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The Goobs on the Boob Tube
Thursday, 18 January 2007 23:53
by Ed Kociela

God, I hate Ann Coulter.

She's the devil's spawn.

And, she's dumb as a fencepost.

Every now and then, I like to tune into the Faux News Channel just to see what the enemy's up to.

Just now, Smiling Sean Hannity was braying about how liberals want the United States to lose in Iraq so they can seize even more power. His asylum partner, Coulter, was jib-jabbing away, nodding her stringy blond head in agreement, then remarking, ridiculously, about how we're winning in Iraq.

Lady, I don't know what planet you dropped down from, but I wish you'd go home.

Hannity's deskmate Alan Colmes tried to question Coulter who did a great tap dance all around the question before burbling that Iraq is like California and Baghdad is like Los Angeles. Then she described what is going on in Baghdad as something akin to the Crips and Bloods -- two notorious L.A. gangs -- going at it in a back alley.

Then Hannity bubbled in patriotic garble about how proud he is of the American troops.

Take the quotes and put them together and what do you have?

An insult to the U.S. military both of these Faux reporters seem to admire so much.

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I mean, isn't it an insult to insinuate that the U.S. military would still be in the heat of the battle four years after going into South Central L.A. to take on the gangbangers?

But, Sean is a "good American" and so are the others who fall into his political way of thinking. The rest of us are anti-American scum, don't ya know.

And, of course there's also the weirdness of that skinny little wench whose eyes glazed over in an almost orgasmic seizure as she talked excitedly about how many terrorists we are killing over there and how we are preventing any of "them" from flying airplanes into our buildings.

I'm not shocked or disappointed. I mean, what else would you expect from the Fairly Unbalanced crew at the Faux News Channel?
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