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"Ding-dong the witch is dead..." - Saddam Hung by the Neck
Sunday, 31 December 2006 12:55
by Frank Pitz

One of the United States’ more corrupt partners of the past few decades was hanged in a U.S. run prison on the banks of the Tigris on December 30.   Saddam Hussein learned too late the lesson discovered by other’s who have aligned themselves with the United States in the nefarious ritual of  “foreign policy” as practiced by the CIA and other shadow diplomats and government officials.   As well, George Bush eliminated a very important witness who was privy to many secrets the U.S. would rather keep hush-hush.

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From our “guy in Iraq” to the end of a noose in a his forty plus year alliance with Amerika, Saddam at least held no small measure of longevity over some of our other despicable ‘partners in crime’ which we, without fail, always leave “hanging in the wind” as it were. One can’t help but think that these tinhorn wannabes would learn that when the United States whispers “sweet nothings” in your ear, you’d best reach for the KYtm jelly and also place a down payment on a burial plot.

A bit of history for the above paragraph, Saddam was involved with the CIA as early as 1959. This was right after the British installed monarchy was overthrown by military coup headed up by one Abdul Karim Qasim. This threw the U.S. and Britain into a tizzy as they – up to this point – had been successful in reaping the benefit of Iraq’s oil exports while keeping said exports out of the hands of the Russians. It’s always been about oil, n’est pas?

So Saddam was “recruited,” set up in an apartment in Baghdad on al-Rashid Street directly across from Qasim’s office. He was supposed to carry out an assassination. Saddam failed, got shot in the leg for his troubles and soon hightailed it to Cairo where he had a CIA “minder” for years. And, the rest as they say, “is history,” a long sordid saga of the CIA, and the shadow government of assassinations and financial payoffs.

The media driven frenzy – “ding-dong, the witch is dead” – is truly a sight to behold. I fully expect to see clips of Saddam dropping along with the ubiquitous Times Square ball as Amerika’s oldest teenager regales us once again to “count down.” “Let’s count one for the Black Bull of Baghdad.”

Saddam Hanging


Of course, none of that will be spoken about, or analyzed as the talking heads of propaganda and political spin dissect, chew up and regurgitate all that is Saddam Hussein for Amerika’s listening and viewing pleasure over the next few weeks. “Ding-dong, the witch is dead, the wicked witch is dead.”

Also absent from these agit-prop discourses – of course – will be any mention of “unindicted (or, unhanged) co-conspirators.” Co-conspirators like Rumsfeld, Cheney, Bush #1, Allen Dulles, and many others up to and including Bush #2. If Saddam had to hang for killing “thousands” why should not George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Tony Blair, Don Rumsfeld and others hang for killing over 655,000 Iraqis? Why should not the butchers of Israel hang for killing thousands of innocent Palestinians? Why? Why?

All of these people, Presidents, Primes Ministers, leaders all, have brutalized and murdered the innocent with bullets, bombs, poisons, sanctions, depleted uranium, white phosphorus - and suffer the little children. It’s all about oil, n’est pas? Ding-dong, the witch is dead, the wicked witch is dead.

The United States and by extension its corrupt allies have murdered, brutalized and killed the innocent. The United States and its corrupt allies have made refugees of millions of people. And the propaganda meisters ask us to forget these appalling crimes against humanity as we rally around an undulating corpse. Ding-dong the witch is dead.

The true criminals however, are not dead. Bush still breathes the air of the living. His unindicted co-conspirators are still walking in the sunshine of freedom with no fear of retribution. Justice will not be served until – and when – these vile perpetrators of genocide and other crimes against humanity swing from the same rope as Saddam Hussein. Ding-dong the witch is dead, the wicked witch is dead. But this writer will never feel comfortable – or guilt free – living in these United States until all of the criminals hang.
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art j. said:

I never intended to watch such an appalling sight. A hanging. Tension subsequently reel like an out-of-control, mental dvd stuck, replay---Watch Again? Once is too much, but we must Look with aversion at Idiots who also deserve indictment. I would Not wish to emulate by 'hanging' any scapegoat person, but, our society is struggling, and sinking under the weight of neo-con's rule. Prosecute. Evidence is there. In a very sad manner of expression, Frank Pitz showed/expressed outrage. Thanks. Our spirtual emptiness in American society, in general, makes it very difficult, I'd say so too. How to say? None are perfect, sure, and we've all been betrayed in different ways...Some worst than others. I remember bloody images that never go away 35 years later a post-military-draft. In '90, I revisited Hanoi to hear truthfulness from mother's who'd tell of bomb-metal beheading sleeping infants, and to help build with American Veterans a Friendship Yien Vien Clinic, after the '72 Christmas B-52 bombing of THAT same civilian-medical clinic...was a great honor. Healing can come but the struggle never ends. True for all, I hope. We can't depict any positive (I share with a tense-disgust, agreeing most-part, with the author's basic sentiment) evolving of a better world/society, as long as we accomodate our contemporary murders mentioned above. S.H., we all admit was Not a saint. Who is? Does the saying apply, 'If it were not for the s.h.'s personages in the world, there go I?' On the front cover of The Idiot by Dostoevsky, there is a artist illustration from "Christ in the Tomb," (1521 by Hans Holbien) They are both sad image-ilustrations...We see real compelling portraits and walking-dead political figures, especially nowadays...in this dark degraded immoral time that will have psychological impact. We are all in a mediation about death, crony-ism, lies, and we all must Hang in there together to speak of what is rotten in our 'republic.' No thanks to bush's rush-gang WHO promote THIS hell. Meditate, or we sink into despair. Sorry, The pain of all THIS penetrated me deeply. Thanks for allowing me to share.
January 01, 2007 | url
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Frank Pitz said:

Frank Pitz
I share in my heart and soul the poignant words penned in your comment. At times my frustration allows the undercurrent that is my anger bubble to the surface. Such was the case while writing the piece you reference. That anger is compounded this New Year's Day by the obscene milestone of 3,000 deaths of U.S. servicemembers. I weep with the parents and loved ones, I also weep for what my country has become and what it will still become unless we - one and all - make a change. Thank you for sharing your kind words.
January 01, 2007
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