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Natural Economic Order: one of the greatest gifts to mankind
Saturday, 08 November 2008 22:28
by Bart Klein Ikink

Normally i do not like to tell about my inner motivations, but some people may question my intentions, so i will make them clear. I am not important. I hoped to live a quiet life, die quietly and leave no trace. Alas, maybe it will not be that way. My wish may still come true, if people do not understand, but it is better that they do.

If my wish does come true, and it is because i did not try hard enough to get the message out, i will never forgive myself. The message is not political, religious, nor is it trivial. One of the greatest gifts mankind ever received, is The Natural Economic Order written by Silvio Gesell. It is waiting to be discovered by humanity for almost 100 years now. Read the book in full online here at this link.

Some of the greatest minds of mankind did see this too:
"I thoroughly enjoyed Silvio Gesell's brilliant style. The creation of money that cannot be hoarded will lead to a different and more real kind of property."
- Professor Albert Einstein, Nobel Prize Winner
"Gesell's name will be a leading name in history once it has been disentangled."
- H.G. Wells
"The application of Gesell's principle of circulation of money will lead the nation out of the depression within two to three weeks. I am a humble student of this German-Argentine businessman.
- Professor Irving Fisher, Yale University, America's greatest economist
"Gesell's work will initiate a new epoch in the history of mankind."
- Prof. Dr. B. Uhlemayr
"Gesell's discoveries and proposals are of the greatest importance for centuries to come."
- Dr. Theophil Christen, eminent mathematician and physicist, Berne

What they did not see, and what i see clearly now, is that the Natural Economic Order is the most efficient economic system known to mankind. Therefore, the current system does not stand a chance as soon as the Natural Economic Order comes into existence. If people know this, they will try it. Therefore, only spreading this knowledge will be enough.

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That will be in the nick of time, because the current economic order is the destructor of nature, society and mankind. We do not have much time left.

The old economic system is already dead. It has no spirit left. If you feel afraid and your faith in the old system is blown away, i can only say: i know how it feels. You can better not deny the truth, but it will take time to accept it and to adapt.

We are nothing compared to truth, eternity and the universe. We cannot ignore the laws of nature much longer. We are far too insignificant to be arrogant and ignorant.

How the Natural Economic Order can be implemented, has been explained in my previous article

A far more efficient economic system is possible - 12 steps to freedom and wealth
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