6.1) which is today taking America for a ride on the horns of economics gibberish. Now watch this engaging video clip of Glenn Beck at Fox News showing the same data updated to 2009, which is directly indicative of the premeditated hyperinflation direction of the fiat dollar.

Glenn Beck presented the above analysis just recently on mainstream right-wing television station that was as gung-ho on the Iraq War, and as supportive of Israeli genocide of the Palestinians, as any mainstream news television can be of its oligarchic ruling-elite. And yet, Mr. Beck is today getting away with loudly critiquing the government's policy. Notice however, how he gallantly hesitates to label it the palpable criminal conspiracy of the bankers to deliberately crash the dollar – because that assertion, of what is outright obvious, on mainstream news, would only see him hanging at the end of a rope! Also see the analysis of Glenn Beck's conversations with Ron Paul January 21, 2009 in which both cleverly tango around the core-lies to sustain the mythology that it is all due to unfortunate shortsightedness, or see the unraveling of Ron Paul's errors of calculated omissions on CNBC, January 27, 2009. And those aren't this revolutionary rebel's only omissions either. See this Open Letter to Ron Paul Supporters for some very fine political craftsmanship of Ron Paul, and its unraveling.

Never mind the public outrage, never mind the complicit ruling-elite and their tortuous instruments of psyops upon the gullible public – where is the commonsense of the middle-tier educated elite class and of the 'haves'? Are they as gullible as the masses to not see that the criminal conspiracy for world government is actually unfolding before their very eyes, and that none of this is due to happenstance or due to the incontrovertible laws of economics? That it is all deliberately manufactured on the horns of economics gibberish?

Only anecdotally speaking of course, not one person I personally know, either in the West or the East, gives a damn for anything other than their own tiny microcosm. Not one educated ignoramus with Ph.D. or MBA I know has any clue about the Federal Reserve System, nor cares enough to show outrage in the streets when they do know. And nor the many filthy-rich CEOs of corporations and business friends I run into here and there – in America and in Pakistan – give a bloody hoot! For many, “god is running the world”. And they look at me strangely when I suggest that perhaps it's the devil who is. The last executive acquaintance I ran into was just this past weekend at a restaurant – a serial entrepreneur who knew all about financing companies and “leverage” – and he had his eyes glaze over when I started to explain the agenda behind the financial crisis after he had first explained to me, in technical jargon, how loans might be instantly called in by the banks as soon as the businesses re-calibrated their real worth today which is why they were avoiding it. I think he told me at least twice to eat my food instead. The 'haves' simply have too much at stake in the system to buck it – denial is the safest, for this way, they still remain hopeful of the crumbs that will surely fall in their lap if they keep up their industriousness of pursuing their 'American Dream' with blinkers on. This co-opted technocrats force – for that's really the only honest word left to describe them once all their hypocrisy and their self-justification for their ignorance are peeled away – makes for a perfect middle-management system in the new world order. They espouse the selective conscience, the selective expertise in their profession, the self-delusion of being rather virtuous and with clean hands, and show the eager willingness to remain silent participants in the core-lies of the system, all of which are necessary mercenary traits to perpetuate the world order and be amply rewarded for it. Thus, the sale of Mega yachts has shot through the roof, according to the Miami Herald's David Gelles.

I am really not making this up as I go along. Mr. Gelles reported in the Sunday Edition of October 26, 2008 – right after the bailout bill had passed – the yacht industry complaint that “megaships continue to be built faster than they can be staffed, ... There are too many large vessels being built right now, and we already have too many boats out there,” Mr. Gelles further informed the beleaguered rank and file of Sunny Miami: “This year, 1,000 motor yachts longer than 80 feet are under construction, a steep jump from the 87 such ships being built 10 years ago, according to the report.” While most of America is having trouble paying their bills for food, a Venture Capitalist acquaintance just purchased a multi-million dollar home in the mountains. And his previous home was already palatial to start with. Why would he give a damn and risk losing his fortune to an IRS audit, or donate a 100 million dollars to take on the Rockefeller Foundation as a public service? I did sort of pitch the idea of backing the monetary reform agenda to him, never heard back of course, nor invited again to visit. In fact, at this VC's party, I had met the most educated ignoramii pretentious millionaires of America who seemed to know far less about the nature of money that was in their pockets than one might have expected. None willing to risk losing it, they each spoke as if they understood it all, each had their favorite horse between Obama and McCain, and perhaps thought I was a raving lunatic when I explained that both had a Brzezinski behind them, and that money was made out of thin air. They'd in fact be silly to wanna risk their good life for some abstract principle of truth and justice. Narratives is all they understand, and indeed tell to each other in their brief respites from making more money.

Okay you say, that's the filthy rich of the world. They are all alike everywhere. Surely the 'have-nots' in the rank and file give a damn?

Not the immigrant cabbie I met recently! Complaining of too few customers in these rough times to make ends meet, when I tried to tell him about the world according to the lonely Socrates and why he had so few customers, he just shrugged and moved on to worry about his next meal. And nor does the working class engineer friend of mine who lives comfortably in a posh locality and who simply replied: “I'll take care of my camels, god will take care of Its own property”. He was referring to some largely mythical event in a 1500 year old history that he swears by as his moral guide and passport to heaven. When I persisted in explaining the devilish global agenda to him and that there was only hell at its end for the majority of us, he ended it by calmly asserting “I don't have the time to study any of this”, and “god is running the world”.

So okay, maybe I just don't know that many people in the world. Perhaps the goodly conscionable people are all out there somewhere, in the millions, among the 6.5 billion. And it is in their consideration, in their fear of retaliation, that Jerome Corsi's book, as he maintains, caused the ruling-elite to delay their evil agenda. In the interview to Alex Jones, Corsi stated that he has even made that premise the thesis of the epilogue in the new edition of his book.

The empirical evidence of such principled peoples existing on planet earth who would scare the pants off the hectoring hegemons is scant however. The Gaza protest against the Israeli shoah of the Palestinians which I attended in San Francisco on January 10, 2009, was minuscule compared to the one in February 2003 on the eve of the criminal invasion of Iraq. Even fewer people give a damn today despite all the horrible exposures by the globalists' own mouth piece, the New York Times, in the last 5 years, than they did back then. And conditions in the United States are at least an order of magnitude worse than they were 5 years ago! The fact that civilians and babies were being butchered didn't seem to phase out too many Americans. For that matter, dead children shot in the head at close range, and burning bodies from phosphorous bombs, didn't seem to have phased too many other nations either beyond the usual lip-service. No one declared war on the pariah state, no one sent in their armies to protect the civilians. Only one lonely courageous “Dignity” sailed to their symbolic rescue, instead of one million for some real efficacy! Only one beleaguered nation that is itself under the gun, dared to send in some token supplies on a boat which was trivially held up by conspiring mercenaries en route. See “Happy-Happy in Hope and Voluntary Servitude” for more empiricism for the worldwide neutralization of public response.

Therefore, claiming that publishing a book of eloquent prose on matters already apparent has averted or delayed some grotesque fate that is awaiting all of us, is the height of narcissistic self-delusion. Humility of course was hardly ever a hallmark of Western intellectualism in the first place. Our Zeitgeist has even demonstrated its profound infertility between the 'Manufacturing Consent and Manufacturing Dissent' of the Rhett Butler mercenaries too cowardly to admit it, and the dreamstate of the handful of genuine Socrates riding hard on a treadmill of slogans amidst great incestuous applause.

Facing up to the tortuous reality the way it actually is, and not imposing one's own imaginative narratives upon it like the globalists do to hypothesize a different world, can be a bit more useful in meeting the real challenges. If only they'd stop patting themselves on the back for their noisy run on the treadmill, and instead, donate all the proceeds of their bestseller books and documentaries rehearsing the crimes of empire and the suffering of its victims, to create a Foundation for Justice, to fund a JPAC (Justice Political Action Committee), etc. Without effort towards such mass mobilizing, institution building, and negotiating power wielding infrastructures, and without sinking massive funds into it like the oligarchs do, the mantra of dissent has become big business in the West. Like everything else here, truth too has a price.

I would like to know how many dissent-space acclaimed authors and con-fession artists whose books line the shelves of major bookstores chains and grace the New York Times bestseller list, who command high speaking fees on the lecture circuit and make a good living peddling their narration of crimes of empire, gave away their harvest to the Iraqi and Afghani families? There are at least a hundred if not a thousand books on 911. How many donated the proceeds to the victims of 911, both in the United States, and in the rest of the world? At least, Captain Rhett Butler, even as a mercenary was still intellectually honest enough to un-hypocritically admit his capitalist instincts and the reality of defeat of the side he was helping in 'Gone with the Wind':

And have you so much money, Captain Butler?

What an ill-bred question, Mrs. Hamilton. I'm surprised. But yes. For a young man cut off without a shilling in early youth, I've done very well. And I'm sure I'll clean up a million on the blockade.

Oh, no!

Oh, yes! What most people don't seem to realize is that there is just as much money to be made out of the wreckage of a civilization as from the upbuilding of one.

And what does all that mean?

Your family and my family and everyone here tonight made their money out of changing a wilderness into a civilization. That's empire building. There's good money in empire building. But, there's more in empire wrecking.

What empire wrecking are you talking about?

This empire we're living in – the South – the Confederacy – the Cotton Kingdom – it's breaking up right under our feet. Only most fools won't see it and take advantage of the situation created by the collapse. I'm making my fortune out of the wreckage.

Then you really think we're going to get licked?

Yes. Why be an ostrich?

The blood-drenched transformation stage that we find ourselves in today – the wreckage of civilizations – is truly “Between Two Ages”. That brilliant description is not mine, but the title of Zbigniew Brzezinski's seminal book which got him discovered by David Rockefeller, and which got him appointed as the Executive Director of Rockefeller's Trilateral Commission. There are more than a dozen Trilateralists and CFRs in Obama's Administration pushing the banksters' agendas across different fronts. The money behind them, at least in the United States, is primarily the Rockefellers' who own the majority stake in the New York Fed, which in turn largely controls the Federal Reserve System. In Europe, the money is primarily the Rothschilds' who control all the world's private central banks with complex interlocking relationships. One cannot fight an infinite supply of money that is conjured out of nothing and which pervades all public and private institutions from universities to businesses to governments, with mere talk and chest thumping.

To genuinely reverse it, requires an order of magnitude different strategies and tactics than blaring into a bull-horn and publishing books! It requires mass mobilizations and the common man's commandeering of structures of power worldwide to shut down the world. No food on the store shelves, no garbage picked up, no containers unloaded, all civic services stopped, etc. Apart from the fact that all this requires money, organizations, time to build them up, labor unions, political institutions which can mobilize the rank and file, and strategies and tactics of no less convolution than what CFR conjures up, there are also no masses to mobilize, and more importantly, no un-compromising leaders to lead them. Random destructive riots in the streets out of individual desperation doesn't, and will not, cut it. Ineffectual riots, in fact, are the calculated tactical plan of the globalists themselves, because that enables them to play their fait accompli inducing trump card – martial law! And the FEMA detention camps on military sites have already been made ready to welcome many a malcontent! To understand this matter forensically, see “Why bluff martial law”.

Never mind waking up the sheeples. The genuine “ostrich” activists, the “quite gallant and graceful-looking people”, themselves need to wake up to the grotesque reality first, without any syntactic sugaring sweetening their early morning coffee.

Please read the rest of this news analysis very dispassionately, with an analytical eye, to comprehend that there is zero efficacy to all these current efforts to halt the enormous momentum towards one-world government that has been a very long time in the making. And the criminals are very very clever, almost devilish, and a good people enjoying their truth-telling in their Hyde-corner simply cannot match them in tortuous planning, funding, institutionalizing of their corruption, and construction of complex lies within lies and disseminating them through billion dollar media outlays and convoluted psyops. Between Huxleyan and Orwellian controls of the masses in the West, and between struggle for daily bread and barely surviving in the East, matters have now progressed so far forward that only adverse chemotherapy, which can potentially kill the patient, can possibly also save the patient.

I must confess I am totally impressed with the accurate sociological insight of H. G. Wells one hundred years ago when he stated in his book “The New World Order” (which apparently few people have actually bothered to read as they often quote the following passage from it quite out of context – see here):

When the struggle seems to be drifting defiantly towards a world social democracy there may still be very great delays and disappointments before it becomes an efficient and beneficent world system. Countless people – will hate the New World Order – and will die protesting against it. When we attempt to evaluate its promise, we have to bear in mind the distress of a generation or so of malcontents, many of them quite gallant and graceful-looking people.”

Please sit back and watch how the real patriots do it to the predators of their jungle:

Disturbing Confirmation of the Post Modern Coup is Emerging, January 30, 2009

As if the 'Obama Kids' Song' wasn't indication enough, Steve Watson at Prisonplanet.com reported on Wednesday, January 28, 2009, the following chilling confirmation of the above analysis. The diabolical cultivation of a 'Messianic' figure under that 'CHANGE' mantra whose obligatory love and allegiance is being seeded into the very consciousness of the people, starting with young school children in public schools: 'School Children Complain Of “Obama Worship” During Lessons'.

And as if that report wasn't confirmation enough, the 'CHANGE' mantra driven new President of the United States is continuing to fix America's future with another trillion dollars bailout bill in the true spirit of 'CHANGE' from his predecessor's policies. As has been explained in “The entrenched notion of Public Debt in America”, the principal of the money in circulation which is constructed as a public debt, is not designed to be ever paid back but to increase infinitely until the currency eventually collapses by becoming so diluted that it becomes worthless. The compound-interest on the rising principal however, is collected annually from the American tax payer in perpetuity. This additional trillion dollars if injected into circulation for the bailout of non-GDP producing toxic-assets, is apparently targeting the crashing of the rapidly diminishing dollar sometimes early during this presidential term. As the American guy and gal lose their shirt and skirt in a double whammy of rising inflation and almost no availability of consumer credit, the analysis made in “Why Bluff Martial Law” will soon be realized.

The triumph of marketing to sell the 'CHANGE' magic to the dumb and dumber of America was even acknowledged by Advertising Age which named Mr. Obama its 2008 “Marketer of the Year” right before the November presidential elections. The manufactured 'messiah' representing the globalist banksters and tutored by their master-agendist Zbigniew Brzezinski for the next crucial phase of the American journey towards world government, beat out his nearest rival for that recognition by 9 percentage points – Apple!

The only thing unclear at this time is how much dumber can the goy get, that the sorcerers are laughing their way to the bank and the gentiles cheer – led in that venture by cleverly manufactured leaders! When, with a single signature, the goy can put the entire demonic cabal and their foundations behind bars or on the gallows and takeover their own currency issue, they continue to permit a bunch of shysters to control their money.

While the Americans may ardently love their moneychangers despite Jesus having thrown them out of the temple, the rest of the world most certainly doesn't! Unless the developing nations of the Global South urgently band together, unilaterally declare all their paper debts null and void, and create a new non-interest bearing public currency as the basis of their own monetary system and the primary and only instrument of trade among themselves, this very minute, hallelujah is approaching fast!

This rational appeal is to the peoples of the third-world nations specifically, to prevail upon their mercenary leaders by hook or by crook, because the developed nations with their private central banks controlling their respective nation's jugulars, are already done-in!

Ron Paul, in a fantastic conversation on MSNBC's morning joe, January 27, 2009

Ron Paul is certainly a remarkable Congressman. He is very articulate, and also very intelligent. So he must also be very astute. He has figured out how to suggest many factual things which no one dare speak about, while still keep the fundamental axioms of empire intact and unexamined. Watch him repeat once again, that Bin Laden is making America bankrupt. But 'Bin Laden' is the 'Ali Baba' of empire. He dare not articulate that fact. Watch him repeat once again that it is the recklessness of overspending due to shortsightedness, and uncourageously avoid stating the blatantly obvious that it is a diabolical plan. See the analysis of Ron Paul's January 21, 2009 interview with Glenn Beck, and Henry Kissinger's January 20, 2009 oped below. Also see the analysis of Fred Thompson's December 03, 2008 self-promotion video “Spending yourself to prosperity plan” on the same theme of reckless overspending and convenient omission of diabolical intent to manufacture deliberate crises as pretexts for ushering in the key controls for world government, in the November-December 2008 report on Financial Terrorism.

While all this farcical puppetshow is going on among the talking-heads, co-incident with the new President, Mr. Obama's very first day in the highest office in the land, two watershed moments in American history silently transpired. The United States Supreme Court invalidated the Fourth Amendment (see “Letter to Editor – Confessions of a gullible idiot Tuesday, January 27, 2009”), and H.R. 645 was introduced in the House (see Paul Watson's Report on Prisonplanet.com)

Ron Paul, Interviewed by Glenn Beck on Fox News Channel, January 21, 2009

In this dynamic and engaging conversation, both Congressman Ron Paul and Fox News anchor Glenn Beck refuse to draw the blatantly obvious conclusions from their own analysis. So, even though they both predict the collapse of the dollar due to its deliberate and systematic dilution, 70% since October 2008, and its eventual replacement with a new global currency and new monetary system which they project to be based on gold, they refuse to see this path as the devilishly premeditated plan for global currency, nor divulge the fact that the bulk of the world's gold supply is now held in the hands of the same International banking cartel and their surrogates like Barrick Gold.

Are Glenn Beck and Ron Paul so intelligence-challenged to not recognize the multivariate criminal sting operations under manufacture that will soon acquire an unbreakable stranglehold upon the entire world? Or are they simply astute enough to understand the permissible envelop of discourse so that crucial omissions are their life-vests as they pseudo-challenge the conventional mainstream wisdom in the lofty guise of dissent?

Why do they project, in effect, that the bankers are morons, the Congress is irresponsible, and that this is all just sheer recklessness which if not checked will crash the dollar? Why don't they instead, blanketly and correctly assert that the Congress and the Executive are both beholden to the banksters and in on the scam, and that this path is a criminal premeditation, a monstrous conspiracy on the part of the globalists to create a 'one-world' government? That its sine qua non is the control and consolidation of the world's monetary system into one set of elitist financial hands? That the global hijacking of world's money supply will once again be suitably camouflaged just as the Federal Reserve System was in 1913 – setting it up as a partnership between the private banking cartel and the government, with the government having only insubstantial and ineffectual powers?

Congressman Ron Paul continually resists the temptation of putting his trigger-finger on these crimes against humanity as an inside job! Watch him do his repeat performance also with respect to 911 and the manufactured 'war on terror', as merely the blowback of a reckless foreign policy rather than an inside job with a fabricated enemy, in this 'Open Letter to Ron Paul's supporters'. Half-truths, like half-doctors, have rarely if ever accurately diagnosed, let alone cured, any disease except through the sheer 'luck of the Irish'. And the world is running rather short of leprechauns right now. Half-truths can only lead to absurdities, like a yogi sitting cross-legged on his rump in the Hindu Kush and armed to the teeth only with secure cellphones and laptops, bringing down the mightiest sole-superpower in the history of mankind while demolishing its three tall buildings into fine rubble, all from his reclusive hideout! Ron Paul perpetuates this absurdity to the blazing accolades of his fawning followers. And more importantly, to the convenience of maintaining the sacred-cow axioms of the establishment.

Henry Kissinger, The world must forge a new order or retreat to chaos, The Independent, January 20, 2009

'As the new US administration prepares to take office amid grave financial and international crises, it may seem counterintuitive to argue that the very unsettled nature of the international system generates a unique opportunity for creative diplomacy. That opportunity involves a seeming contradiction. On one level, the financial collapse represents a major blow to the standing of the United States. While American political judgments have often proved controversial, the American prescription for a world financial order has generally been unchallenged. Now disillusionment with the United States' management of it is widespread. At the same time, the magnitude of the debacle makes it impossible for the rest of the world to shelter any longer behind American predominance or American failings. Every country will have to reassess its own contribution to the prevailing crisis. Each will seek to make itself independent, to the greatest possible degree, of the conditions that produced the collapse; at the same time, each will be obliged to face the reality that its dilemmas can be mastered only by common action. Even the most affluent countries will confront shrinking resources. Each will have to redefine its national priorities. An international order will emerge if a system of compatible priorities comes into being. It will fragment disastrously if the various priorities cannot be reconciled. The nadir of the international financial system coincides with simultaneous political crises around the globe. Never have so many transformations occurred at the same time in so many different parts of the world and been made accessible via instantaneous communication. The alternative to a new international order is chaos.'

And there you have it once again, within the short span of 6 weeks. Henry Kissinger floats the same trial balloon as Gideon Rachman previously did in 'And now for a world government', Financial Times, December 8 2008. Project Humanbeingsfirst's response to the Gideon Rachman's oped also applies to unraveling Dr. Kissinger's disingenuous “Now disillusionment with the United States' management of it is widespread” and “The alternative to a new international order is chaos.” Especially, when his globalist financial cohorts, and 'full spectrum dominance' Zionist advocates, are the very ones who have calculatingly planted, germinated, nurtured, fully grown, and now ready to harvest, those very seeds of chaos as per CFR's 1974 paradigm argued in 'The Hard Road To World Order':

In short, the ‘house of world order’ will have to be built from the bottom up, rather than from the top down. It will look like a great ‘booming, buzzing confusion’ to use William James’ famous description of reality, but an end run around national sovereignty, eroding it piece by piece will accomplish much more than the old-fashioned frontal assault.”

So they diabolically manufacture the cataclysms, and then propose exactly the solutions they prefer that would fulfill their globalist agendas! It once again brings to full circle implementation these ominous words of G. Edward Griffin from 'The Capitalist Conspiracy': “Create conditions so frightful at home and abroad, that the abandonment of personal liberties and national sovereignty, will appear as a reasonable price for a return to domestic tranquility and world peace.”

What more proof does one need, with tortuous events continually repeating and always serendipitously being conforment to the requirements of their desired solutions that only make them richer, more powerful, and owning greater and greater combines, that there is a diabolically orchestrated conspiracy for one-world government by the financial oligarchs, and that it is now brazenly 'breaking surface'?

The fact that it is a coterie led by a handful of world's most powerful Jewish families is perhaps insignificant, for as W. Cleon Skousen observed in 1970, they are aided and abetted by several million peoples of all stripes:

'Of course we should be quick to recognize that no small group could wield such gigantic power unless millions of people in all walks of life were “in on the take” and were willing to knuckle down to the iron-clad regimentation of the ruthless bosses behind the scenes. As we shall see, the network has succeeded in building its power structure by using tremendous quantities of money (together with the vast influence it buys) to manipulate, intimidate, or corrupt millions of men and women and their institutions on a world-wide basis.'

Watch for more and more mainstream news reports, books, opeds floating this very idea so diabolically seeded into the mainstream discourse space by the devilish mastermind Dr. Henry Kissinger “The alternative to a new international order is chaos”. He along with his twin, the other diabolical mastermind, Dr. Zbigniew Brzezinski, are both under the ideological pay-strings of misanthrope David Rockefellers' various Councils, Commissions, Foundations, and Population Reduction Memorandums. The new occupant of the White House does not come empty handed.

For more analysis and prior context, see Financial Terrorism November–December 2008.

Also visit the Monetary Reform Bibliography for detailed references.

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Walter Burien said:

A very big point a lot of people are missing when they talk about "The Banks" owning it all is:

Banks are just holding companies for clients. The more money they make for their clients, the more clients are drawn to that bank like bees to honey.

So the important issue is who are the primary clients of the banks holding all of that investment capital and the money with the banks? Is it the Rockefellers, the Morgans, the Fairchilds? No, not even close! They may be wealth with very big capital but sand on the beach compared to the largest holder.

The "investor" of no equal with the banks, giving the banks over 80% of the capital that they manage is local and federal government! Get it??

Take a look at the US Auditor generals audit of the bank derivative holdings. Go 2/3rds down in the report to the table section. Table 1 lists JP MORGAN CHASE as #1 with 90 trillion dollars in derivative holdings (table 11 or close to there shows their short gold derivative positions. Now on table 1 it lists net worth of JP MORGAN CHASE as 1.4 trillion dollars. That 90 trillion was not the bank's, it was the bank acting as clearing agent for their clients. Who were the clients? GOVERNMENT! To download or view the report go here - http://cafr1.com/STATES/US-Tre...arch08.pdf

I note that on page one of this report it states that the top four banks control 94% of all derivative activities out of all banks!

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Walter Burien said:

Private Associations vs. Government and "We The People"


Private Associations vs. Government and "We The People"
by Walter Burien

Ab, sent the following communication to CAFR1:


http://www.fasb.org/fcag/FCAG_...Report.pdf ...when they use the term..off-balance sheet vehicles... they don't mean unicycles do they?...also take a look at the members and from where they come!...I don't have to tell you how to connect these dots...

GFOA.org, FASB.org, GASB.org are as Federal as Federal Express, I should say the Federal Reserve but that's an old one already, and to think they draft the guidelines for ALL the smoke and mirrors that goes on...and ...they are funded by the municipal bond community, state and local governments inter alia....and most important, if you believe a vote counts, they (their members) are UNELECTED by the populace!

Regards Ab



Ah, a learning student. Goooooood...........

Private associations, are they not grand?

Now for the underlying motive:

From inside government in the early 1900's there use to be pretty good transparency.

The many actions recently enacted that are counter productive to the public and the public's wealth accumulation being in favor of select groups of others, has been the ever increasing trend over the last four decades. If the same that has been instituted within government was attempted for implementation and discussed openly where visible from the start, most changes would not have happened, it would have been stopped.

But, when the policy, vehicle, and procedure is created behind closed doors outside of government, with strategy worked out for implementation, and then offered for implementation with the engine now running, the car gassed up, and looking sharp with a mighty nice shine, (and a few pockets greased) the offer to "let's take a ride and test it out" turns into "you are now aboard, look it works, so you must now follow our instructions".

What are these "private associations" directing? The majority of ALL OF THE INCOME, WEALTH, AND THE WHO: WHERE; AND WHEN that wealth is spent, invested, and utilized...

And by all means don't leave out the "private associations" of: Council of Governors; Mayors; City Managers that closely network with the ones you mentioned.

Last but not least, let's not forget to mention the two "private associations" that sit in the middle of them all, the "Republican and Democratic Parties" which decades ago it was implied that their creation as "private associations" were established for the protection and benefit of the people. In reality and as time has shown, their current covert intent of inside manipulation for self enrichment, with the influence peddling they wield to exclusively place their select members into key controller positions within government has been the predominate case. If this covert intent did not exist, it would make all of the aforementioned "private associations" sterile for effective application within government.


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Project Humanbeingsfirst.org said:

'Owning' and 'Controlling' in the banking context, in effect, are synonymous!

Sunday, April 05, 2009,

Dear Walter,

You wrote: 'A very big point a lot of people are missing when they talk about "The Banks" owning it all is: Banks are just holding companies for clients.'

While it is true that “Banks are just holding companies for clients”, I fear that this space isn't linear nor flat. But layered, hierarchical, interlocking, leveraging, and deception laden. "They" – the oligarchic predators and their praetorian guards – from what is now readily apparent, have deliberately constructed layers of compartmentalized stake-holders whose vested interest it has become to sustain the pyramid scheme of usurpation, and to have it continually succeed. The first enabling lever, the prime-mover so to speak which initiated this scheme ab initio, is rooted in the uncanny understanding of the banksters:

“Give me control of a nation's money supply, and I care not who makes its laws”

What you are looking at today, decades later, is the cumulative effect of the construction of such laws by the banksters. That effect, inter alia, is visible in the distribution of the 'paper wealth', in name only, in the “foundational layer” of the stake holders – as is the case with CAFR – which also happen to wield the enormous power of persuasion for the rest of the world. Since non-linearity of control is the operative principle, by taking over the “foundational layer”, "they" have taken over the world, as candidly admitted to by one of their own, Mr. Thomas Friedman, in “A Manifesto for the Fast World”, NYT, March 28, 1999, observing:

'The hidden hand of the market will never work without a hidden fist -- McDonald's cannot flourish without McDonnell Douglas, the builder of the F-15. And the hidden fist that keeps the world safe for Silicon Valley's technologies is called the United States Army, Air Force, Navy and Marine Corps. "Good ideas and technologies need a strong power that promotes those ideas by example and protects those ideas by winning on the battlefield," says the foreign policy historian Robert Kagan. "If a lesser power were promoting our ideas and technologies, they would not have the global currency that they have. And when a strong power, the Soviet Union, promoted its bad ideas, they had a lot of currency for more than half a century."' (Thomas Friedman, NYT, March 28, 1999)

There is much buried in the laconic Straussian statement of the neocon maestro who is entirely funded – after the degrees of separation are traversed – ultimately by the banksters: “If a lesser power were promoting our ideas and technologies, they would not have the global currency that they have.”

Thus, taking over the “foundational layer”, by creating its many stake holders, i.e., corrupting many into silence as their participation is perpetually enlisted, just as W. Cleon Skousen had noted in 1970 after studying Carroll Quigley's 1966 book: “Tragedy and Hope”, has been necessary. Skousen's words are so prescient, that I quote them repeatedly, and I hope I may be forgiven another repetition:

'The real value of Tragedy and Hope ... [is the] bold and boastful admission by Dr. Quigley that there actually exists a relatively small but powerful group which has succeeded in acquiring a choke-hold on the affairs of practically the entire human race. Of course we should be quick to recognize that no small group could wield such gigantic power unless millions of people in all walks of life were “in on the take” and were willing to knuckle down to the iron-clad regimentation of the ruthless bosses behind the scenes. As we shall see, the network has succeeded in building its power structure by using tremendous quantities of money (together with the vast influence it buys) to manipulate, intimidate, or corrupt millions of men and women and their institutions on a world-wide basis.' (W. Cleon Skousen, The Naked Capitalist, pg. 6)

While Skousen is not referring to CAFR (he may not have known about it), one can easily see that CAFR is an undeniable part of the same “power structure” at the very “foundational layer”, and in my admittedly rather plebeian view, it is only an implementation of that corruption plan.

CAFR is not an end unto itself, nor the cause, but only an effect of having acquired the ability to create and affect laws, and that effect has mushroomed to become enormously inertial today. In other words, it cannot be trivially neutralized in turn. I would say, giving the pernicious devil its due, its sheer brilliance is unsurpassed.

So, fast-forwarding the thoughts: if you own something on paper, and I effectively control you, do you really own whatever is ostensibly in your name? Who now owns it?

In my view, with reference to the “foundational layer” noted in the Financial Terrorism Digest above, the word “owned”, as in the passage:

“The 'one-world' government under rapid construction even as we speak, has all the manifest characteristics of communism of the former Soviet Union and Red China, except, that in this case, all the world's wealth is owned by the international banksters at the top of the hierarchical pyramid, the foundational layer of which is the 'uber' Corporation of the sole superpower United States of America. It isn't co-incidental that the name 'Federal Reserve Board' crops up in W. Cleon Skousen's narrative. For it is indeed the visible part of the same pyramid atop of which, resides the ubiquitous guardian-angel's all-seeing unseen eye. Look at the back of a U.S. dollar bill issued by the Federal Reserve System.”

expands to: 'Owning' and 'Controlling' in the banking context, in effect, are synonymous!

I think CAFR is an important piece of the overall puzzle, not the entire puzzle, nor the prime-mover.

Although I have not had the time to dig into this specific topic as yet beyond your own profound disclosures, my study of the evil geniuses over the past several years have created enough intuition in me to suggest that behind the “federal” organizations which created this CAFR system, lie the unsullied hands of the globalist banksters.

The timing wrt. to the creation of their other globalist systems of control, the WB, IMF, world's reserve currency, UN, CIA, and CAFR, are all coincident with the emergence of the “Fast World” from the ashes of World War II, and all of those institutions (except ostensibly CAFR) are already known to be “owned” by the banksters. And so, I also believe, are the organizations which spawned the CAFR – for, this system is entirely enabling of the banksters' full spectrum control of the economy, as per the prima facie evidence gleaned from the CAFR reports as noted by you, and also verified by my own limited perusal of a few of them.

The biggest overarching picture, I am afraid, is the one accurately portrayed by President Bill Clinton's distinguished professor of History at Georgetown University's prestigious School of Foreign Service, Dr. Carroll Quigley. Its validation is in the unfortunate empiricism around us.


Zahir Ebrahim

Project Humanbeingsfirst.org
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