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Bush Gravely Warns Democrats About America's Credibility
Wednesday, 10 January 2007 22:30
Bush Warns Democrats About Effects of Troop Pullout From Iraq
President Bush gravely warned House Democrats yesterday that America's credibility would be shattered if the United States pulled its troops from Iraq...
What credibility?
Sorry! That was shattered when Bush gravely warned the entire world about Iraq's Weapons of Mass Destruction.
No, Seriously.
We're certainly very happy that the smoking gun didn't turn out to be a mushroom cloud.

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Bush Warns Democrats About Effects of Troop Pullout From Iraq
President Bush gravely warned House Democrats yesterday that America's credibility would be shattered if the United States pulled its troops from Iraq, forcing close ally Saudi Arabia to look elsewhere for protection and potentially destabilizing Egypt, the region's most populous country, according to participants in the meeting.
Oh, so now we're at war in Iraq in order to protect Saudi Arabia and lend stability to Egypt?
Oh come on, you knew that already didn't you?
Do you remember right after 9/11 when Bush picked up his bullhorn and climbed up on a pile of smoking rubble and said:
"We now know why were attacked. It's because Saudi Arabia lacks protection and Egypt requires more stability. And we've decided what to do about it. So next month we're gonna start bombing Afghanistan. And when we get tired of that, we're gonna destroy Iraq."
Do you remember that?
And everybody chanted "USA! USA! USA! USA!".
Do you remember that, too?
I don't either.
Bush Warns Democrats About Effects of Troop Pullout From Iraq
[Bush] made it clear that he was simply informing Democrats of his decisions on Iraq, not consulting with them.
He said that he understands the challenges and thinks his plan has the best chance of success.

"He's made his decision," said Rep. Ellen O. Tauscher (D-Calif.). "He's going to put in more troops."
Vice President Cheney, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates and White House Chief of Staff Joshua B. Bolten attended the meeting. Tauscher said that Cheney emphasized his concerns about Saudi Arabia.
Right. Now that's more like it.
There's almost always a nugget of truth in there somewhere.
This looks like another one:
A senior official said the administration is struggling to keep a supplemental budget request for Iraq and Afghanistan under $100 billion, as promised. Defense budget analysts outside the administration say an increase of 20,000 troops for Iraq could add $6 billion to $10 billion to the 2008 budget.
So ... what's another 20,000 lives and $6 to $10 billion a year, compared to the security of Saudia Arabia and the stability of Egypt?
Not to mention America's credibility!
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