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Killing Them Where They Hide: Israel Targets U.N. School Havens in Gaza
Wednesday, 07 January 2009 07:02
by C. L. Cook

If there was any doubt Israel's latest campaign of death and horror visited against the refugee populations of the Gaza ghetto where anything other than a war of extermination, this latest outrage should dispel finally that.

Thousands of Gazans have fled their homes, many at the telephoned advice of the Israeli Defense Forces themselves, this being Israel's version of humanitarian warfare - ringing up victims before bombing their homes. Where does a walled-in population run when their homes are being bombed and strafed and run over by tanks?

For many Gazans the answer is the United Nations-run schools for shelter. If they believed there they would find haven, the Israeli Defense Forces proved them wrong today, (though to be fair, Israel's IDF has a record of repeatedly targeting the U.N. in Palestine and Lebanon). The message Israel would send the Palestinians, if not the world, is; "We will kill you where you hide."

Below unsanctioned video from Al Jazeera's Mosaic program, found at Link TV here.

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